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Obama might not be 'the right guy' for Nobel peace prize after all - experts
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Obama might not be 'the right guy' for Nobel peace prize after all - experts

Obama might not be 'the right guy' for Nobel peace prize after all - experts

Almost half of Americans want Washington to reduce its role on the global stage, in a marked change from past decades, a Wall Street Journal poll finds. At the same time, President Barack Obama has confirmed that Washington had moved to strengthening the cold war with Russia.

But the majority of experts agree that such behavior rather shows the weakness of the White House than its "might".

And the current US President, who had received the Nobel Peace Prize, has unleashed perhaps the largest number of wars, Director of the Center for public and political research, Vladimir Evseev believes.

"It’s hard to find an American President who was so inconsistent in his foreign policy, as President Barack Obama. He started with a speech in Cairo, where he said that he would build peace with the Muslims. After that, there was Libya and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. At first, Barack Obama disavowed Egyptian President Mubarak, and then he supported the Muslim Brotherhood. After that, he had to build relationship with the people who had overthrown him /Mubarak/. The same policy has direct relevance to Russia. It was President Barack Obama who initiated a reset in the Russian-American relations, and now he talks about the beginning of the cold war. I think that if the American President can't find a priority in his foreign policy, it suggests that apparently the US cannot be a moral leader, because one should not constantly change one’s guidelines for exactly the opposite."

According to Vladimir Evseev, what the US is doing now is the most serious strategic error. By starting the cold war with Russia, President Barack Obama with his own hands creates a bipolar world. And in such a world there can’t be a single center, though Washington considers itself to be one.

US President Barack Obama considered Russia's actions aimed at settling the military conflict to be an insult, and now he uses the Ukrainian crisis as an occasion to recoup himself, Deputy Editor-in-chief of the Izvestiya newspaper, Boris Mezhuev believes.

“The main reason is that Obama cannot lose. He cannot retreat. I don't think there are any serious parties, certainly not European or even American, who are interested in the cold war. The matter, of course, concerns the political situation. America is afraid of losing not financial, but political credibility; to show that its hegemony is not endless and infinite; that there are serious limitations to this hegemony. And these constraints come from the country, which they have long believed and recently even called a loser."

According to the expert, it is a deadlock situation. America cannot offer a peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine, but merely wants to punish those disobedient. And by unleashing the cold war against Russia, it only loses its authority.

Instead of jointly searching for a way out of the situation, Washington is looking for somebody to blame. This leads to the loss of the image of the United States, a member of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Anwar Makhmutov believes.

"It seems that the initiatives that the United States puts forward regarding the situation around Ukraine do not bring positive results. And they need some new statements, new lists. And frankly speaking, it seems that nobody wants to settle the situation in Ukraine. And the desire to escalate the ongoing processes in Ukraine is growing in the United States. Analyzing all this, we see that apparently the main goal of the United States is to break the recently established rather good relations with Europe."

According to Anwar Makhmutov, in an attempt to preserve its superiority, the US has once again dusted off the old project called the cold war. But in the modern world this will not induce Russia to play by the imposed rules. And it will certainly not add political points to Washington.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_30/Obama-might-not-be-the-right-guy-for-Nobel-peace-prize-after-all-experts-7900/

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_30/Obama-might-not-be-the-right-guy-for-Nobel-peace-prize-after-all-experts-7900/

US Senator Rand Paul to Sue President Obama Over NSA Spying
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Republican senator Rand Paul hopes the class action law suit against NSA snooping will end up in the US Supreme Court.
Republican senator Rand Paul hopes the class action law suit against NSA snooping will end up in the US Supreme Court.

Republican senator Rand Paul has announced plans to sue US President Barack Obama over Edward Snowden's revelations of unlawful spying by the National Security Agency (NSA).

Paul said he is urging all US citizens with mobile phones to join a group action aimed at preventing Obama from "snooping on the American people".

Paul said the legal action is also aimed at protecting the Fourth Amendment to the US constitution, which prevents unreasonable searches and seizures, and sending a message to the US government that it cannot continue to access ordinary citizens' phone and email records without permission or a warrant.

Speaking on the Fox News television show Hannity on Friday, Paul said: "The question here is whether or not, constitutionally, you can have a single warrant apply to millions of people.

"So we thought, what better way to illustrate the point than having hundreds of thousands of Americans sign up for a class action suit."

We can defend against terrorism - but that doesn't mean that every single American has to give up their privacy.
Rand Paul

The senator said the lead lawyer in the suit is Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's former attorney general.

Paul added: "We're hoping with his help that we can get a hearing in court and ultimately get this class-action lawsuit - I think the first of its kind on a constitutional question - all the way to the Supreme Court.

"We think we can have security, that we can defend against terrorism - but that doesn't mean that every single American has to give up their privacy."

The US's secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled on Friday that the NSA can continue to collect US citizens' phone data for at least another 90 days despite a panel of experts advising President Obama that a warrant must be obtained for each search.

US government lawyers have also moved to block a decision by US District of Columbia Judge Richard Leon that the NSA's data collection programme is unlawful and "almost Orwellian" in nature.


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Hassan Rohani likes walking
Category: Beyond Illusion
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Usually I do not care what a politician doing in his leisure time.

Finally, in my blogs it is not about superficialities or gossip.

From Obama we constantly get pictures as he plays golf or goes swimming in his holiday in the sea in Hawaii.

This is but a president of a country of which we would not expect such an activity.

Anyway, this is constantly persuaded in our minds...

Therefore it's worth a message.

Iranian President Hassan Rohani was seen climbing a mountain as a hiker.

Parsifal, December 8, 2013

Hassan Rohani sporty: Photos are on his website showing President Rohani for a hiking trip in the mountains near the capital Tehran. Instead of the usual garb of a mullah, he is seen dressed with sporty baseball cap and hiking sticks, Nordic Walking just.


According to his website, Rohani makes one or two walks a week to maintain his health.


In the photos is to see how he mingles with people and talking to other hikers.

Since taking office in early August, the moderate head of state strives to give The Iran a friendlier face.

Direct from Tehran it goes up into the ski area.

The ski and snowboard riders have Rohani welcomed and been pleased.

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