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by Iam Saums

We are our greatest ally and we are also our most bitter rival.  As much as we have the potential for boundless creation and life, we possess the possibility for devastating destruction and death.  We have the inherent ability to inspire and support our selves and others.  We also have the learned inclination to thwart and disempower.  The extent of our existence is the measure of our expression, with whatever nature we choose to live.


Before our ego rises with the passage of our innocence, we possess a natural yearning to support those around us to thrive and expand their consciousness, thus fulfilling upon and relating to our own.  Though it would appear that the pendulum swings to and fro between our spirit’s aspiration to express this sacred service and our ego’s agenda to recover the power it believes it has lost.  This human equilibrium eventually lulls us into a hypnotic state of duality, entrapping us into the eager embrace of two-dimensional existence. Eventually, our personal power soon follows.


Many of us are unaware of the negative elements of our personality and behavioral patterns that may lead to our decline and eventual demise, let alone the positive qualities that guide us into the domains of our transformation and destiny.  Even more of us are oblivious to the impacts and influences these characteristics may have on our lives and the lives of others.  Whatever choice we make to be the best of ourselves or the worst of ourselves determines whether or not we are the heroes of our lives, or the villains.



Ever wonder why it seems like we are working against ourselves?  As though an unseen force stands between us, and the life we were born to live?  A presence that hides in the darkest recesses of our being, waiting, ever watchful, ever patient and ever-present for the perfect opportunity to impose its force and influence over us.  It is our “INeME” (inner enemy).  As soon as we become conscious to its existence within us, it retreats back into the shadows to await another opportunity to wreak havoc upon our lives.


Many of us mistake our INeME as our “dark side,” “our evil,” or even depict these parts of our being as our “inner demons.”  When confronted with the truth of ourselves, most of us would opt to point the finger at others, thus furthering the contrary agendas of our INeME.  Yet this is false and in most cases may prove to be as harmful as our unchecked imaginations running away with our energy and our lives.


We would probably be amazed at how often during the course of a day this happens and how much of our personal power we sacrifice.  It is astonishing when we reflect upon how the quality of our life is diminished by the meanderings of our own willful perceptions, agendas and dramas.


Our INeME hypnotizes us through the monotony and triviality of daily life.  The clouds of our own collusion and indifference begin to form with our constant, catatonic consent.  We become lost in a dark forest of ourselves, reaching out and clinging to anything we may find in the hopes of making sense of our self-endorsed confusion.  We even begin to believe that there is worth in our drama to the degree that we defend it with everything we believe we are.  Eventually, we submit to the adversity, opposition and anarchy of our INeME.  We fall prey to its trappings, triggers and stimuli, as we hand over the last remnants of our personal power.


It is only with consciousness we may discover who the real oppressor is in our lives.  It is only then we may realize who we are truly up against.  An adversary that is second to none.  Someone we will never evade, defeat or escape.  We give our power over to our INeME whenever we fail to acknowledge, claim and express it.  The INeME is the part of us we rarely see or know exists.  It has been pulling our strings in ways more clever than we could have ever envisioned.  It is the veil we pull over our eyes that hides us from the truth of ourselves.


There is an eternal force within us that is similar to the current of a river.  For most of us, this current runs one way for the majority of our life, from our ego to the rest of our being.  It does not flow “our” way, though we condition ourselves to believe it does.  It directs us from a place intertwined within the multi-faceted intricacies of our mind.  It is a perfect internal storm of our base animal instincts, our unbridled thoughts and our unhealthy emotions associated with attachment, expectation and entitlement.


Amidst this inner storm, we may feel victimized and repressed.  Not by our family members, friends, employers, communities, society or reality.  Yet by our very own patterns and behaviors we have enabled and sustained through our unconscious and selfish desires and lifestyles.  This is a self-imposed illusion.  It only seems this way because of the power we give to our external experiences.  Beyond the linear perception of life and reality, we cannot just be the victims.  We are also the antagonists.  Though it may be difficult to identify and accept, we are our only INeME.


Our contemporary society simply does not prepare us to exercise the integrity and intention it requires to fulfill on the accountability and purpose of being human.  Nor does it preserve, encourage or value our responsibility to evolve, expand and express our consciousness.  Our world is rampant with distractions to draw the focus of our awareness away from transcending and exceeding our selves.  Yet, the distractions we may encounter around us are merely a reflection of the disruptions we invent and sustain within us to discourage us from confronting and overcoming our INeMe.


Our INeME is only as powerful as we enable it to be with our unconsciousness and fear.  It can be befriended.  Our very perception that it is against us grants it even more influence over us.  It is what we create it to be.  When we choose to accept it for what it really is, it becomes a potent ally.  The INeME is simply the mirror image we reflect to the world.  The greatest gift we can receive from our INeME is claiming the opportunity to transform it from our inner villain to our inner hero.  Only then will we emancipate from the slavery of our self.  Only then will we become who we truly are.




Master The Physical Senses to Tap Into Intuition
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By Heather Rogers

Love Responds

We are all well aware of the five physical senses. We learn early in life through our own experience and it is reinforced through education that our senses are touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing. Many of us have even experienced a sense beyond these five physical senses. People often refer to it as “having a feeling” about a person, place, or situation. It can be referred to as intuition or a “gut feeling”. We can even contemplate that there is another sense beyond our intuition.

We know that our physical senses can be wonderful tools to help us relate to our environment and everything in it. We can detect with our senses and interpret that information to come to conclusions. Most of us can remember a time when one of our senses recreated a memory. Perhaps it was the color of a flower that took us back, a smell of cookies baking in the oven, the soft touch of fabric, the sound of a beat in the music, or the taste of a combination of spices or herbs. An amazing thing happens when that trigger is recognized by our subconscious. It quickly brings our conscious to a “time and place” we have experienced before. It can be quite powerful.

There are plenty accounts of people that are either born without one of their senses or lose it during their lifetime that allows other senses to “fill in” for that lost sense. Blind people may rely more on their hearing or sense of touch to help them picture the world around them. A deaf person may rely on their sight for something as simple as lip reading. A person that has lost their sense of hearing may learn to use a sense of vibration to interpret their environment.

Our world is entirely made up of vibrations. Everything has its own vibration. When we understand this, then we can begin to understand the intuition sense and how we can become more aware of it. Think about a time that you met someone for the first time and you got a feeling about them. Perhaps you felt this person was good or maybe even a bad person. This feeling was not based off of how they looked, smelled, sounded, felt to the physical touch, or tasted (that would be peculiar upon first meeting). This feeling was your intuition sensing something beyond your five physical senses. You picked up on their energy… their vibration.

We all have the ability to tap into our intuition. Some would argue that point, but the possibility is there. Some people are encouraged from a young age to listen to their intuition. Some are told it is silly and their intuition is disregarded quickly. If you are reading this, then perhaps you are well aware of your intuition. Perhaps you are just interested in the concept. What can we do to increase our connection to our intuition?


There is not a step process, in my opinion. Let us look at this from the idea of honing your physical senses. When we utilize certain physical senses and pay close attention to these senses, we are able to fine tune our senses and utilize them in our daily lives. Think of a chef who has the ability to tell you every herb and spice in a dish he tastes for the first time. He has through years of experience been able to train his palate to identify these different things. A chef will nibble on an herb, dab a spice on his tongue, taste a small piece of cheese, and so on. The chef is then able to recognize these tastes separately and begin to identify wonderful combinations to create an experience for his diners. The same could be said for a musician. They are always listening and identifying sound waves. A musician is often able to hear the different sounds separately, but also create a combination of sounds or a series of sounds that is pleasing to the listener.

One thing to keep in mind is a chef that smokes may not have the best of taste due to damage to his taste buds. A musician that damages his hearing may not be able to pick up all the frequencies anymore. Cleansing yourself of damaging behaviors and thoughts is vital to begin utilizing your senses to their greatest ability.

If we have the ability to utilize our senses in such great detail to create such amazing “masterpieces”, then what happens when we consciously utilize all our senses on a regular basis?

Try sitting in nature and utilizing all your senses to connect with your environment. For some, this comes naturally and for others, this can be very difficult due to not utilizing all our senses at one time on a regular basis. As you sit there in this space, begin to identify what you see, smell, taste, hear, and feel based upon touch. Pick out as many details as you can. If you are sitting on a rock, is it cold or warm? How does sitting on this surface affect your body? Do you feel pressure on your tailbone? How your legs are positioned and how does that feel? What do you see? From the minute to the big picture – vary your focus from micro to macro. What do you smell? Can you separate the combination to smell specific flowers, the dirt, people, or even animals? What do you hear? People talking in the distance and how do they sound? Can you hear the birds chirping or the bee buzzing by? Do you taste the fresh air as you breathe it in?



This is the Kali Yuga
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V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor
Waking Times

The Sanskrit word Kali, which denotes the fourth cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, has no connection with the goddess Kali [kAlI]. These two words are ‘spelled’ meaning written quite differently in the Devanagari and therefore should not be confused. The Kali Yuga refers to the apocalyptic demon Kali implying discord, strife, quarrel, and contention.

The Kali is the only yuga most of us are familiar with because we have been living all our lives within these dense frequencies. Our minds, the way we think, and thus our perception of ‘reality’ has literally been cooked by the vibratory frequencies of time within the Kali Yuga. We humans have been ‘cooked by time’ to the point that only the fives senses remain available to us to understand the world around us. The five senses are easily confused.

The five senses can indeed be programmed and tricked by tyrannical wizards who want to control our lives. Today’s monopoly media is very aware of how to entrain and manipulate the five senses. In our modern world most of the information received around the planet suits the agendas of the multinational corporations, who own the monopoly media.

The five senses are vulnerable to deceit and manipulation by any and all. In other cycles of time, information gathered solely by the five senses would have been highly suspect. ‘SEERS’ – those who see – were trusted as the source of wisdom concerning mankind’s future and our interconnection with the Cosmos.


It is only the ‘SEER’ within you, the one who has quieted the mind and achieved a connection to the God-within, who can offer insight into the true nature of reality. Only an inner-knowingness can lead us out of our current predicament – out of our miasma of amnesia, the soup we are still ‘cooking’ in. Only by transcending the illusory powers of the five senses, and an understanding of the mechanics of Prakriti’s Matrix and GUNA-MAYA, will we human beings return to the Real.

The Symptoms

There are numerous descriptions of the symptoms of the Kali Yuga in the ancient Sanskrit Puranic texts. Bear in mind that writing is itself a symptom of the Kali Yuga. These texts were composed and transmitted orally in the previous cycles of time and handed down through memory, based on verbatim repetition, from one generation to the next. It was only in 500 BC that the grammarian Panini codified the Sanskrit language and these memorized texts were put into the form of writing. Sanskrit’s arduous precision was intentionally designed to protect the ancient knowledge from the confusion ensuing in the Kali Yuga.

The symptom that completely convinced me that the Cycles of Time were true was this: “Ready cooked food will be on sale.” [LINGA Purana Ch. 40] The ancients foresaw ‘fast food’! They knew that pre-prepared food loses its nutritional value.

By the time a genetically-altered chemically-sprayed vegetable has been shipped from California, packaged and processed with more chemicals as additives and preservatives in New Jersey, shipped on an air-polluting diesel truck to Kansas or Mississippi, where it is inundated with microwaves in an oven and placed in an endocrine disrupting chemical styrofoam package to await your arrival – there is very little ‘goodness’ left.

The Darkside Rules

The Kali Yuga is the Age of Darkness. The Light is primarily unmanifest, meaning not completely gone, just veiled and hidden in the Kali – and the Darkside rules. You can lighten the world around you by realizing and Remembering the God-within you, and by letting that frequency flow out around you. Even if people don’t accept what you say, they will be uplifted by your silent consciousness.

However don’t expect them to love you or even like you. Their Kali Yuga egos are firmly enthroned and will feel unconsciously threatened by your presence. The small identity-self ego has no wish to give up its power and if the person is unwittingly hosting denizens of the Phantasmal Hierarchies – perhaps in the form of an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or tyrannical power – then these parasitical entities will attack you and do just about anything to get you away from their ‘food’ supply!

The Kali seems to actually reward the Darkside, those ruthless ratzoids that are weak and greedy, liars without any integrity, morals, or principles often succeed. While the maverick thinkers, who possess a quiet sense of honor, who feel compassion for others, and respect primordial truth, are quickly pushed aside and berated, often brutally and publicly, by the elite.

In today’s culture almost everything that is being held up to us as great, desirable, and worthy is a short-term fix and sadly – rubbish. All of the power and money in the world will not give you the Rembrance of Oneness. The fastest red-hot racecar available will not bring you to the destination of enlightenment and liberation – JIVAN MUKTI. The pleasures enjoyed with the most gorgeous super model, male or female, will soon become tiresome and a burden. As Krishna says, both pleasure and pain reside in the objects of the senses.

“… the pleasures that spring from sense impressions are sources of unhappiness, because they have beginnings and ends.” -Bhagavad Gita 27[5]23

Religious Fanatics

Another strange phenomenon of the Kali Yuga is the externalization of faith to such an extreme that people became obsessed and crazed with their individual belief systems. For 1000′s of years now human beings have, in the name of their various interpretations of God, inflicted endless stupid destructive wars on each other – mass murder, torture, theft, and slavery all in the name of God!

When you realize that God is within each and every man woman & child, the idea of forcing any religion upon another is the height of absurdity!

Corrupt priests have been the willing accomplices to such heinous conflicts. They often became the imaginative torturers of non-believers and even sold tickets-to-heaven in the form of ‘indulgences’ to the rich, to line their own pockets, and build enormous, however lovely, cathedrals and temples while many of the common people remained perpetually close to starvation.

People prefer false ideas.

The Symptoms of the Kali Yuga from the Sanskrit texts the Vishnu Purana and the Linga Purana are already posted on Metaphysical Musing. I have always particularly appreciated the accuracy of these four Kali Yuga symptoms:

*Thieves will become kings, and kings will be the thieves.

*Rulers will confiscate property and use it badly. They will cease to protect the people.

*People will prefer to choose false ideas.

*Base (low minded) men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for its use) will be esteemed as sages.

Remember that these are ‘predictions’ that were seen and composed before the Kali began. The Vedic and Puranic texts were transmitted orally and held in memory from other cycles of time, and only written down after writing came into use.

Here are just some of the symptoms of the Kali Yuga from the BHAGAVATA PURANA, Skandha XII:

Chapter Two

1. Thereafter, day after day, under the force of the inexorably powerful Time, righteousness, truth, purity, (both physical and mental), forbearance, mercy, duration of life, physical power, and sharpness of memory shall go deteriorating.

2. Wealth alone will be the deciding factor of nobility of birth, righteous behaviour or merits. And only brute force will be the only standard in the arrangement or decision of what is righteous or just.

3. …cheating is the order of the day in business relations; satisfaction of the sexual pleasure is the only consideration of masculine or feminine excellence and worthiness

4. Justice has become weak, [and is based on] bribes.

5. Want of affluence is the cause of one’s impiety or bad name, while hypocrisy is the index of goodness.

6. The highest purpose of life is to fill one’s belly and arrogant audacity is regarded as veracity.

7. It is for self-advertisement of one’s fame of piety that righteous deeds are to be performed… the whole world will be populated by wicked people.

13. When (in the Kali) religion will be predominantly heretical, and kings as good as robbers and men will be enhancing their livelihood by theft, (economic offenses), mendacity, wanton violence to life and such other pursuits.

Chapter Three

25. In that (Kali) age, people will be greedy, take to wicked behaviour, will be merciless, indulge in hostilities without any cause, unfortunate, extremely covetous for wealth and women (worldly desires) and higher social status…

30. When deceit falsehood, lethargy, sleepiness, violence, despondency, grief, delusion, fear, poverty stricken-ness prevail, that is the Kali Age which is characterized by TAMAS [the GUNA of ignorance, delusion, and indolence].

31. As a result of the Kali’s influence, mortal beings become dull witted, unlucky, voracious, destitute of wealth yet voluptuous, and women wanton and unchaste.

37. In the Kali Age, men will abandon their parents, brothers, friends and relatives and establish their friendliness on sexual basis. [They] will be miserable.


Even trees will become stunted on account of their ruthless exploitation by unrighteous men.

And two from the Mahabharata:

[The world will be] Overrun by many imposters… discussing the virtues of great meals.

-The Mahabharata, The Book of the Forest 3(37)186.43

The countryside will bristle with towers.

-The Mahabharata, The Book of the Forest 3(37)186.37

This could either refer to tall buildings in industrial parks and their adjacent apartment complexes – or perhaps more on the ‘bristling’ side, to the towers that transmit radio and microwaves, or even those monster electric tower grids.

Confusion as Control

The Age of Confusion is mobbed by – yes, confusion! Practically everything you have ever read is clouded over by the miasma of Kali Yuga fog. As the saying goes: History is written by the conquerors – while the loser’s side of the story is routinely forgotten.

When you think about it, throughout most of written history all the great works of Art sadly are the symbols of propaganda bought and paid for by ruling tyrants and religions seeking to dominate the world’s populations. Just ask Leonardo da Vinci who worked for the likes of Cesara Borgia, or Michelangelo who labored under the iron hand of a Vatican priest. Today’s artists are answerable to the power of big money from the multinational corporations that own our world.

Even the wonderful descriptions of enlightenment that give us all hope were not experienced in the density of time we currently are living in. With no disrespect intended, it occurs to one that Lao Tzu, Jesus, and Buddha did not have to fight off chemtrails, microwaves, endocrine disrupting chemicals, or childhood television programming! These days, in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, it’s the Razor’s Edge – every step of the way Home.

Our Refuge

Knowledge of our essential Oneness is hard to come by in the Kali Yuga. Beneath the curtain of multiplicity – there is only ONE! This means that behind the apparent diversity of seemingly billions of individuals living on planet Earth, they are all only One. All are ISNESS.

For those of you who have remembered past lives, you may have noticed a striking perplexing similarity in the basic character of each life. There may be certain repeating flaws and compulsions, traits or qualities that you begin notice have shown up over and over in lifetime after lifetime. You may be a high priest in Atlantis, or a dancing slave girl in 8th century Kashmir – but there is a pattern that continues throughout all your lives. This is because the genes in your current physical body are the latest ‘product’ of a long line of many bodies, lineages. You have access to the memories contained within the DNA of the body you currently inhabit.

It is as if the Creator generates certain rays or waveforms, which contain qualities of expression that remain in the genes throughout the cycles of time. As time descends down through the yugas further and further into density, ever more variations of expression are created, such as habits, impulses, likes & dislikes, etc. etc.

Time does not exist outside the temporal illusory holographic matrix. Thus the Four Cycles of Time are simultaneous as are all your so-called ‘past’ lives.

But underneath all this temporal multiplicity is the Oneness that we all are: meaning you and me, factory workers in China and the farmers of rural India, the world leaders and corporate tyrants, the Aborigines in Australia and the Pigmy tribes in Africa!

We are all ONENESS beneath the temporal illusory Curtain of Multiplicity. This knowledge of Oneness has been hidden from us in the Kali Yuga, but once you truly Realize the God-within, you will Become that which you always have been.

The floodgates of Knowledge and Love will open – and you will never be the same. You will never be able look at another human being without compassion and you will never again judge them – for you will KNOW that YOU ARE THEM! As you judge them, so you judge and condemn yourself. And it turns out that as harrowing, dreadful and boring as the Kali Yuga is – in fact it is the fast lane to God Realization. The intensity of the Kali pressures you to WAKE UP!

The Easiest Cycle to Reach Liberation

Acceptance of the theory of the Cycles of Time might lead you to a sort of complacent resignation. After all, if we are ineluctably snared in the frequencies of confusion – then why bother?

Because what is really exciting about the Kali Yuga is the understanding that in fact it is the easiest cycle to Remember who you are.

The end of the Kali Yuga is a particularly favorable period to pursue true knowledge. Some will attain wisdom in a short time, for the merits acquired in one year during the Treta Yuga can be obtained in one day in the age of Kali.  [Shiva Purana, A. Danielou]

[Linga Purana, Section1, Chapter 40]

45. Hence during the Kali longevity, strength, and features become less and less. Men attain perfection within a short time.

46-47. What is gained by the practice of dharma for a year in the Treta Yuga is attained by the practice of it for a month in the Dvapara Yuga. In Kali an intelligent devotee attains the same in a day by practicing Dharma strenuously.

It’s a Cosmic Bargain Sale of sorts! Therefore, take up the challenge to Remember who you are! Do not give in! So, the Darkside is fulfilling its own kind of dharma, doing its job of spreading the hand of tyranny over the planet and poisoning everything in its wake. What will you do? In these moments of challenge, of sorrow and of awakening consciousness, how will you behave? Can you find courage within yourself and compassion for others? Can you master the divine detachment that comes from knowing that what is unfolding is the grand Cosmic Design. Can you remember that every one and everything is God, Isness – and this Oneness is you.

You are this world, and you are the Love that breathes this temporal illusory holographic matrix out into multiplicity and inhales it back into quiescence – and back out again, eon after eon after eon. World without end! This universe is here for us all to play in. Surely, when you look at your life or perhaps many lives, in spite of all the pain, you do recognize the grand beauty of Creation.

So the question is what will you do now in this intensified exciting moment? And are you ready to move on into one of the 1000s of other universes – some without polarities or even time – all waiting, inviting you to come to yet another magnificent adventure in consciousness.

About the Author

V. Susan Ferguson is the author of Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal; her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda. Her website is Metaphysical Musing.


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