Major Energy Shift Ahead and September’s Forecast
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A Post Script to Yesterday’s Astrology Status

Some simple messages, often the most important ones, I fear, get lost in the effort to present an overview. So I would like to add this relatively brief post script to yesterday’s status (see below). It gets closer and more directly to my core astrology message for the times ahead.

Let me dispense with all the usual cautions, provisos, qualifications and disclaimers and get right to it – all those things one feels obliged to say so that one can’t be accused of being overly pessimistic or overly optimistic, etc.

This is the message I don’t want to get lost.

Things are going to stop getting progressively worse. At some deep level, they are going to start getting progressively better, despite all surface appearances to the contrary. They already have. Those deeply destabilizing forces with which we have been dealing for nearly a decade and which have inflicted so much hardship and loss are rapidly abating.

Our efforts to heal and recover and to get our lives in order will no longer be so consistently and persistently undermined or upended by worsening turmoil.

We are in the process of returning to average levels of life difficulty. We are also about to begin benefiting from the efforts of those many people who never stop working to improve our lives.

As you lay there going to sleep at night or gathering your courage and determination before rising, you should remind yourself that things are going to stop getting worse and start getting better. They already are.

And, oh, yes. You all have to get up everyday and go do your part to make this work.

That is what I want to be the take away message from yesterday’s astrology post.

A Big Energy Shift Ahead

The Long Term Perspective

September’s Composite Chart

A worldview, or a belief system, is a carefully chosen set of ideas that explains who we are, how the world works and how we can best fit into it.

There are numerous religious worldviews. There is a single, more unified and consistent scientific worldview. There are numerous political worldviews, etc., Many mix and match worldviews. Almost everyone has a worldview, or belief system, and relies on it to navigate their life.

In addition to everything else they did, the last 6 or 7 years adversely affected our worldview. So much changed so dramatically, most worldviews are now badly out of date and generally inadequate to our present needs.

We cannot single-handedly create – or update – a worldview. Creating, maintaining and changing worldviews is a complex group phenomenon. And the planetary help we would need to accomplish such a group upgrade is just around the corner.

The bottom line is that we’re all standing at a crucial life crossroad without a road map. The good news is that, although our worldviews are still in flux, the planets are are about to bring them into much closer alignment with reality.

Neptune and Saturn are absolutely crucial to the birth, growth and evolution of ideas, including the ideas that make up our worldviews. Neptune makes ideas flexible and expansive. Saturn keeps ideas logical.

Saturn and Neptune often work at cross purposes, but between them, they help us keep our ideas about the world real, relevant and reasonable.

Presently, Neptune is in Pisces. Saturn will soon be in Sagittarius (December 2014).  As Saturn moves into Sagittarius, we approach a pivotal moment in the evolution of the ideas that largely determine the nature of our world, the flow of events, and guide our lives.

Saturn and Neptune will be in broad square relationship from the moment Saturn enters Sagittarius. There will be three exact Saturn/Neptune squares between November 2015 and September 2016.

As Saturn squares Neptune, rigid, fixed ideas will become more flexible; unrealistic, inaccurate ideas will become more realistic and accurate. We will take more time to arrive at an opinion, on the one hand, and be less likely to cling to outdated opinions on the other.

Our ideas will tend to mesh slowly into a more solid, stable and reliable picture of the world. This will happen on a large enough scale to bring all our idea, and our worldviews into better alignment with reality globally.

This process might be of little help to those with grossly unreasonable, irrational worldviews. But for those whose worldviews are basically reasonable and just need an upgrade, these four squares will be a blessing. Their worldview will come into closer alignment with the truth of our situation and, thus, become more empowering and effective.

It should also be noted that the coming Saturn/Neptune square marks a major energetic shift, away from the strictly physical and material world to the mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

September’s Chart

I know this talk of worldviews and their effect on our lives can seem impersonal and abstract. But September’s composite chart gives us an idea of just how personal and concrete the transformation of a worldview can be.

I view September’s chart as both preparation for and a preview of what we can expect as Saturn moves into square relation with Neptune. It will initiate a thorough and fairly rigorous review of all the ideas we use to understand our lives.

September will show us how such a process looks and feels on the micro- and macro- levels. (The reassuring bits come at the end.)

September’s T-Square

The most important and indicative aspect in September’s chart, in my opinion, is a T-Square. This T-Square involves the Moon’s Nodes, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, Capricorn, Pisces and Leo, and the 2nd, 5th and 8th houses.

In effect, it involves all the major spiritual evolutionary forces in the chart. It will affect the totality of our finances and all of our personal relationships – romantic, social, professional and otherwise. This T-Square leaves very little untouched.

The T-Square’s Effects on the Macro-Level

On the macro-level, the real battle in September will be between people fighting to preserve the gross inequality of the old status quo (Uranus conjunct the South Node in the 8th) and those committed to genuine economic reform (Mercury conjunct the North Node in the 2nd).

The debate could be strident, rancorous and confusing. At bottom, though, the forces of spiritual evolution (North Node), will support those fighting for genuine change, as proposed by the grassroots. False arguments in support of injustice and inequality will finally be understood to be untrue.

September’s Relationship Yod

The Yod in September’s chart indicates that we could all experience this confusion and conflict in an intense and deeply personal way. The mental and emotional turbulence of August is probably not over.

The Yod involves Pluto, Chiron and Jupiter, the 5th, 7th and 12th houses, and Capricorn, Pisces and Leo, respectively.

Generally, this Yod will produce persistent, rapid, see-saw tensions over spiritual, moral, social, cultural and relationship issues in general and romantic issues in particular. These tensions will push us persistently and repeatedly to spiritualize all our relationships.

It could also compel us to modify or end relationships that do not work for us on a spiritual level. Alternatively, the Yod will push us to change relationships so that they do support our efforts to spiritualize our lives.



Full Harvest Supermoon: 8 September 2014 – Healing
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By Carol Ann Ciocco

If you remember back in July, we embarked on a Triple Supermoon experience. The Full Harvest Moon coming up on September 8, 2014 is the third one of the Trinity. The previous two Supermoons occurred on July 12 and August 10.

Click here to read my previous newsletter on the July Supermoon.

Click here to read my previous newsletter on the August Supermoon.

The Supermoon is a beautiful sight to behold and it also holds powerful energy for emotional clearing. This moon in particular has healing qualities. Scroll down for some information on this, as well a look ahead at the exciting month of October. In October we have an important Eclipse Portal that is cradled within a Mercury Retrograde cycle.


On September 8, 2014 at  9:38 pm EDT we have the Full Moon with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces (16°19′ of each sign).

This Full Moon happens to be a Supermoon. It is the third of three Supermoons in a row this summer: The other two Supermoons occurred on July 12, 2014 and August 10, 2014.

A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is closer to earth than in other months. At these times, the Full Moon can appear as much as 14% larger in the sky and 30% brighter to our eyes than at minimum size and brightness. The visual impact is stunning. Look up!

An extra-close New or Full Moon causes higher-than-usual TIDES. At those times, EarthSky writes:

Our planet is stretched slightly, along a line between the Earth and moon. The body of the Earth is fairly rigid, so it does not stretch much, but the oceans are much more easily moved. Thus the effect piles up water on both side of Earth, and these piles of water – created by the differential gravitational effect – are the tides.

We are hooked into the primal tides of this planet. Our blood and the 77% water within our bodies match the swaying, stretching and pulling of the sea. Full Moons trigger emotions. Supermoons trigger Super emotions. Like the ocean, we are easily moved. Emotions that have ‘piled up’ inside of us may burst out and flood our consciousness.

There is perhaps one particular ‘issue’, emotional turbulence, or difficulty in your life that has played out since July. The roots of this issue go back to repressed fears that were revealed to you (maybe shockingly) in April. This third Supermoon is when this content can be jettisoned into the watery tides.

If you journal, check back to April, July and August. Is there a common thread? Or, simply sit quietly and/or meditate and allow your inner consciousness to show you what is ready for release. This Supermoon can be soothing (Pisces and Virgo are compassionate). The release doesn’t have to be painful. Try to be near water at the time of this Supermoon. Allow the past to wash away. Give it to the ocean.


The September 8 Supermoon is also the Harvest Moon, which happens every year at this time. The Harvest Moon is always the Full Moon nearest to the beginning of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (i.e. the Autumn Equinox).

The time is ripe. You are harvesting. You are reaping the benefits, acknowledging your new knowledge and wisdom, and celebrating the success, creative expression and spiritual growth that you have created since March. This process will continue up through the Autumn Equinox which occurs on September 23.

You are winnowing. What to let go, what to keep, what to tweak, what to elaborate upon in the next growing cycle. Here, the REVIEW concerns your current goals and how you have achieved them this year. Which projects worked, which didn’t? Did any obstacles impede your path? Who were your allies? How do you feel about your progress? Reminder: be compassionate with yourself!

This Full Harvest Supermoon is also a bringer of HEALING energies. This is because the Moon is in intimate contact with the asteroid Chiron, a powerful shamanic energy that holds the codes for healing our deepest wounds.

You can open up to healing. How? Where to begin? Here’s a clue for all of us: “Pay close attention to who and what stirs up your anger because that’s where the seeds of the personal change you’ve been resisting can be found.” – quote from Guiding Light Astrology

This is a good time to seek out healing practitioners or to practice self-healing. The heightened emotions triggered by the Supermoon will facilitate healing activations through the many modalities available to us: massage, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic, and any other form of body work.


Things are beginning to heat up (and will stay that way through the end of the year, with a bit of a breather in November). The heat is on because, as the Supermoon Triad closes we move into an ECLIPSE PORTAL with the next Full Moon on October 8, 2014. This Full Moon, though not a Supermoon, is the second of four Total Lunar Eclipses – i.e. a Tetrad series which began in April 2014 and continues through September 2015.



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Published on 3 Sep 2014

Yesterday I was accused of failing myself and my mission over the reimbursement issue. I want to make it clear: the Ambassador offered more than once to handle it with his own funds; and I kept on saying that it was up to The Family. He told me again yesterday - yes we talked briefly - that I do not understand how things work in Hong Kong. He's right; I have no idea. I do, however, resent the allegations by a certain individual that I somehow failed. I have and will continue to stand up for principles that I see as necessary to liberate humanity from the fraud, extortion and slavery of the current system. As long as that system goes unchallenged, we all fail. I am convinced the Ambassador is fighting for us. I am also convinced that it is the will of God for humanity to be liberated from the beast. If I can help any of the powers that hold our assets in trust to see the principles that must be applied, I will succeed. I believe some are hearing me; and I will never giver up.


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