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Occult Secrets of Words
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Healing Depression for Those Who are Awake
Category: HEALING
Tags: Inspiration take action the awakening the shift

A brilliant introduction to awakening and what those experiencing it are up against and how to overcome the fundamental obstacles that present themselves. Lovingly inspired.


Published on 26 Aug 2014 by RADIOMYSTERIUM

I am not an expert or a doctor. But I have had experience with depression and healing myself. I talk about all the things I did to pull out of the doldrums. This video is specifically geared toward people who are "awake."

Standard psychology would not even enter this paradigm, so it will only make sense to people who have already popped out of the matrix. I hope it helps a few people along the way. Much love.

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PTB & NASA ANNOUNCE TRANSHUMANIZATION of HUMANITY via WORLD-WIDE NANO-ASSAULT COMMENCING in 1990's Tags: environment chemtrails vaccines fluoridated water sterilization depopulation infertility population control Bill Gates

Many good links in video description of this video on Youtube page.  Anyone, probably no one  from BOLE, who still trusts government might wake up after this video.  Do not comply, obey, or submit as the subliminal messages in the National Anthem TV sign off (and probably also other places) tell us to do.

You can find the subliminal messages in the slowed down version of The National Anthem sign off on my BOLE page or youtube channel, jbreezes.

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