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Over 800 People Have Disappeared from Fukushima Plant! Reports That Many May Have Died During Work Tags: Fukushima

KPFA in Japan: I’ve learned over 800 people have disappeared from Fukushima plant — “May have been killed or died during work” — “Gov’t actually in business with the Yakuza” (AUDIO)


Published: March 19th, 2014 at 6:18 pm ET
By ENENews



KPFA Flashpoints, Mar. 10, 2014 (at 3:00 in):

Steve Zeltzer, reporting from Japan: One of the things I learned in Osaka from the president of the day laborers is that many of the day laborers being brought into the plant, they’re not being registered and they’re disappearing. There were over 800 day laborers who have disappeared from contact by the union, which means they may have been killed or died during work.

KPFA Flashpoints, Mar. 11, 2014 (at 4:00 in):

Zeltzer: The government now is in control of Tepco, which runs Fukushima plant, and they’ve allowed the use contract workers, through the Yakuza. So the government is actually in business with the Yakuza, allowing the Yakuza to bring in these workers, and we heard a report that many are not even being registered when they go into the plant so they’re not entitled to health care and also when they get sick and over-doses you can’t tell because they haven’t been registered, these are the contract workers at the plant. […] These workers are basically being used as cannon fodder. Some of them are not only day laborers but also immigrant workers who are being used as well to clean up the plant.

122 comments to KPFA in Japan: I’ve learned over 800 people have disappeared from Fukushima plant — “May have been killed or died during work” — “Gov’t actually in business with the Yakuza” (AUDIO)



West Coast Residents: Dead Men Walking From Fukushima Radiation (Video) Tags: West-Coast-Residents Dead Men Walking Fukushima

West Coast Residents: Dead Men Walking From Fukushima Radiation (Video)

By Susan Duclos

“When the West Coast finally understands the danger they are in, there will be a ’panic exodus’ that’s unimaginable! “Via Steve Quayle

As I say in the video, by then it will be too late, it probably already is.

The media almost complacently reports yet another 100 tons of radioactive water has leaked from a holding tank at Fukushima, this is in addition to the hundreds of tons pouring into the Pacific ocean daily.

In the first video below I attempt to show the undeniable and obvious evidence that residents along the West Coast are nothing more than dead men walking at this point and the governments of those areas, along with the media are complicit in their deaths by refusing to inform the public of the dangers, the radiation levels and the truth of what is happening.

Below are the headlined stories from ENENews recently that I use in the video:

Study: Fukushima airborne plumes “caused significant deposition of radioactivity over North America” — Especially for West Coast and eastern U.S. — Around 13% of all radioactive iodine released into atmosphere was deposited over USA and Canada

Study: Daily release from Fukushima of 100+ Quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 early on in crisis “seems reasonable” — Chernobyl total release was ~70 Quadrillion Bq of cs-137

Gov’t map shows highest radiation levels were directly over Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding area on March 20, 2011 — Most intense concentration of anywhere in world, including Fukushima (GRAPHIC)

TV: Bald eagles dying at rate “much higher than normal” and it’s not from West Nile virus as previously claimed — Now around 60 dead in Utah since December — “We feel helpless, we don’t have a lot of answers” (VIDEO)

The headlines alone tell the story, but read each, learn it, understand it because when the next little tidbit is quoted below from Global Research on January 27, 2014, it should be a hard smack in the face to understand the level of duplicity coming from our very own government.

What we don’t really know is how fast and how much is being transportedacross the Pacific. Yes, models tell us it will be safe, yes the levels we expect off the US West Coast and Canada we expect to be low, but we needmeasurements — especially now, as the plume begins to arrive along the West Coast and will actually increase in concentration over the next 1 to 2 years.Despite public concern about the levels, no public agency in the US is monitoring the activities in the Pacific.


Without careful, extensive, consistent monitoring, we’ll have no way of knowing how much radiation from Fukushima is reaching our shores, and how it could affect life in the ocean.


Are you freaking kidding me?

Either they are lying and are monitoring but do not wish to officially annonce the results because they are so bad people will panic or the US government and those along the West Coast are simply the most incompetent ever seen throughout history.



Video below says in the details that the nuclear radiation detector you will see in the short 16 second video was “filmed at 36k feet on route from Taipei to Seattle, Feb. 12th, 2014.”


In the video below we see quite a few DEAD MEN WALKING



ALERT! 100 tons of toxic water leaked at Fukushima plant
Tags: Fukushima Accident Ecology Japan Natural disasters Nuclear

100 tons of toxic water leaked at Fukushima plant

Image: Reuters / Kimimasa Mayama

Source: RT

Around 100 tons of highly radioactive water leaked from one of the tanks at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the plant's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said on Thursday.

The water reportedly spilled beyond the barrier that is set up to block it from flowing out of tank. TEPCO believes the leakage has not reached the adjacent sea, as there is no drainage nearby that flows out to the sea.

A process to stop the radioactive leak is underway. The spill is said to contain 230 million becquerels per liter of strontium and other beta ray-emitting radioactive substances.

The leak was discovered by workers on patrol at around 11:25 p.m. local time on Wednesday.

It is the latest in a series of leaks that TEPCO has struggled to control at the stricken nuclear power plant. According to previous statements from the company, as many as 20 trillion becquerels of cesium-137, 10 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 and 40 trillion becquerels of tritium have found their way into the sea by way of groundwater leaks between May 2011 and August 2013.

TEPCO has been at the center of a storm of criticism over its management of Fukushima in the wake of the 2011 earthquake-triggered tsunami that decimated the plant. Last week it was revealed that TEPCO had held back reports of dangerously high radiation levels at the plant since September.

Last Thursday the company announced it detected 5 million becquerels per liter of radioactive strontium-90 in a groundwater sample taken some 25 meters from the ocean as early as last September, Reuters reports. The legal limit for releasing strontium into the ocean is just 30 becquerels per liter.

The company refrained from reporting on the leak despite numerous requests from the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA). A spokesperson for TEPCO said the decision not to release the data was made because of “uncertainty about the reliability and accuracy of the September strontium reading.”


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