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People in the eastern Ukraine do not feel their interests are represented in Kiev - political analyst
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People in the eastern Ukraine do not feel their interests are represented in Kiev - political analyst

People in the eastern Ukraine do not feel their interests are represented in Kiev - political analyst

Sunday edition of the New York time raised the issue of Obama's new policy towards Russia. Its diplomatic correspondent Peter Baker, citing his sources in the Obama Administration, claimed that the US President and his national security team are trying to forge a new long-term approach to Russia that applies an updated version of the Cold war strategy of containment. This concept was first formulated in 1947 by US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, George F. Kennan, points out Radio VR’s political analyst Dmitry Babich

It seems that the Sunday edition of the NY Times has raised the issue of President Obama’s new policy towards Russia. In this regard I believe the word "containment" was used, wasn’t it?

You are exactly right! Peter Baker, a diplomatic correspondent of the NY Times, citing his sources inside Obama’s administration, is saying that Obama decided to return to the policy of containment of Russia. This policy was first formulated in 1947 by the US Ambassador to the Soviet Union George F. Kennan.

But I would remind you that in the end of his life he repented for having written that concept and Kennan was adamantly opposed to expanding NATO back in the mid 1990’es. He was still alive at that time, he was very active and he said that it was the gravest mistake that the West has made during the last 30 years.

Do you have any further news concerning this new policy line?

If we look at all of the actions of Obama during the last few days, they all basically fit this pattern. He made it clear that he wanted to impose more sanctions on Russia, if the situation in Ukraine does not stabilize, if the east-Ukrainian protesters don’t give in.

To my mind, it is absolutely illogical because it is punishing Lebanon for the actions of Palestinian fighters inside Israel on the occupied territories. Russia may sympathize with the people in eastern Ukraine, but certainly the rebellion there is indigenous and there is some real grievance behind it. Even the BBC admitted it this morning.

The problem is that people in the eastern Ukraine do not feel like their interests are represented in Kiev. They are afraid that the new authorities in Kiev are going to treat them as second-class citizens at best.

And I think that these fears are very well-grounded, because I have been reading the nationalist Ukrainian press for 20 years and in that press people in eastern Ukraine were presented as almost subhumans, as some sort of third-rate citizens who should better be expelled to Russia, unless they adopt the beliefs of the people who are now in power in Kiev – the Ukrainian nationalists.

The new US Ambassador to Russia might be the former US Ambassador to Ukraine and to Georgia John Tefft. Any comments there?

I’m a little concerned, because I read his story on the Maidan protests two months ago, when the policemen were set on fire in Kiev and I was sort of puzzled. The article was actually signed by three former US ambassadors to Ukraine. And I still remember the quote from that article – "the protesters got a little impatient and started throwing Molotov cocktails at police".

This is the level of these men’s understanding of what is going on in Ukraine. And maybe, it will not be very easy for Russia to deal with this sort of person in Moscow. He is definitely biased. My only hope is that he’s been in the foreign service for 38 years, so he has some experience.

That makes his somewhat different from Michael McFaul, who, besides being anti-Russian, was also very amateurish and, I would say, ignorant about certain realities in Russia and about the ways things are done in diplomacy. Let’s hope that John Tefft will be a little more professional.

Let’s look on to the rest of the upcoming weeks, how do you think things are going to look?

If Obama indeed starts applying his 65-year-old concept of containment, I’m not sure that we are going to see any improvements, because the containment theory, when it was first launched in 1947, was launched against Stalin. And Russia right now is a very different place.

When people tell me that Russia is returning to the Soviet Union, I laugh, because either they have never been to Moscow in the Soviet times and now or they are simply lying. Russia has become part of the world economy since then. Russia has become a very open economy, if you want. It has become a very different country and to use the same methods of containing it as in 1947 is just ludicrous.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_22/People-in-the-eastern-Ukraine-do-not-feel-their-interests-are-represented-in-Kiev-political-analyst-3654/

Democracy In The 21st Century ... or ...
Category: Beyond Illusion
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... Of Peaceful Protesters, Masked Rioters, Good Terrorists & Media Scoundrels



I am totally confused !

A few weeks ago we, in the West were told the occupation of government buildings in Kiev is good and lawful.

We were told by western politicians and the media, these are peaceful demonstrators campaigning for democracy.

The Government of the USA and the EU countries warned the former Ukrainian government not to use force against these 'peaceful protesters', although we saw reports that mostly masked perpetrators often with Nazi-signs threw fire bombs against the police hacking them off the heads, took firm action with batons and bulldozers against the security forces, destroyed statues and set buildings on fire.



Then, a month later, we are told, people occupy the government buildings in eastern Ukraine are not for democracy, but these are 'militants' and even 'terrorists'.

We are told the new 'government' in Kiev must of course take action against the protesters by force.

Yes, even with tanks and soldiers.

Why was the use of violence in January and February completely unacceptable and now it's alright ?

Why what was wrong before now suddenly right ?

Parsifal, April 19, 2014

Help me, I'm totally confused !


As protests against the government of Ukraine took place during the winter in Kiev, many Western politicians came to visit and mingled with the demonstrators on the so-called Euromaidan.

They were all there, from the United States Senators John McCain and Chris Murphy, and the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Victoria Nuland, who even distributed rolls and biscuits as well as German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, from Brussels Catherine Ashton and the European Parliament Rebecca Harms, the so called 'Greens', the Foreign Minister of Poland and Sweden, Radosław Sikorski and Carl Bildt, all of them expressed their solidarity with the protesters, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen called to

'Ensure the freedom of Expression and freedom of assembly'.

But the same time there have been many protests against governments of the EU countries, where tens of thousands, partially hundreds of thousands of people have protested, in Athens, Rome, Madrid and Paris:

None of these demonstrations was attended by the above, or at all by politicians, no one has mingled with the people and Victoria Nuland (fuck the EU) has distributed no biscuits.

When they expressed their solidarity with the protests against the government in Kiev and designated their participation as a 'special expression of 'democracy', why not in Western Europe ?

And why it is o.k. for the world when a Chief Rabbi suggests Jews in Ukraine to leave the country because of the rise of the National Socialism, a firebombed Synagogue (The Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporizhia, southeast of Kiev) butthe West denies the existence of a fascist government and marauding Nazi-thugs.

Kiev: March of the Nazi, empowered by the U.S. State Department and unelected EU officials

The same Ultra-right in Ukraine has brought to power the the U.S. State Department and the EU as a peace project, the latter which was awarded the Nobel-Peace-Price.

image Peace Price from EU to EU


Help me, I'm totally confused !


After the declaration of independence of the Crimea and the decision to hold a referendum, announced U.S. Secretary John Kerry (aka Cohn) in TV on March 2:

'You just don’t invade a country on phony pretext in order to asset your interests'

Did I miss something?

Did the Americans find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which they used as a pretext to invade the country ?

In addition, I can somehow remember in the last 70 years the U.S. has virtually always raided countries with fabricated pretexts.

Why is then Obama saying the result of a democratic vote in the Crimea for a connection to Russia is much 'much worse' in comparison i.e. to the brutal, criminal, murderous war of aggression against Iraq, which killed 1.4 million people and caused 4 million to flee ?


Help me, I'm totally confused !


The Ministry of Love (Miniluv) oversees torture and brainwashing, the Ministry of Plenty (Miniplenty) oversees shortage and famine, the Ministry of Peace (Minipax) oversees war and atrocity, and the Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) oversees propaganda and historical revisionism.



The Crimea Referendum

We are told by the very reputable politicians and credible media experts, the referendum in the Crimea is invalid because the Crimea was under 'military occupation' by the Russians and would infringe law of nations.

The Russian military is stationed in Crimea for over 200 years is but another matter.

14 days ago in Afghanistan a presidential election took place, but the country is under military occupation for 13 years, by the U.S., NATO and many other countries of the 'coalition of the willing' including mercenary gangbangs.

Mercenaries in Afghanistan


The election in Afghanistan is called by the Western politicians and the media as

'a great victory for democracy'.

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen called it

'a historic moment for Afghanistan'.


Why the election in the Crimea is referred to as illegal and is celebrated in Afghanistan ?



Help me, I'm totally confused !

'Everything is backwards; everything is upside down.
...governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information ...'

- Michael Ellner


What is going on in Syria is very confusing for me.

We are told, the radical Islamist terrorist groups pose the greatest danger for us all because they endanger peace, our security and our 'Western lifestyle'.

Therefore, the Al-Qaeda and similar groups must be destroyed, and thus, fly around killer drones over Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, so there is a never-ending war on terror and our freedoms and rights must therefore be limited.


However, the same politicians tell us, we have to supply the radical cut-throat, bowel-devouring Saudi Jihadist Salafite-Wahhabite-Takfiri Islamist terrorist groups all kinds of weapons so that they can overthrow the government in Syria, which has always respected the rights of religious minorities, including Christians and Jews. (no civil war but proxy war)


recently liberated from AlQaeda city of Maaloula en Syrie

When bombs explode by suicide bombers in Syria, innocent people are dying here, there is no condemnation by 'our' politicians and 'our' media.

Arab, Christian and Jewish school-children in an elementary school Aleppo, Syria

Even not the Embassy of God, the Vatican would complain when terrorists massacred Christians in Syria…

Is condemned only the Syrian government because they fight against these terrorists.


Help me, I'm totally confused !


Now we come to homosexuality.

We are told Russia is a country that suppressed gays because the Russian Parliament (Duma) has passed a law to protect children from early sexuality.

The politicians and media in the West because have called for a boycott of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

However, the same politicians visit the Gulf States, to make big arms deals with the sheikhs and kiss the feet of the king, such as that of Saudi Arabia, where homosexuals end up in jail or be easily executed because of their sexual orientation.

The German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle (below middle), himself an avowed gay man, even visited Saudi Arabia in 2012.

Sure but the imprisonment and execution of homosexuals is much worse than the protection of children. (Obama below right)

The Merkel left

If the politicians and the media in the West really stand up for gay rights, why is Russia attacked ?

Why is there no call to boycott the Arab Gulf States ?


Help me, I'm totally confused !


We are told by the Western politicians and media, the Hungarian Jobbik party was a right-wing party and that would be very dangerous for democracy in Hungary.

The party describes herself as a 'value-oriented, conservative, Christian and patriotic' party.

In the parliamentary elections in Hungary 2014, the party won 20.5%, but moved not into the government.

The same politicians and media are but completely thrilled that ultra-nationalists and neo-Nazis of 'Swoboda' and 'Right sector' are involved in the new Ukrainian 'government'.

Hitler Poster and Nazi smearings @ occupied Interior Ministry, Kiev, Ukraine

They have also played a key role in illegal and violent revolt of the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych who not wanted to sign an association agreement to the EU and abolish compulsory military service in Ukraine.

A violent revolt is not dangerous for Ukrainian democracy.

Why is but the demonizing the Jobbik in Hungary and not the Nazi parties in Ukraine ?


Help me, I'm totally confused !


We are told, Russia is an aggressive and imperialist power, so we have to fear and NATO must vehemently encounter this Russian 'threat'.

The huge Russia threatening the many NATO bases round

But if you look at the world map, then we see mostly NATO countries that are adjacent or close to the border with Russia.

These NATO countries have attacked in the past 20 years, numerous states, bombed, occupied and covered with war, such as Serbia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq.

But, in addition I see on the map no countries next to the other great power USA which would belong to a 'Russian military alliance'.

The Russian Federation has attacked or occupied, no countries.

America is not surrounded by Russian military bases; Russia also does not run around off the coast of Europe or North America with aircraft carriers, sends no warships in the Gulf of Mexico nor positioned missiles on the border with the United States.

Nevertheless, we are told, Russia would be very dangerous and a threat to world peace.


Help me, I'm totally confused !


I stop here on time, otherwise you are more confused than I am, but the list could go on endlessly, as with the NSA spying, the Monday Demonstrations in Germany, then Venezuela, Iran, Palestine, Thailand and many more.


Based on an article by Neil Clark





'Make the injustice visible...'

- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


In these times, the peace activists in Germany who oppose a possible military intervention against Russia in all of the German media landscape are called anti-Semitic, neo-fascists, Fascists, mentally ill or conspiracy theorists.

(see Judith Narz's blog in BOLE:

The Defamation Of The German Peace Movement By The So Called Press )


When the corporate media describes Russia as an enemy of NATO it should be clear as mud what this could mean.

Ivan the Terrible, currently in the re-awaken form of Vladimir Putin has the old 'enemy of the commies' revived.

A bogeyman who’s very successful policy in contrast to the main strategic thrust of globalization serves the benefit of his country but not Wall Street.


In all the corporate media the preparations for a real war, beyond the Trans-Atlantic boycotting-policy are at full blast and this includes:

inventions (I'm asking myself by reading some of their figments if this is still Planet Earth or a parallel Universe - and if these 'coverage' have to do with honest investigative journalism ?),






falsified interviews,

abusive language towards system opponents and Russia, Russians and Vladimir Putin in particular,

prepossession and

biased 'experts',

blatant lies and

sound 24/7 propaganda from all state-TV and broadcast channels ordnance.

The pro war-policy of the already discarded empire of arrogance as a serious distraction of the collapse of the entire monetary and economic system unveils in plain sight.

Dissent opinion is either restricted or censored.

Are deleted life-affirming replies and facts in the corporate media but dozens, if not hundreds of paid shills allowed to post pro-war-pro-state-political-correct statements.

a Monday Demonstration in Berlin

In the contrary a persecution on peace-demonstrators is increasing, the news in these times is what others have selected what people should know, different opinion is not tolerated.

'Where they burn books, they will ultimately also burn people'

- Heinrich Heine


News has become a monopoly and exclusively the ministry of information via their mouthpiece mainstream media has the final decision on being and non-being.

What does not appear in the news, there is not.

Corporate media always reports the truth, the absolute, one and only, the divine truth:


'War is the only solution'

And the, who would not accept the imposed catechism are marked anti-Semitic, neo-fascist, Fascist, mentally ill or conspiracy theorists.



The famous quote …

left Gauck right NATO boss Rasmussen

'Sometimes, a young person has to give everything and if it s his own life'

…by the unelected German President, Military Chaplain, NATO Puppet and upper Fascist Joachim Gauck, at the annual NATO 'Security' Conference in Munich 2014, co-financed by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (arm-industry) reminds the masses to Hitler’s call for

'total war'.

Who’s behind the warmongers in Germany ?

Mostly NGO’s, so called Think Tanks with special, global economic interests, as the German Marshall Fund of the United States in Washington, DC. who's aim is the promotion and strengthening the transatlantic cooperation has the overall say on global questions in 'Germany's policy'.

The American Think Tank want the Europeans (NATO) increasingly relieve of military tasks, as they have initiated the reorientation of their capacity from the old continent to the Far East and, of course Eurasia.


The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS)

Another NGO which plays a massive roll in the preparation and practical implementation of the coup d’état in Ukraine.

Klitschko at the German (American) Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The KAS in Germany holds 16 regional offices and two conference centers. Aim of the Think Tank is 'DEMOCRACY!', the national forum of dialogue between the spheres of politics, economy, science, and society.


Ironically, the foundation is labelled after Konrad Adenauer, a Russia hater, first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany who at the Geneva Conference of Foreign Ministers in October 1955 betrayed the interests of Germany to the Anglo-American wartime profiteers and so squandered the fate of the country.



So, am I an anti semitic, neo-fascist, conspiracy nut and mentally ill for speaking out pro peace and truth when already the Ministry of Truth (or Minitrue) exclaimed 'WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH and truth is what it says' ?


Help me, I'm totally confused !


Is peace right ?

Half right ?

Is peace left ?

Half left ?

Socialist ?

National Socialist ?

Is peace at all political ?

But war is politically used !


It has never someone staged peace to take political advantage from it.

'There is no way to peace.

Neither from the left nor from the right.

Peace IS the way and we have to find it every day'

- Parsifal Rain



'Wars are necessary to secure peace'


('Evil does exist in the world; sometimes war is justified')

- Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway, Dec 10, 2009


The double standards, hypocrisy, prevarication and warmongering of the West is no longer bearable.

We are governed and informed by psychopaths where every single word they speak is a lie.

Emperor Obama Arrives To Celebrate Racist Warmonger LBJ Tags: OBAMA 2014


Emperor Obama Arrives To Celebrate Racist Warmonger LBJ


Published on 10 Apr 2014 by TheAlexJonesChannel

His Lord and Majesty Barack Obama arrived moments ago. All taxpaying riffraff were corralled far from his eminence, regardless of the fact that the Constitution states Freedom of The Press and designates all of the land as public.


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