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What a "shitty" double thong talk. Typical for a politician. First support the throat cutters raging in Syria and when they reach out for you ask Assad (which you want to have out of way) to work together to eliminate those you have supported by delivery weapons and much more. SiNeh~

US and UK should back Assad to defeat ISIS - senior UK MP

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UK MP, Malcolm Rifkind. (Reuters / Ian Hodgson)

The US and UK must work with Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime if they are to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the chairman of Britain’s intelligence and security committee warns.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, one of the UK’s most senior MPs, told the Financial Times (FT) in an exclusive interview that the horrific murder of American journalist, James Foley, highlights the urgent need to take action against the extremist group Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), whose swift rise to power in the Middle East has remained largely unchecked by Western intervention.

While the militants have annexed vast swathes of territory in northern Iraq, their central power base remains in Syria.

“ISIS need to be eliminated and we should not be squeamish about how we do it,” Rifkind told the FT on Friday.

Although he made it clear he does not support the Assad regime in principle, Rifkind reluctantly emphasized that “sometimes you have to develop relationships with people who are extremely nasty in order to get rid of people who are even nastier.”

Following a brutal civil war that has devastated and divided Syria while providing a breeding ground for the Islamic State, the Assad regime has faced isolation from myriad world powers.

Prior to Rifkind’s interview, Western states expressed no willingness to work with Damascus. On Wednesday, President Obama’s deputy national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, said Assad was “part of the problem.”

Following the Ghouta chemical attack, which killed up to 1,729 people in August 2013, Rifkind was one of most vocal members of Britain’s parliament calling for the UK to intervene against the regime. But as the Islamic State continues to wage aggression in the Middle East, the chairman has urged the US and Britain pursue a strategic shift.


An image made available by Jihadist media outlet, al-Itisam Media, on June 29, 2014, allegedly shows members of the IS (Islamic state) (AFP Photo)

An image made available by Jihadist media outlet, al-Itisam Media, on June 29, 2014, allegedly shows members of the IS (Islamic state) (AFP Photo)

(Why did they made the face from this guy in the middle impossible to see? SiNeh~)

“We have to deal with facts on the ground, not as we would want them to be but as they are,” he said, conceding the prospect of working with Assad would be a deeply unsavory choice.

In an effort to justify his tactical proposal, Rifkind referenced the manner in which allied states worked alongside Joseph Stalin during the Second World War in pursuit of a greater good.

It’s unthinkable that a military operation in Iraq, spearheaded by America and its allies, can exist without some sort of “Syrian dimension,” Rifkind said. “For Syria to become an ISIS safe haven – that is ludicrous,” he continued.

Working in tandem with Syria, throughout the duration of this military operation, has almost become inevitable, the chairman concluded.

The Assad government has recently increased its efforts to defeat the Islamic State, following months of relative passivity. But many Western political analysts and critics have viewed this recent resurgence in military activity as a tactical ploy to regain leverage over the region.


Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. (AFP Photo / SANA)

Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. (AFP Photo / SANA)


As the Islamic State continues to gather momentum in the Middle East, an increasing number of intelligence and military analysts reportedly endorse Rifkind’s perspective.

Commenting on ISIL’s ongoing aggression in Northern Iraq the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) recently said the situation remains “deeply worrying.” “We condemn the barbaric attacks waged by ISIL terrorists across the region. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced across the region and in need of aid supplies,” it added.

The FCO emphasize the UK government response is focused on “alleviating the humanitarian suffering of those Iraqis targeted by ISIL terrorists”, “promoting an inclusive, sovereign and democratic Iraq that can push back on ISIL advances and restore stability and security across the country”, and “working with the international community to tackle the broader threat that ISIL poses to the region and other countries around the world”.

Rifkind’s proposal for a US-UK tactical shift with respect to Assad follows Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent announcement that Britain must form a strategic alliance with Iran.

Emphasizing it was in Britain’s national interest to cast aside long-held antagonism with the Islamic Republic, Cameron urged Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to assist the international community in defeating the Islamic State.

The prime minister justified this move on the grounds of the grave need to thwart the “shared threat” of fundamentalist Sunni militants in Syria and Iraq who are endeavoring to cultivate “a terrorist state,” the boundaries of which could infiltrate “the shores of the Mediterranean.”

Probed on whether the government was considering forming an alliance with Assad’s regime to defeat the Islamic State, an FCO spokesperson declined to comment.



Iraq Before Complete Destruction
Category: Beyond Illusion
Tags: Iraq Destruction Iran Parsifal 1950's Pathe Parsifal History Oil ISIS War Bush

The Year 2014 in a galaxy far, far away...

It is a period of war.

Terrorists in Toyotas, who strike out of nowhere, have achieved their first victories against an already shattered land, the cradle of the people of planet Earth.

During the battle, the terrorists managed to plunder the Central Bank, exported the gold to an unknown destination, and so been given sufficient support and powerful weapons from the evil empire to destroy for them one dune-country after the other...

image top: a few of the war beneficiaries of evil defending their empire against the people of planet earth...


The following photographs from the years 1950 to 1959 show how beautiful and peaceful Iraq once was.

A land located between the Euphrates and Tigris, also called 'Mesopotamia' or two-stream-land, with a culture that goes back many thousands of years and is one of the origins of human civilization and the earliest advanced civilization.

Parsifal, June 20, 2014

The below photo shows a view of the port city of Basra in southern Iraq, which was regarded as the Venice of the Middle East:

Baghdadi Jews celebrating in 1952

Baghdadi Railway Central Station, 1952

Baghdad was already a modern city with a functioning infrastructure:

oops ! this is a record-store in Kabul, Afghanistan in the 1950's

Ruins of the palace of Ctesiphon near Baghdad 1950

Baghdad University Site

Baghdad 1950 Iraqi pilgrims to Mecca in front of Iraq Airlines


Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Semiramis)

In the cultivated land between the Euphrates and Tigris in 2003, more than 10.000 historical localities were identified; another 10.000 are (or were) undetected in underground or under hills.

Irreplaceable monuments as to the wonders of the ancient counting Hanging Gardens of Babylon…

Around 180.000 exhibits had the Iraqi National Museum, and then fell this in the hands of - apparently very knowledgeable - looters.

Except for the Assyrian reliefs that have been attached as frieze and too big and too secured, everything has been removed from the showrooms or smashed. (image: a drawing)



The great misfortune for Iraq was the discovery of oil in the 20's of the last century.

The reserves are now among the largest in the world.

Thus, the Western powers were aware of the richness and western interference, control and exploitation began.

The policy of financial criminals on Wall Street and City Of London was already that the oil does not belong to the country, but the western oil corporations.

In order to enable the theft of resources, a dependent regime was installed by the West in the 50's and 60's exactly as in The neighboring Iran overthrown in Iraq and brought to power a dictator by Western intelligence agencies CIA and MI6.

In The Iran, Reza Pahlavi and Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

In The Iran, the people got rid of the dictatorship of the Shah and the western exploitation by the Revolution of 1979, which transformed The Iran from a monarchy into an Islamic Republic.

This did not fit the Western powers and The Iran was so counted to the 'Axis Of Evil' and threatened since then with sanctions.

Who evades the subjugation and control is punished by the financial mafia.

Everything bad what is told us about The Iran is pure Western propaganda to create a hostile image.

The dictator Saddam Hussein has been used by the West as a tool to weaken The Iran and destroy.

'The CIA worked very closely with them and United States supported Saddam Hussein at every level - gave him arms, gave him money, gave him political backing, the military helped him; none of this is really fully understood by the American people'

- Peter Camejo


The disaster in Iraq began with the war against The Iran, which was conducted on behalf of Washington, raged from 1980 to 1988 and caused high human and economic losses on both sides.

The West sold and supplied not only large amounts of conventional weapons in Iraq, but also poison gas that was used against soldiers of the Iranian army and also against its own Kurdish population.

Thousands of civilians and soldiers croaked miserably.

A monstrous crime of the West.


Since Iraq was supported by the West, the chemicals and chemical plants for the production of poison gas came from the West mainly from Germany, and The Iran was seen as 'evil enemy', the West has not made a fuss and the use of chemical warfare agents with help of the media virtually reticent.

Overall, died in the eight-year war 300.000 Iraqis and 500.000 Iranians.

The considerable damage to the infrastructure and industry amounted to USD 644 billion for The Iran and USD 452 billion for Iraq.


Because of the war Iraq had to ablate a substantial debt burden at his former Western and Arab backers, Saddam Hussein was forced to ramp up oil production.

This glut of oil on the market caused a drop in prices and the oil cost only 24 dollars a barrel.

That did not want the oil corporations but also the other oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia, at all.

In addition to that Kuwait with slanted drilling was tapping illegally the oil reserves of Iraq and stole Iraqi oil.


Saddam complained this theft at the Americans, but got the signal from Washington, with the dispute between Iraq and Kuwait, they had nothing to do.

Saddam took that as a green light to invade Kuwait in 1990 and to punish them for the theft. The Americans have but trapped Saddam and used the invasion of Iraqi troops for pretext of war.

So the first war of aggression of Washington began under Bush's father against Iraq with the excuse of having to defend Kuwait.


The story of the incubator-babies was a completely fictional PR campaign of the Kuwaiti sheiks along with the White House to put down Saddam Hussein as a very evil baby killer.

President skull and bones George H. Bush used this lie to justify the invasion of American soldiers in Iraq.

The Iraqi army has been completely destroyed, a no-fly zone imposed on Iraq and punished with drastic sanctions.

President skull and bones Bill Clinton upheld the sanctions during his two terms in office, which were quite bad and even prevented the delivery of food and medical supplies whereof 500.000 Iraqi children died in those 8 years.


The Iraqi population suffered almost continuously since the beginning of the 80's in a constant state of war, and afterwards from the international sanctions.

Through the first U.S. war against Iraq and the second from 2003 by skull and bones George W. Bush, both justified by blatant lies, the country was completely destroyed and turned into a wasteland of ruins.

The final death sentence for Saddam Hussein was his decision to sell the Iraqi oil not for dollars but for real values (Gold) or, at least for euros.

Gold in small units, also one gram at time

This is a Deadly Sin the eyes of Washington and the financial criminals who can perform its global rampage only with the dominance of the dollar as a world currency.

Iraq war Veteran: Iraq War was immoral


Under Saddam Hussein, there were no radical Islamic terrorists.

It was a secular state where all religions peacefully got along.

Iraq had already at that time the highest standard of living among the Arab countries; the population enjoyed a very good social system, good education and above all safety.

There was a prosperous middle class.

For outsiders, it is hard to imagine now, Iraq was once a thriving, viable and peaceful country.


With the current events, the capture of Iraqi territories through the murderous gangs of ISIS, who infiltrate from Syria and recruited from the West and trained, financed and armed by the Gulf States, the next stage of the destruction of Iraq is initiated.


Why is the threat of ISIS in Iraq a sufficiently vital interest, but not the rise of ISIS in Syria ?

The answer ... may well involve the use of force on a limited but immediate basis, in BOTH countries.


It's incredible how the West always manages to deceive with lies and propaganda the world opinion that it is about democracy and human rights in order to protect the population.

The Anglo-American financial criminals who are behind all cause by their endless lust have only one thing in mind cause strife, war, misery and death among peoples.


The following historical film clips of the British Pathe show how beautiful Iraq once was before the criminal west destroyed everything there:




What about now ?

1.4 + million dead Iraqis, 4 + million on the run, a country that is completely broken and radioactive contamination by uranium ammunition of the Americans.

There is no potable water, electricity and food supply, the health system is practically on the ground.

The hygiene catastrophic, no functioning schools and government services are non-existent.

Every day, explode bombs and now rage even the worst mass murderers and cut-throats of ISIS in the country.

These are the 'Western values' with which one has blessed the Iraqis.


Iraq Body count: Recent Events

Friday 20 June: 60 killed

Samarra: 45 bodies.
Falluja: 5 by shelling.
Kanaos: 4 bodies.
Muqdadiya: 3 by mortars.
Baquba: 1 by IED.
Dhuluiyah: 1 by helicopter fire.
Bushir: 1 teenager by gunfire.

JUNE CASUALTIES SO FAR: 2.852 CIVILIANS KILLED, including up to 1.700 Shia volunteers reported executed by ISIS.

related in BOLE

A Country Formerly Known as Libya

(all images found using 'google')

How media will mislead you about the upcoming Syrian and Ukrainian elections?
Category: News & Politics
Tags: Iran- Syria-K.S.A-Ukraine- Election-Presidential Election-Revolution-Damascus-Kiev-Moscow-Washington-Tehran-Civil War

How media will mislead you about the upcoming Syrian and Ukrainian elections?

Ukraine and Syria are both going to the polls in less than two weeks, but the election that is legitimate (Syria) is painted as a fraud by the West, and the actual fraudulent election (Ukraine) is promoted as legitimate. Comparing both of these cases back-to-back most strongly illustrates the hypocrisy behind the West’s position. By keeping in mind that it is the West that supports the Ukrainian junta and Russia and China (the leaders of ‘the Rest’) that support the legitimate Syrian government, the dichotomy over democratic practice becomes more acute, and not surprisingly, this illustrates the growing moral and normative authority that the Rest has over the West.


There are three main categorical comparisons, and the juxtaposition of the Ukrainian and Syrian scenarios will demonstrate the lack of democracy in the former and the vibrance of it in the latter.


The Population:


In Ukraine, there are hardly any rallies in support of the occupying junta, and in the ones that do occur, there is violence and the fostering of extreme and exclusive nationalism. It is more common to see concentrated public opposition to the “authorities”, not support, especially in the eastern part of the country. In Syria, the situation is reversed. There are countless peaceful pro-government rallies all throughout the country and abroad, and people even gather to support the army’s anti-terrorist successes. In Ukraine, the politicians have realized that their “anti-terrorist” operation is a disaster. Sensing the tidal wave of populism surging against them, the Rada recently voted to immediately halt the military suppression in the east. Whether or not the junta listens to its stooges is another story…


The situation with the extremists wreaking havoc in each country is also different. The Ukrainian militants are native Ukrainians influenced by Neo-Nazi ideologies, but in Syria, they’re largely Islamic fundamentalists from abroad. There are about 8,000 foreign fighters in Syria, a ten-time increase from last year, hailing from nearly 80 different countries. Quite clearly, the extremism in Ukraine is homegrown, while in Syria it is exported from abroad.


The Electoral Process


This section can be subdivided into three parts:




The Ukrainian “elections” are an attempt to legitimize the coup’s militant takeover de-jure, but in Syria, they are to show the people’s opposition to a coup attempt. As such, the US has had a guiding influence over the junta’s activities, but in Syria, it has no such influence over the government or presidential candidates. This gives each voting exercise a completely different structure and helps explain the US’ discrepancies in labelling one legitimate and the other not. The Ukrainian one is to solidify servitude to the outside-supported elite, while the Syrian one is to safeguard the country’s successful resistance to such chains of despondence.




The people of Ukraine don’t really have a choice in the upcoming elections – it’s basically one oligarch versus another. Petro Poroshenko, one of the most prominent oligarchs in the country, is the current front-runner, with disgraced politician and former Western darling Yulia Tymoshenko, also a ruthless oligarch, trailing far behind. Mikhail Dobkin, representing the Party of Regions, isn’t involved in corruption and scandal like the other two candidates, but it is impossible for him to win under the current circumstances. Besides, the Communist Party is boycotting the vote and will not recognize its results, and Oleg Tsarev, an anti-junta candidate from the east, has withdrawn his candidacy. Political intimidation of voters and candidates has also been prevalent in Ukraine since the coup.


In Syria, however, none of the presidential candidates are oligarchs or Western agents of influence. All of the candidates are safe and none of them have been attacked by vicious antagonistic mobs, unlike Tsarev.It is important to note that there are no extremists running for president in Syria, as the Syrian government is adamant about stomping such vile influences out of society. This is in stark contrast to Ukraine, where Dmitro Yarosh, the extremist leader of Pravy Sektor, is running for president. Russia has placed a warrant for his arrest with Interpol, accusing him of inciting extremism and having fought with international terrorist gangs in Chechnya in the past. The fact that such an individual can aspire to become president in Ukraine (no matter how distant his chances of success), and the West’s support of such a “democracy”, speaks volumes about what “democracy” currently means to them.




In practice, the vote in Ukraine is null and void before it has even begun. This is because Lugansk and Donetsk, collectively representing nearly 6 million people and having just voted for their self-determination, will be boycotting it. Incidentally, the West still seems to think that 6 million people boycotting the ballot (and more Ukrainians outside of those two regions may likely boycott as well) doesn’t affect the legitimacy of the results. On the other hand, in Syria, citizens are so enthusiastic to vote, that even those currently outside of the country are clamoring to participate. For all of its democratic rhetoric, some Western countries are suppressing these voters’ aspirations. The Syrian Foreign Ministry accuses France and Germany in particular of not allowing Syrians there to vote in the upcoming elections. This adds credence to the earlier claim that the West is against elections that it cannot influence and control.


The Political Context:


The political context is drastically different in each election theater. In Ukraine, unresolved atrocity investigations over the Maidan sniper attacks, the Odessa burnings, and the Mariupol massacre completely discredit the ruling regime. In Syria, the former atrocity accusations have been resolved and the government absolved of any complicity. The chemical weapons attack and the Houla Massacre were revealed to be false flag attacks by the extremists, not the authorities. Even the US gave up its misinformation campaign after their proxies were implicated as the true culprits.


Ukraine right now is not territorially unified, as the southeastern areas of Lugansk and Donetsk had recently voted for their self-determination and are boycotting the vote. The ruling figures in Kiev refuse to acknowledge their choice, yet they want to impose the election results on these individuals anyway. This is all done with the support of the US government. Syria, on the other hand, does not have any territorial unification issues. Territorial integrity is important because it allows elections to have legitimacy over the entire country and represent everyone in it. Syria has this, Ukraine does not.


Concluding Thoughts:


Both countries provide case studies of Western-sponsored regime change attempts, with Ukraine as the success and Syria as the failure. Syria’s identity as a resistance state has been reinforced by the Western- and Gulf-led militant mayhem within the country, but it was able to successfully fend off the fiends through its strong identity as the only consistently resistant state in the region. Ukraine, on the flip side, did not establish any such solid unifying identity since its independence (Syria’s was accelerated as a result of its wars with Israel), and this has led to the downfall of the state and its (permanent?) internal division. Syria provides a strong example of why resistance is not futile and how a strong understanding of purpose can hold a society together amidst outside centripetal attempts to tear it apart.


 With all of this in mind, the elections most importantly signify the Rest’s moral and normative authority over the West. By supporting the Ukrainian junta’s electoral stunt and rejecting true democracy in Syria, the West has decimated its own democratic rhetoric. It will recognize the results of the Ukrainian “election” but not that of Syria’s proper one, and the Rest, led by Russia and China, will rightfully spearhead the diplomatic support of Syria’s while rejecting Ukraine’s. This coordination of Russo-Sino policy, in line with what was recently agreed upon by both countries’ presidents, further confirms the development of a resistant configuration to the West’s “New World Order” of unipolarity.


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