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Fourth German U-Boat on the Way to Israel
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The 'Tannin' is the fourth and latest Dolphin Class submarine on the way from the HDW shipyard in Kiel, Germany to Israel.
The past weekend a ceremony in which the U-boat was passed the Israeli Navy was made.
Also in this case, the German taxpayers contributed with a 'subsidy' of 165 million Euro.

According to experts, this latest U-boat in addition to the usual six 533-mm-torpedo-tubes in addition has four torpedo tubes with the enlarged diameter of 650 mm and is thus able to launch cruise missiles, armed with nuclear warheads.
Each Dolphin Class submarine may launch 16 torpedoes and several cruise missiles from under water.

The Cruise Missiles of the type 'Popeye' have a range of 1.500 kilometers and can bring a 200-kilogram nuclear warhead with up to 6 kg of Plutonium into the goal.
The U-boats can also send out divers for 'special operations' under water.
Parsifal, September 9, 2014

The new Dolphins have the most advanced drive system based on fuel cells and can operate very long without appearing to surface.
As a result, the U-boats are also quieter than those of the Americans and even the Russians.


The delivery of military equipment, as here of submarines is but a violation against the weapons control act; article 26, Para. 2 of the German Constitution:

The Middle East is probably THE Conflict Area of the world at all.

The Israeli Navy has released a video of the handover ceremony and from the inside of the submarine in two parts:

'INS Tannin leaves Germany to Israel 1'


Part 2



The Merkel should have denied, that those from Germany to Israel supplied U-boats are capable to launch nuclear weapons, just who would believe her ?

I do not.

If she opens her mouth she is constantly lying.

And if she says nothing she is lying too.

Since when is the German Federal government taking care about laws ? (no matter of which parties the government consists)

Led an international war of aggression against Serbia, (the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder himself admitted), is participating in the illegal war of aggression against Afghanistan (yeah, the German democracy is defended in the Hindukush), and has just decided to deliver weapons to the Kurds in Iraq. (Merkel: 'IS-jihadists in Iraq threaten also German interests').

Germany is not for nothing the third-largest weapons exporter in the world, after USA and Russia !

They keep on doing so hypocritical, as if Germany only wants peace but provides to all war participants weapons and pours even more fuel into the fire.

YES. Oh I forgot, the defense industry creates jobs.

This is very important.

Wait a minute, concentration camps but have also created jobs.

Then Germany should again build concentration camps, as a means of employment.

What an inhuman logic !

While we speak has Israel already ordered a fifth submarine free of charge to the part with 165 millions at the expense of the German taxpayer, and has an option for a sixth (135 million subsidy).

An other madness:

Germany must decommission older U-boats, because the country can no longer afford these weapons.

It but continues to present these gifts his colonial masters.


Military experts believe that with the German submarines, Israel is in the position to carry out the both: so-called nuclear pre-emptive strikes - and the capability of a second-strike.

The US Navy has already registered in the Indian Ocean Israeli tests were cruise missiles were fired from a submarine.


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Classified Document Confirmes Israel's Nuclear Weapons Stockpile

Classified Document Confirmes Israel's Nuclear Weapons Stockpile
Category: Beyond Illusion
Tags: Classified Document Confirm Israel Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Dimona Nixon Carter Meir Parsifal Conspiracy

We've long known that Israel has a arsenal of nuclear weaponry, what have we all been called from those who defend Israel's war crimes, always deny everything, play the victim-role and call any criticism of Israel anti-Semitism, here is the proof for the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

Washington on Monday released classified documents after 45 years of closure which show America's consent to the Israeli nuclear weapons program, at that time, in 1969.
The Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP), or loosely translated, the Committee which decides about secrecy of documents, has for decades consistently denied the release of the secrets about Israel's nuclear weapons.
Now this knowledge is finally available to the public.
Parsifal, September 2, 2014

image top: Golda Meir met Richard Nixon in the White house, along with the Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Henry Kissinger aka Avraam Bel Alaazar (Ashkenazim [Chasaric] Zionist)

The documents show the attitude of the U.S. government towards Israel's nuclear weapons program in advance of the meeting between President Richard Nixon and Prime Minister Golda Meir in the White House in September 1969.
At that time there were three refusals of the Zionist Entity, with which the US government had to deal:
The signing of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT),
the inspection of the nuclear facility in Dimona by the United States and
the conditional delivery of fighter aircraft,

if Israel agrees to give up nuclear weapons in return for the delivery of strategic 'Jericho' ground-to-ground missiles which are capable to hit the Arab capitals.

From the documents may be observed how the American government officials - Members of the Cabinet and top government advisors - who have written the document - step - by-step flinched from their original adopted plan to block Israel's nuclear armament until they relented at the end.

The content of the conversation between Nixon and Meir is still a secret, in which Israel as a nuclear weapon state has been recognized.
According to the documents, the Nixon government allowed Israel to ascend from the 'owner of the knowledge about nuclear weapons' to an actual 'owner of nuclear weapons'.

Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity, in which because of the deterrence of the possession of nuclear weapons neither confirmed nor denied, is, according to the shared classified documents a result of the Nixon-Meir compromise, a tactical maneuver that Israel at that time suggested and applies to this day.


With the surrender of secrecy, however, this tactic is done, because from now on, nobody can deny any longer the existence of an Israeli nuclear weapons program, which dates back to the beginning of the 60's.

The decision of the release of these documents was made in March, but by ISCAP made publicly these days.
In the committee which decides on the abolition of the secrecy to sit representatives of the ministries of foreign affairs, defense, and justice, as well as the national archives (where the documents are stored), the secret service coordinator, the security adviser to the President and the CIA.

Why just now the release is done, what the Zionists consider as an affront is clear for me.
Obama is pissed off with Netanyahu because he constantly sabotaged US foreign Minister John Kerry's (Cohn) peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.
Then also because of the latest war against Gaza, with over 2.000 dead, probably not criticized to the outside, but quietly and in secrecy.


The ultimate impudence and unbelievable provocation is the decision of the Zionist regime from last Sunday to seize 1.000 hectares of land that is privately owned by Palestinians, near Bethlehem in the occupied territories.
This land grab is the largest theft of Palestinian territory for 30 years.

Washington has prompted Israel on Monday to undo this latest seizure of the Land of the Palestinians.

I have to laugh; Israel would meet this 'invitation' on the part of Obama for sure, so as it met all of the other calls... it'll be a cold day in hell until that happens.

At least since the latest war against Gaza, and this annexation but everyone must see, the Zionist regime wants first no peace, and secondly rob the entire Land of the Palestinians and completely expel them of their homeland.

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Production: Dimona/Israel (click satellite image to enlarge)

From the classified document, Israel to act up Washington and the whole world already for 50 years, and does what it wants.
Typical of this is the double standard and unfair treatment of the West regarding the peaceful nuclear program of The Iran.
Tehran has been confronted for over 33 years with the sharpest sanctions, and even threatened with an attack, although there are no nuclear weapons and not wants nuclear weapons.


Most experts estimate that Israel had between 100 and 200 nuclear bombs this on the basis of information by the Israeli nuclear scientist Mordechai Vanunu who worked at the research reactor in Dimona and have leaked in the year 1980 to the newspaper Sunday Times.

Meanwhile is estimated up to 400 Nuclear WMD's are in posession of Israel

The Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, in December 2006 admitted himself, Israel belong to the nuclear powers, after the U.S. Secretary of defense Robert Gates, a made a similar statement before the U.S. Senate.

The former US President Jimmy Carter has said that Israel has at least 150 nuclear weapons in its arsenal.

Jimmy Carter made this statement about the Israeli nuclear weapons at a press conference, on the occasion of the annual literary Hay-on-Wye Festival in Wales.

He also described the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel as 'one of the biggest crimes against human rights in the world'.

Carter provided the number of Israeli nuclear weapons as a response to a question about the U.S. policy toward a possible nuclear-armed Iran, and argued that a country who newly armed with nukes, would face overwhelming numbers.

'The U.S. has more than 12.000 nuclear weapons, the Soviet Union (he probably meant Russia) about the same number, the UK and France have several hundred, and Israel 150 or more,' he said.

The former Israeli military intelligence chief Aharon Zeevi-Farkash told the Reuters news Agency, the testimony of Carter would be 'irresponsible'.

'The Problem lies in the fact that there are people out there that will be using this statement when it comes to the international efforts goes to prevent The Iran to have nuclear weapons', he said.


Iran has the NPT signed and constantly allowed UN inspectors into its nuclear facilities.
Only Israel is committed to nothing at all, does not obey the international rules and refuses vehemently any inspection of its nuclear reactors.

Link to the shared classified document as a .pdf ...

Radioactive Boars in Germany 28 Years After Chernobyl
Tags: Nuclear

Wild boars still roam the forests of Germany, where they are hunted for their meat, which is sold as a delicacy.

But in recent tests by the state government of Saxony, more than one in three boars were found to give off such high levels of radiation that they are unfit for human consumption.

Outside the hunting community, wild boar are seen as a menace by much of Germany society. Autobahns have to be closed when boar wander onto them, they sometimes enter towns and, in a famous case in 2010, a pack attacked a man in a wheelchair in Berlin.

But radioactive wild boars stir even darker fears.

They are believed to be a legacy of the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, when a reactor at a nuclear power plant in then Soviet-ruled Ukraine exploded, releasing a massive quantity of radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

Even though Saxony lies some 700 miles from Chernobyl, wind and rain carried the radioactivity across western Europe, and soil contamination was found even further away, in France.

Wild boar are thought to be particularly affected because they root through the soil for food, and feed on mushrooms and underground truffles that store radiation. Many mushrooms from the affected areas are also believed to be unfit for human consumption.

Since 2012, it has been compulsory for hunters to have wild boar they kill in Saxony tested for radiation. Carcasses that exceed the safe limit of 600 becquerels per kg have to be destroyed.

In a single year, 297 out of 752 boar tested in Saxony have been over the limit, and there have been cases in Germany of boar testing dozens of times over the limit.

The radioactivity causes economic problems as well. Many hunters sell the boar as game, and across Germany hundreds of thousands of euros are paid out each year out in government compensation to hunters whose kills have to be destroyed.

“It doesn’t cover the loss from game sales, but at least it covers the cost of disposal,” Steffen Richter, the head of the Saxon State Hunters Association, told Bild newspaper.

Germany’s radioactive boar problem is not expected to go away any time soon. With the levels of contamination still showing in tests, experts predict it could be around for another 50 years.



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