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Was the Massacre of Sandy Hook a Fake ?
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From the beginning, there were doubts about the official explanation of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
There, supposedly on the morning of December 14, 2012 in the US state of Connecticut in the small town of Newtown, approximately 100 kilometers northeast of New York City, a total of 28 people have been killed, including 20 children, six employees of a primary school, as well as the mother of the perpetrator.
It is said, that the offender, the 20-year-old Adam Lanza of Newtown, then killed himself.

There are so many inconsistencies which point to the official representation of the event may be incorrect.
Independent studies have shown there has been no shootout in the school and no people died.

The whole thing was an exercise, or as others say, a False Flag Operation, with the goal of the Obama regime, tuning in the American population on the Anti-Weapons-Agenda.
The media hysteria at that time was enormous and there were gun laws accordingly strengthened.

Parsifal, September 25, 2014

What speaks for this, there was never a rampage at the Sandy Hook school ?
First of all, there is not a single proof about the death of 28 people: no photographic and no video evidence.
There were no photos shown of the dead and the injured school children or teachers.
Also, the surveillance cameras show no shots, or as Adam Lanza allegedly heavily loaded with weapons and ammunition approached on the school, shot off the front windows of the school and then is gone like Rambo through the hallway of the school, and has fired to the left and right in the classrooms.

This course is claimed by the authorities.
There was no blood to be seen, neither outside nor inside the school.

Adam was anyway from the physique much too weak to even wear the number of weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, what are attributed to him.
He is supposed to have carried a Bushmaster AR-15 automatic rifle a Glock and a Sig Sauer 9mm with he has shot himself at the end.

Then he had three full magazines with 30 rounds of ammo and magazines for the two pistols.
A total of 150 shots have been fired.
As he has been found he reportedly should have carried a protection vest and combat gear as a soldier.

This whole weight wore this slender stripling ?

From day one I have in my reporting mentioned Adam Lanza has used no assault rifle.
This was then two months later officially confirmed.

Clearly a deception, but the topic 'ban on assault rifles' was by Obama, the media and the politicians pushed at the top.
In mid-January 2013, in the U.S. state of New York stricter laws came in force.

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new bill which prohibits assault weapons in private hands and magazines with more than seven shots.

President Obama presented on January 16, 2013 proposals for the intensification of the Firearms Legislation.
So he suggested, among other things, a ban on semi-automatic assault rifles in private hands and a revisal of all customers of firearms.

Also in the US state of Colorado has been a tougher gun law passed.

At the beginning of April 2013, the Senate of Connecticut votes with 26 to 10 for stricter gun laws.

It prohibits, among others 100 assault rifle makes, limited the maximum number of cartridges per magazine on ten and raises the minimum age for purchasers from 18 to 21 years.
Also, it should be a state register to be introduced which lists the persons with previous weapons-convictions.
On April 4, 2013 the law was signed by the Governor of Connecticut Dan Malloy.

On December 28, 2013 was the final report on the investigation of the event published.

Amazing thing is the report does not quote a single name of a victim, not the age and gender.
It was not a person identified and named.
Also, there were no death certificates and not the recording of the alleged telephone calls to the police.
The chief of the fire department, Bill Halstead had said in the day of the event, that he would not have seen any dead.

Witnesses also saw no ambulances or funeral brought the dead and injured to the hospital or morgue.
But what they said is the scene looked like an exercise, without the hustle and bustle and sirens blaring.
Therefore mean many of which are dealing with the case, indeed, it was a staging of a killing spree disguised as an exercise.
There died no children, and the show served as the media propaganda to advance Obama's policy of disarming the American people.

But let us assume that the official narration is true.
If there really were 27 people on December 14, 2012 in Newtown murdered by Adama Lanza, then would this crime appear in the crime statistics, one would think.
I have looked at the FBI crime statistics for the state of Connecticut for the Year 2012.
Very surprisingly, the number of murders in the town of Newtown is ZERO !
click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

How is that possible ?
As happens allegedly one of the largest massacres in a school in America has ever experienced, with 27 people who were murdered in Newtown, but the statistics from the FBI shows not a single murder for the entire year of 2012.
Is that the final proof, the massacre of Sandy Hook was a Fake ?
Here is the link to the page of the FBI with the crime statistics.
In the column of 'murder' is a ZERO !

Says the FBI the truth, it was not a killing spree, and therefore is not murder ?
With regard to 9/11, the FBI has also in a certain sense, told the truth.
Namely, they would not want Osama Bin Laden because of the September 11 attacks as they have no evidence of his guilt.

The FBI has, even after a long investigation found that the Anthrax in the letters after 9/11 were sent to kill 5 people, originated from the Bio-weapons lab of the US army at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

That is, according to FBI happened no murder in Newtown, Osama Bin Laden was not the mastermind behind 9/11 and the deadly Anthrax spores has sent out a government figure to exactly those politicians, which were against the new Homeland Security Law.
According to this, 'Insiders' have attacked America.

So you have to be very attentive to distinguish between what the politicians and the media claim and what tales they tell, and what facts the FBI forwards later.

We know that the US regime is constantly lying about dangers, spread fear and thus imposes its belligerent policies.
Al-Qaeda did 9/11 and to answer for and it was therefore necessary to attack Afghanistan.

Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction therefore a war of aggression against Iraq was waged.
Muammar Gaddafi has terrorized the population, therefore had Libya to be bombed.
Bashar al-Assad used poison gas, so they wanted to attack Syria.
Everything invented reasons.
In order to be able to still bomb Syria, suddenly emerged ISIS.

What also is very suspicious and reminds on 9/11, the Sandy Hook school and therefore all the evidence has been destroyed.
There have been 50 million dollars spent to completely demolish the school and it will be rebuilt.
As in New York, where one of the largest crime scenes in US history was immediately cleaned up and all evidence removed, the same thing happened here.
The workers had to make a vow of silence, to pass on nothing what they see during the demolition.
Why ?
What is so secret that someone can impose a muzzle ?

As with all events, the question must be asked, who benefits ?
If there really has a massacre taken place, and Adam Lanza was the perpetrator, what was his motive ?
In the final report is even stated, he had no motive.
Who then was it and why ?
As listed above, the headlines were gigantic and the call for a tightening of gun laws loudly.
Obama as well as other enemies of the Constitution and representatives of the police state used this outrage, in order to adopt laws that they otherwise never would have passed.

Is there a connection between the prohibition of various weapons with which we-the-people more or less is disarmed, and the massive upgrade of the police with military equipment ?

Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed As a Fraud



Bonus 1

Will be Landmines also Banned ?

Then we have the following case which has occurred on Monday, just a few days past the alleged shooting of Sandy Hook but in Afghanistan.

By the explosion of a landmine were ten girls killed and two others seriously injured.

The children at the age of nine to eleven years, died while collecting firewood in the eastern province Nanagahar, such as the Chief of the District of Tschaparhar, Mohamed Sedik Daulazai, the media told.

One of the girls has accidently struck the mine with an axe.


Where is the outcry of the always political correct do-gooders, Landmines kill children and must therefore be banned ?

There is nothing to hear from the politicians and the media.

Bonus 2

Have we have just killed a child ?

A former American drone-pilot who has killed civilians and children at the push of a button and has therefore left the army on grounds of conscience.


'I have men, women and children are seen in this period.

I never thought I would kill so many people.

In fact, I thought that I could never put anyone to death',


said Brandon Bryant, 27, from Montana.

He collapsed after he was told to fire a Hellfire missile on civilians in Afghanistan and a child was killed.


'Have we just killed a child?'


he asked his co-pilot next to him, as he looked to the explosion on the screen.


'Yes, I mean that was a child',


said his colleague.

When he left the service, received the US drone-pilot a certificate: 1.626 enemies killed...

That was just one of many cases where with drones out of the air in the many theatres of war the Americans rage children are murdered.

And ?

There is also a loud protest and demanded a ban on killer-drones ?

The drone-war is Obama's war, yes the Nobel peace prize laureate, who cried about the dead children in Newtown on TV, but orders the killing of children in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

We see in these examples as nothing about the influence of psychotropic drugs, nothing about the prevention of a massacre by an armed citizen, nothing about a ban on landmines, and nothing about how horrible drones are used is reported, but is only reported most penetrating on the need of a ban of firearms.

It is very clearly a one-sided controlled propaganda campaign against the right of Americans to own weapons, which is guaranteed in the US Constitution and so laid down.



Bonus 3

Children killing children just because of weapons

Yes, it is the weapons why children killing children.

Certainly not because most of the children grow up in broken and separated families.

Not because single fathers or mothers do not have time talking with and listening to the children no longer because of work stress and/or self-fulfillment.

It is also not because the children from very young on are pushed away to day care centers, where they face the facts that the fittest will survive and the state is the first authority.

It is also not because our society is only esteeming winners and despising all others as losers.

It is also not because children so that we have not to deal with them every day for hours watch the telly where there is shown always violence and glorified.

It is not because children are no longer allowed to play outside, but inside to dive in virtual worlds, where it is in most realistic computer games only about how many enemies you can kill.

It is also not because instead of love and time to the children only material things and money are given as a replacement.

It is not because children who not carry the latest brands or not have the last iPod are teased and bullied.

It is also not because our society taught the children, there is no morality, and everything is just relative.

It is also not because children can see what crimes the politicians and the pillars of society commit and for their criminal actions have to fear no consequences.

It is also not because the children notice in the media all conflicts are solved with violence, with aggressive wars and bombs and grenades.

It is also not because the children can not detect good role models anymore, but only selfish, perverse and depraved figures.

It is also not because of any deviant behavior of children from the norm is referred to as a disease and treated with character changing drugs.


No, it's only the weapons.

Not because our children are to grow up in a completely degenerate, perverse and uncaring society and thereon mentally break down.


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The United Police State of America

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Multiple Sandy Hook victims seen alive

This is How the Police State Ends Tags: police state sabotage shootings deterring freedom fighters

By Matt Agorist on June 9, 2014

Within the past week we have seen two separate instances of police shootings carried out by people alleged to be ‘fighting for freedom.’

The information that we have so far does not show that these killings were acts of self-defense, which makes them murders.

These apparently unprovoked attacks on individuals who were not directly involved in threatening the lives of the shooters are a hindrance to the progression of liberty and police reform.

Random acts of violence will only serve to undo what little progress those of us in the peaceful movement have accomplished and in fact will reverse it and prevent any future progress.

Violently attacking the government creates victims out of the ones we are trying to expose as criminals.

Those who initiate and support such violence will be complicit in creating the hellish police state that will inevitably ensue as a consequence of these actions.

We can simply look back to 9-11 as an example of what is to come if this violence continues.

Prior to 9-11 the TSA did not exist, indefinite detention did not exist, the NSA did not spy on American citizens, the police weren’t given armored assault vehicles, and Americans could not be assassinated without trial.

If these acts of aggressive violence against the state continue, we can expect to see what little civil liberties are left to be whisked away in the name of protection from the ‘domestic terror threat.’

We can expect to see peaceful activists rounded up and detained indefinitely. We can expect to see homes raided of individuals who are speaking out against the state. We will see more and more checkpoints, and less and less unmolested travel.

If you think that the American people can somehow win in a war against the military industrial complex that the US has built up in the last decade and a half, you are seriously delusional.

As a former Marine, I know that before I woke up to this tyranny, I would have done anything my leaders told me, including initiating force against Americans; especially if there were an increase in prevalence of unprovoked violence against the state like we’ve seen in the last several days.

However, I also know first hand how people can change once presented with the information that frees them from their statist bonds. Some of these police officers are simply brainwashed into thinking they are doing the right thing. They just need to see their true reflection enough times to realize that they are not. It is up to you and I to provide this reflection.

That is why we must win the hearts and minds of the people within the state. We must expose as much of their violence and corruption as we can, for that is what garnishes support; not murder.

We must show that those of us who stand against this state corruption are the good guys. We are not some violent group of terrorists who are quick to don the pitchforks and torches and beg for blood.

Removal of due process, the initiation of violence, and abuse of power are tools of the state; not of the peaceful revolution.

Those who would take an innocent life to incite change are no different than the mass murdering sociopaths within the government.

‘But police are not innocent,’ some will say. What are statements such as that one, other than calls to remove due process and act as judge, jury, and executioner, just like the corrupt police?

Yes police uphold a system of immoral laws that lead to the harassment, kidnapping, and death of innocent people. But these are mere symptoms of a much larger problem; a society dependent upon a government that has created and maintained a monopoly on the initiation of force.

Taking an aspirin for a headache only masks the symptom of the headache, it does not eliminate the cause.

One cannot eliminate future headaches by constantly taking aspirin, in the same manner that one cannot change a violent state by acting within the rules of that state; violence will only be met with more violence and more support for the state.

We must build a new system, one that exposes the faults of the old system and makes it obsolete.

These new systems are already starting to appear.

We are witnessing the free market reacting to an incompetent and violent police state by creating alternative means of community security.

Apps like peacekeeper, which connects community members directly to each other to foster community interdependence by empowering community members to protect one another, are popping up as a reaction to police violence and corruption.

Organizations like the Threat Management Center in Detroit are popping up in response to police incompetence and negligence, and they are proving to be magnitudes more effective than actual police.

The new system is being built and it is quickly showing the obsolescence of the old.

But here is the kicker, all these alternatives go away as long as people keep initiating senseless violence. We can say goodbye to all these positive aspects of society reacting peacefully to the police state. Every act of senseless violence is a step backwards in the fight for freedom.

Do not mistake this as a call to pacifism. No one is advocating that you lay down and lick the boots of tyrants as they oppress you.

Self-defense is a natural right. This is why we see laws popping up like the one in Indiana that legalizes the shooting of police if they enter your home and pose a threat to you and your family.

The actions that we are taking now like filming the police, photographing and documenting their corruption and standing up to their immoral rule, are the real catalysts of change; and again, they will all go away if the violence continues.


This one photograph from Kent state, showing the murderous nature of the police state did more to incite change than any amount of violence could ever do.

If you think that we are losing this battle, think again. Police are frequently contacting The Free Thought Project and asking how they can help stop this ridiculous police state.

There are organizations like LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) that are fighting the odds and standing up to their own peers and seeking peaceful change.

The Free Thought Project is in the process, right now, of organizing a worldwide day of peaceful resistance with many other organizations across the globe, to bring PEACE to the WAR on drugs and stop the reason for 99% of this harassment and brutality.

We are winning and can beat these tyrants. But if people continue to stoop to the same level of senseless violence and removal of due process as them, we will not only lose, but guarantee that there will never be another opportunity to resist again.


Has ISIS been revealed as "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service"? Tags: ISIS Israeli Secret Service anagram

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