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Retired Expert Pilot John Lear - No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11
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The Nuclear Truth about 9/11: A photographic portfolio | Jim Fetzer VT 9-12-14
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The Nuclear Truth about 9/11: A photographic portfolio

“Ground Zero: The point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs”–Webster’s Dictionary.

Alternate featured imageGordon shared a link that was found on our “Comments” page, a massive set of photographs that record the clean up at “Ground Zero”.

It’s title is “The Nuclear Truth about 9/11″–and I was so impressed that I wanted to share a sampler of the fascinating array of photographs it presents.

Veterans Today has published article after article about the use of nukes in New York by Don Fox, Jeff Prager, Dr. Ed Ward, Gordon Duff, Dennis Cimino and others.

The question is how did we go from here (left) to here (right) if anything other than nuclear devices had been used? There appears to be no reasonable alternative.

It wasn’t any kind of collapse. It wasn’t done by nanothermite or by conventional explosives. It may have involved a mix, even the use of DEWS. But mini nukes, which can be directed (upward in this case) seem to have done the heaving lifting. 



[And here I add what Kauilapele posted on his BLOG which I strongly recommend to check out in case you have access to Facebook. THANK YOU KP, SiNeh~]

“The Nuclear Truth About 9/11″ Facebook Page… and Photos…

nuclear_truth_about_911_fb_bannerSomehow I feel very strongly to post this, especially after reading Jim Fetzer's article about it. This is one of the most complete collections of 9-11 photos I've seen. Here's from the About page:

"Former Soviet nuclear intelligence officer Dimitri Khalezov proves in his upcoming book that WTC towers 1, 2 & 7 were brought down using three underground thermonuclear charges and reveals the missile that NORAD knows hit the Pentagon on 9/11."

And here is a link to the photos, all 484 of them: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.552403548128000.1073741833.552030114832010&type=3

Pay particular attention to 5, which shows the melted rock, 17, and 321-5, showing evidence of the deep pit formed bu the explosion.

And here's another photo of the cleaned up pit I found here...


Now here is one of a cavity formed by an underground nuclear test.


All of these look similar to me. And what could melt the granite under the WTC? Hmmm...



911 is the Litmus Test for Every People
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There is one thing that defines everyone at the beginning of this century and that is the September 11th 2001.
Everyone in government, in politics, in business, in academia, in the media or anywhere else must be judged, what is his point of view on 9/11.
On which side one stands.

Parsifal, September 11, 2014

9/11 is the watershed event at all.
There is a time before 9/11 and a time after 9/11.

Nothing is as it was.
Our life is since determined of it every day.
It is a crime of far-reaching consequences.
Wars have been substantiated and changed all society.
Therefore, it is important to find out what really happened, who the real perpetrators are.
Everything suggests that it was a self-staged attack, a monstrous crime and a betrayal.
Therefore, you must position yourself and take a stand.

It is not important finding out the truth.
We can not.
It is important only to know the extent of the lies to judge every leader in any position anywhere in the world.
In which you realize, what one said and not said, you can tell who the enemy of humanity is.
You can accurately determine who is a tool of the psychopaths, or one of them.

What defines a person ?
What one wants to learn and wants to hear and what not.
What one is willing to ignore, deny and defend.
It determines your personal courage, the attitude to truth, to the values, the principles, and what one hands down his fellow man, his family and children.
It says that if one has a conscience, or whether there cold void, whether you're a hypocrite or a fool, or whether something greater lies within you.

Each of you who employ only a couple of hours with the search for the facts of what concerns 9/11 needs to come to the conclusion that the official story is not true.
Everything, everything, what we've been told and still told to this day is full of contradictions, inconsistencies, and against all logic.
Here in my blogs in several languages, many different locations, I have written 250 articles, carefully lit every aspect of the 11th September, and point by point completely dismantled the official story of the US government.


There is no evidence of that ever 19 Arabs entered 4 aircrafts and performed the attacks.
The US government is us, to date, all evidence is stuck for answers and want us simply to believe their claim.
Who doubts the official narration is insulted as nutcase, as fouler or even as a sympathizer of terrorists.
But we know, never could such a complex operation as an attack on America be made by a sick Bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan.
In fact, it was a false flag attack, as it was so often in history, a staged attack on themselves.

It was of elements from the American Military-Industrial complex, with the US secret services, and certain members of the government, with the help of friendly intelligence services from abroad (MI6, Mossad, ISI), planned, managed and carried out, on behalf of the global elite.
All with the aim of the heinous fact to blame the Arabs, and then with the excuse of 'we were attacked' to justify all the wars in the Middle East, the War against Terror and to be able to impose all measures against the freedoms and rights.

Thereafter was everything possible done to lay a wrong trail, to arrange prepared scapegoats as the perpetrators and to cover up the whole truth about the real criminals and destroy the evidence.
Although the largest criminal case in American history had taken place, there was absolutely no interest of the government to educate.
Washington had only by the survivors of the victims been forced to establish a Commission of Inquiry.
This resulted in a report that so many things not explained, has not examined and not taken into account, it is a farce, and a pure fairy tale book with a lot of holes, so huge a Boeing can fly through it.

9/11 was in every respect unique, in which all the people in charge which were intended to defend the United States; the intelligence services, the police, the army and the air force, all at the same time have failed.
We are led to believe, the world's only superpower on September 11, 2001 was completely helpless, and was defeated by a group of amateurs with box cutters was completely paraded and humiliated.

In this state, which spends more for his defense per year as any other country in the world, was totally defenseless and said it could do nothing to his protection.
The greatest military power in the world could not even protect their own HQ the Pentagon !
This story should we believe ?
Are there still more absurd levels of conspiracy theories as this ?

If this is really so as we are told, if the biggest failure in the military history of the United States really had taken place, would have needed to swing the axe, many heads.
The top managers of all branches of service, all intelligence and all security organizations, one would have to be brought to justice, trial and punish.
But what was happening ?
They have been promoted !
Yes, President Bush has the top military officials which from 19 laughing stock who were not able to control a puddle jumper, but supposedly outmaneuvered the defense of the United States awarded and rewarded.
Which says it all !

Therefore ... here is what you need to know, as the official story is completely absurd and a gigantic lie ... everyone and I mean EVERYONE who this accepted, supported and disseminated, as well as each who OPPRESSED and INSULTED those who question the official story is either involved, an accomplice or just too stupid to count to three.

Every politician who does not question the official story is a traitor and a tool for those for which the attack was carried out.

Everything is reduced to 9/11.
Everything what since has happened is based on a huge lie.

All the wars, all laws, all the measures for security, all what has to do with 9/11 is justified by these terror attacks.
That is why we must resist.
We must not allow the lies and crimes of the powerful governing our lives.
This lie may also not go down in history, and be carried from generation to generation.

Everyone in government, in the media, in entertainment, in the religions, each in the general public who accepted and disseminated the official 9/11 story, is either a traitor or a tool of the offender.
Everyone who does not stand up, and at least disagrees with this lie and demands the truth, is a coward and an accomplice to a murder.
Everyone everywhere will be assessed according to these criteria.

The evidence which points against the official course of events is simply overwhelming.
There are no more excuses, everything down to the last detail is presented and published.
Those who don't want to see, or even defending, is definitely on the side of the perpetrators is from their own ranks.
They have clearly made it self.
They have sacrificed their own countrymen to pull through their agenda, and it was not the first time.

Remember their names !

Everyone must then be measured as he stands to this subject, his statements or lack of statements to this earth-shattering event.

Measure everything they say in relation to their position on this topic.

This will separate the chaff from the wheat, the searcher of the truth of the oppressors of truth, the free people of the slaves, the victims from the perpetrators, the decent of the criminals.

Listen people, we know who you are and we know who we are.

We see how you lie, cheat, and murder.
We see everything.
But you will fall.
It is not today and not tomorrow, but you are in decline.
And all of you ... who know 9/11 is a lie, you in the mainstream media, but have chosen to work for the empire of darkness, those who have their soul, integrity and honor sold to may fatten up at the manger, which are just like lurking hyenas hanging around among the lions to lunge for the meat scraps, the accomplices of these criminals ... you will be condemned and scorned, for you are whores, and for some measly silver coins betrayed the whole of humanity.

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No Airliner Black Boxes Found at the World Trade Center? Senior Officials Dispute Official 9/11 Claim

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