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There are so many puzzle pieces scattered about and a few have just come together in one fell swoop.  Most of us who visit alternative media websites are already aware of the elite's agenda to form a global government, also known as the New World Order. George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, Obama, and others have made mention of the new world order in their speeches. 

First for a little history of the dissolving of sovereignty of countries. The United Nations formed October 24th 1945, the European Union November 1st, 1993 and now the workings to complete the creation of the North American Union seems to be in progress.

Not only did George W. Bush make mention of having a North American Union, he also started the process of creating it by signing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on January 1,st 1994 (only two months after the European Union was formed) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership with Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin (http://www.wnd.com/2006/06/36586/).

Now, the final steps taken to complete the dissolution of the United States and  bring in of the United Nations are here as follows:

1. Department of Homeland Security bought thousands of pairs of underwear for detained immigrants, http://houston.cbslocal.com/2014/06/24/homeland-security-seeks-thousands-of-pairs-of-underwear-for-detained-immigrants/  and  is paying millions to house their children.

2. Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives (speaker and representer for the government) has planted the seed to Americans that Mexico is part of America when she said, “anyone who comes here sees that this is a community with the border going through it.  We're all Americans in this hemisphere...” You can hear her yourself by watching the video entitled,  NORTH AMERICAN UNION FORMING NOW!! THIS IS THE END OF THE U.S.A. 

         3. Recommending the citizens of Detroit who cannot pay for their              water appeal to the United Nations for help. This they did. Now, the          UN has intervened with the water crisis:  UN to intervene...  This is            like a two-in-one move to develop and help to implement both the            North American Union and the dependency of the United Nations            as a substitute for the U.S. Government at the same time.

Immigration has been long encouraged with the giving of benefits, allowing immigrants to keep their language and forcing Americans who need employment to learn the language of the immigrants. The dissolving of the United States sovereignty has been a long and slow process. But now, the final steps to complete the dissolution of the United States seems to have just been taken.

There are many aspects to the destruction of what was once the strongest country and too many to mention in one article. The destruction of the economy, the taking away of rights, the destruction of the Constitution, the militarization of police, criminalizing citizens and sabotaging the food supply with drought inducement and flood creation via geoengineering are only a few aspects  and each warrants it's own article.

There is another aspect to this “Immigration Crisis” that is being implemented and that is the reporting of diseases being brought to the U.S. by the immigrants. It was supposedly a secret that would get medical staff fired if they reported it, but it obviously was not a secret as it was on the news (immigration-crisis-tuberculosis-spreading-at-camps/). The news does not report anything that does not have an agenda behind it. Creating fear of diseases is a good way to get more people to want to get the toxins of vaccines pumped into their blood. This is a good way to weaken and lessen the population to make the population easier to control. Here is the list of the ingredients in vaccines and the detrimental health effects of each ingredient.

The government via the media uses media to manipulate the public into compliance.  Let's hope that awareness of their agendas and the moves made toward them deters their success in implementing them.


Jacqueline Bresee

Buffalo Comeback – Tribal Efforts Get Help Making it Happen
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The American buffalo, which numbered an estimated 40 million when Europeans first arrived on Turtle Island, had been reduced to 25 by the late 19th century.


The Department of the Interior has reaffirmed its commitment to restore bison to “appropriate and well-managed levels on public and tribal lands” by working with states, tribes and other partners.

“The Interior Department has more than a century-long legacy of conserving the North American bison, and we will continue to pursue the ecological and cultural restoration of the species on behalf of the American public and American Indian tribes who have a special connection to this iconic animal,” said Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell in a June 30 statement announcing the release of a report, DOI Bison Report: Looking Forward, which outlines plans to work with tribes, states, landowners, conservation groups, commercial bison producers and agricultural interests to restore the bison population to a “proper ecological and cultural role on appropriate landscapes within its historical range,” the DOI statement said.

RELATED: Re-wilding May Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam—Again

“This report reaffirms our commitment to work with many partners to ensure healthy, ranging bison contribute not only to the conservation of the species, but also to sustainable local and regional economies and communities,” said Acting Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks Rachel Jacobson in the statement.

A key component of the report addresses recent developments regarding brucellosis quarantine that could allow for the relocation of Yellowstone bison outside the Greater outside the Greater Yellowstone Area, if they are quarantined and determined to be brucellosis-free. A new protocol developed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and introduced in February strongly suggests that this is indeed possible.

“The results of this study indicate that under the right conditions, there is an opportunity to produce live brucellosis-free bison from even a herd with a large number of infected animals like the one in Yellowstone National Park,” said Dr. Jack Rhyan, APHIS Veterinary Officer, in a WCS statement in February. “Additionally, this study was a great example of the benefits to be gained from several agencies pooling resources and expertise to research the critical issue of brucellosis in wildlife.”

RELATED: Yellowstone Bison Slaughter Over, Controversy Remains

The new information “raises the potential that for the first time in over a half century, Yellowstone bison could once again contribute to the broader conservation of the species beyond the Greater Yellowstone Area without spreading brucellosis,” the DOI said in its statement. “When evaluating whether to implement a brucellosis quarantine program in the future, Interior will follow all necessary processes to ensure full involvement by states, tribes, and the public.”

As such, the department said it was unwaveringly committed to working with tribes to restore bison on public and tribal lands “because of its cultural, religious, nutritional, and economic importance to many tribes.”

The American buffalo, which numbered an estimated 40 million when Europeans first arrived on Turtle Island, had been reduced to 25 by the late 19th century, Interior noted. Since then many parties have worked hard to bring them back from the brink of extinction and reintroduce them to tribal lands.

“Interior lands now support 17 bison herds in 12 states for a total of approximately 10,000 bison over 4.6 million acres of Interior and adjacent lands, accounting for one third of all bison managed for conservation in North America,” the department said.



The False Flag War of Independence and Monarchy Rule of America Tags: Alternative Knowledge forbidden history native americans native cultures


First Nations Insight

Was the American Revolution an elaborate charade created by the British Monarchy, which continues to rule America through elites?  Does the British Empire continue through archons in Washington D.C.?  Why do American Presidents tend to trace their ancestry to the British Royal Family?

Many people have woken up to the military tactic known as False Flag (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_flag) . That is where the “attack” upon them, was by their own doing to create a conflict. It is a well known fact that the Vietnam war was created by such an event called “Gulf Of Tonkin” incident. Many people are starting to see the events in NY on 9/11/01 as another such event. There has been sufficient evidence to also call the incidents at Sarajevo in 1914 and Pearl Harbor in 1941 false flags. So when was the first engineered war? The first false flag was called “The American Revolution”. The story we have all been told is more like a fairytale with Washington fighting and running away from the British for 3 years towing his ragtag army.

In 1778 the biggest army yet raised by the Americans was 1000 men. In 1779 while the British parked their ships in Quebec and took the year off, the Americans raised an army of 12,800 men and marched on Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois confederacy. They had one mission; Put out the fire and destroy the constitution of peace. They laid waste to the land and stole everything and then created the “American constitution” which is a pale comparison to the true democratic principles embedded in Kayanerakowa.

They put up a fake border for the “colonists” but the same families have always ruled both sides of the pretend border. The American constitution is a deception and only for the hierarchical ruling elite to continue their unending wars. They turned the constitution of peace into the constitution of war; with the removal of the council of women and replacement with the senate. To negate it all they added a hierarchal president over top, like the capstone on the pyramid. It is the constitution of war, as America’s history shows. In the Secret Covenant of the bloodline they state “so grand will the illusion of freedom be, they will not even know they are our slaves”

When Captain General Sir Frederic Haldimand signed Royal Proclamation 1784 he created a protectorate area for the Mohawk people because of their involvement in the war. He concocted this order with “Captain Brant” of the British army. Captain Brant was a 33rd degree Freemason and never was he a chief of anything other than deception. He was formally removed from the Rotinosoni in 1804 and the British were properly notified with an order signed by 50 chiefs of the confederacy.

So what was the Mohawk involvement? We left our homeland and have not been to Onondaga since the revolution, so we allow the illusion to continue. When the Mohawk return to Onondaga to stand up the tree of peace again, the people will finally be free of this cardboard replacement and we will continue on in peace, as per Kayanerakowa. Will the British Generals follow this order now, as laid down by the highest ranking General in the history of the British military? If they do not it signals the end of the empire, as history has shown. Their next false flag has been planned for awhile now and it will be their last great attempt at mass deception. The people are not buying the lies anymore and in the end the truth wins. “When you first decide to deceive, oh what a tangled web you weave.”

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