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Hungarian tanks to be delivered to Ukraine ? Russian Invasion ? - UPDATES
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UPDATES in order of publication

Russian Invasion of Ukraine is a hoax

How many times more do the fascist Regime in Kiev, the warmonger NATO in Brussels and the media hookers of the West intrude with the false assertion that Russian troops would have invaded in the Ukraine ?

Is yet again a total lie and with the reality has nothing to do.

The spokesman of the Russian Ministry of defense, Igor Konaschenkow, said on Thursday that it is once again a 'canard', as well as the other hoaxes of the past.

Has this US puppet called Pyotr Poroshenko, playing the (illegal) President of Ukraine, on Thursday, the panic message blared-out, a Russian military invasion in Ukraine has begun.

The type is constantly drunk or what ?

How often do we have to unmask Poroshenko as a highly un-gifted liar before the media stop his imaginary tales to parrot as fact ?

The story bears not a grain of truth, but the lie goes around the world.
Parsifal, August 28, 2014

image top: Poroshenko, a murderer of his own people

'And when all others believed the lies which spread the party, when all the records were the same, then the lie found it's way into history and became truth'

- George Orwell, 1984


Already for the third time this lying toad in Kiev invented the hoax of a border-crossing of Russian soldiers.

Evidence was neither previously presented, nor now.

Are just the fantasies of a schizophrenic suffering from paranoia.

Poroshenko has even cancelled his planned trip to Turkey and called the Ukrainian Defense and Security Council to an emergency meeting.

The co-chairman of the Defense Committee of the Russian Federation Council, Yevgeny Serebrennikov, said, referring to the scare tactics of Poroshenko:

'We already have heard multiple declarations of the Ukrainian leadership, and then, quick turned out as a lie.

Now we are witnessing a new duck'.

The bunch of the media scoundrels of (i.e. the voice of the CIA in Germany, named 'Spiegel' and others, I can only tell, listen hookers check the messages from Kiev before you come to accept as truth.

According to the previous experience, it is all lied.

You want to be professional journalists ?

Have you not been teaches in training that any message has to be confirmed from THREE separate sources before it is brought into the world ?

What are you, the press office of the coup junta?

Regurgitate everything.


You are talking here of an invasion, and cover it as if it were a weather report.

This total lack of proper reporting is beyond words.

By such false information start wars.

But it is obvious you hacks in the editorial offices want this.

You seem to be really horny for the big bang.

Thereby, the OSCE, who observed the boundary, reported immediately there is NO Russian presence on the Ukrainian side.

They have the claim rejected, an Invasion takes place.

Both, the Ukrainian observer-team and the Russian representatives said a resounding 'NO' to the claim of any transgressing.

Andrey Kelin of the OSCE said,

'We have reported that no Russian participation was sighted, there are no soldiers or military equipment present'.
'Allegations about a convoy of personnel carriers were expressed in the last week and the week before'

Kelin said and added:

'But all have proved to be wrong and they are proven to have been wrong again now'.

The only thing that is true is the arrest of 10 Russian border guards, and due to the unclear border in the Ukraine have lost their way.

This group is held captive for days by Ukrainian government troops.

That is all.

How often have already gone astray Swiss soldiers to Italy, France or Germany during the maneuvers.

I remember, a whole company entered Italy by train and then stood heavily armed at the train station in front of the Carabinieri (Police in Italy).

Or the Swiss artillery has shot grenades to Italy.

This was an error in the coordinates.

Did Rome claim in panic, Switzerland is making an invasion against Italy ?

As for the mistake, there was apologized and done.

Of course, there is no talking about how often Ukrainian soldiers already illegally entered Russia.


Played Hysteria Behind the Iron Curtain

With a magnifying glass, you have to find the report that in June 2014, Ukrainian armored personnel carriers invaded Russia.

Not at all Russia has made large hubbub.

Also of the 438 Ukrainian soldiers who injured the border to Russia is no longer mentioned.

Furthermore, these episodes were no media-boost for NATO.

The Western media had despite the official offerings (40-fold amount) not visited the border violators - of course not interviewed, let alone hyped the issue.

The cause of this selective hysteria, the western audience shall not know, and certainly they should not make associations: against the population in the East of Ukraine used (pressed into service) troops are demoralized.

For weeks, they are surrounded by anti fascist fighters.

According to internal Ukrainian sources have transpired details of thousands of fallen soldiers.

The armed forces of the people's republics are in the offensive.

Poroschenkos sudden 'desire for peace,' has only one reason - that it is the fear that before it comes to the victory of the People's Militia in the East, not to achieve a ceasefire.


And that is exactly why the media always jumps on the train shouting 'invasions and incursions !' and so sets the mood for a really big war, and especially fuel against Russia and the freedom fighters from the Donbas and Luhansk areas in eastern Ukraine.


Of course, a limit exceedance remains a transgressing, although not in a fixed area, nevertheless, and above all, completely unnecessary.

The incident is a sign that the border once was no dividing line, no particular safeguarding was needed.

Today, the story is different.

On the basis of such false reports however, consulted Obama and Merkel on Thursday in a phone call that the United States and the European Union must handle the possibility for the imposition of additional sanctions against Russia, as the White House reported.

'The two representatives are troubled over notifications concerning the Ukraine crisis.

Taking into account the development of the events, they agreed that the United States and the EU need to consider additional sanctions against Russia',

is the message.


As you can see it again.

They invented an 'Invasion', and then impose more punishments.

Who wants here a conflict and constantly pours gasoline into the fire ?

How can someone ever believe anything uttered by an upper-criminal and oligarch, such as Pyotr Poroshenko, who came by fraud, robbery and murder to his multi-billion dollar fortune ?

This criminal, after he illegally took office, sent the military to a war against the population in the East of Ukraine.

He has ordered the use of helicopter gunships, fighter-bombers, tanks and artillery against civilians.

This WAR CRIMINAL should immediately be arrested and transferred to The Hague, to submit him for rightful punishment.

Behind such a person, however, are the USA, the EU and NATO, meet with him, shake his blood-stained hand and support the genocide.

Panic Alert: Mainstream pounces on & parrots Kiev's 'invasion' rhetoric


The destruction of Donetsk and Lugansk:





Hungarian tanks to be delivered to Ukraine ?

The Hungarian government has approved the sale of 58 old Soviet T-72 tanks to the Ukraine.
The delivery took place at the beginning of August.
These tanks are taken out of service and actually fit for scrap, were of 8.500 dollars per piece bought from the coup regime in Kiev.

So it would appear.
The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent a note of protest to Budapest and noted the illegality of this weapon delivery.
This is a violation of the 'Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), Article 6(2)'.
Parsifal, August 29, 2014

The following photos show the transport train, loaded with the T-72 tanks in the city of Nyiregyhaza from August 2.
The city is located not far from the Slovak, Romanian and Ukrainian border:

After the Transport transpired, the Hungarian government on 15. August felt compelled to deny the message about a tank-delivery to the Ukraine.
They write on their website, the special train would only have brought the tanks from one location to another within Hungary and the border to the Ukraine had not been exceeded.

The government but confirmed, there are sales of weaponry on the part of the Hungarian Ministry of defense, these instead would be carried out within the NATO.
So of the 120 T-72, Hungary possesses, could have been sold 80 to a company 'Excalibur Defense' which has its seat in the Czech Republic.

However, it is interesting to the Czech Ministry of defense a tanks transport from Hungary to the Czech Republic is altogether unknown, as the spokesman of the Ministry Jan Pejsek against RIA Novosti has testified.

'The Czech Ministry of defense has no information about the Transport of T-72 tanks by a Czech company from Hungary in our country',

said Pejsek.

Also, the Department of Commerce confirmed on request, it has no license issued to a Czech company to import Hungarian tanks.

There is a large tank transport revealed, and all parties say they know of nothing or it would be harmless.
The Excalibur Group, according to its own description operates in the defense sector with a focus on export.
They keep silent to the whole thing.
So it is always: a private middleman is used for evasion and cover-up of arms transfers.
Also, why else should the rail transport has been traveling in the direction of the Ukrainian border ?
For the few witnesses of the transport, it was a sensation to see the tanks on the rail, because they would never get to see.

Make no mistake; the term 'obsolete' in the military area is always very relative to see out-of-date relative to modern weaponry, but relative to unarmed civilians still absolutely deadly, so deadly as to the times of Hitler.

A tank of an old type may have been very well maintained, and can therefore still work very well.

It is assumed, Kiev has purchased the old T-72 tanks from Hungary very cheaply, even though this model, Ukraine doesn't even use, but the newer T-80 and T-84.
Should this be for a special purpose ?
Russia still has T-72 in use.
Will the fascist Regime's fit tanks with Russian badges, put it on the border and make it so appear as if the Russians invaded in the Ukraine ?

Is it to the preparation of a False Flag Operation ?
The shooting of MH17 by the Ukrainian military was perhaps not sufficient enough.
They want the invasion with tanks blame on Russia, and correspondingly fake patterns of evidence.

Russian and Ukrainian leader meet for face-to-face talks in Belarus - Kremlin Tags: Belarus Conflict EU Lukashenko Meeting Putin Russia Ukraine

Russian and Ukrainian leader meet for face-to-face talks in Belarus - Kremlin

RT August 26, 2014 ShortURL

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) and Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko (R) shake hands during a summit in Belarus' capital of Minsk on August 26, 2014.(AFP Photo / Sergei Bondarenko )

[ To me it doesn't seems that between Putin and Poroshenko is even a trace of trust to see by looking at their faces. SiNeh~]

The much anticipated one-on-one meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko has begun in Minsk after hours of talks between the Eurasian Customs Union, EU and Kiev in the Belarusian capital.

The bilateral talks are now under way,” said Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s press secretary.

It is the first sit-down meeting between the two heads of state, as they only had a brief, informal conversation during the D-Day anniversary commemorations in Normandy, France, on June 6, a day before Poroshenko’s inauguration as Ukrainian president.

Kiev’s bloody eastern Ukraine campaign LIVE UPDATES

Earlier, Peskov said that “there are many issues to be discussed” between Putin and Poroshenko if their meeting were to take place.

These are “the discussion of the Ukrainian domestic crisis and the terrible humanitarian disaster in the east of the country, as well as the need for a ceasefire,” he said.

Another important topic is relations between Russia and Ukraine in the light of the signing of the association agreement with the EU by Kiev, Peskov added.

New meeting on Ukraine crisis may take place Wednesday

The negotiations are part of a Eurasian Customs Union summit, which also includes the Ukrainian president and representatives of the European Commission.

Presidents of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine as well as EU’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, and Energy Commissioner, Günther Oettinger, have gathered in Minsk to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

In his closing speech, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said a new meeting on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict may take place in Minsk on Wednesday.

All sides supported the idea of Petro Poroshenko to make Minsk a regular venue for meetings of the contact group of Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,” Lukashenko said.

It was proposed to gather such a group as soon as possible. Poroshenko insists on the meeting being held tomorrow,” he added.

Lukashenko admitted the talks were difficult and there was no significant breakthrough.

"The talks were difficult. The sides' positions differ, sometimes fundamentally... Everybody agreed on the need to deescalate and free hostages,” he said. “But the very fact of holding the meeting today is already a success, undoubtedly.

Poroshenko, Putin shake hands

Arriving for the forum in Minsk on Tuesday noon, Putin and Poroshenko greeted each other with a handshake.

In his opening remarks, Poroshenko said the purpose of his visit was "to stop the bloodshed and to start the process of finding a political compromise.” He called on the participants to accept his peace plan for eastern Ukraine pledging to take into account the interests of the people living there.

“The interests of the people of Donbass should and will be taken into account” in this solution, he added.

He stressed Kiev's course to association with the EU saying that "the Ukrainian people have made their choice in favor of a unitary democratic European state.”

Vladimir Putin in his turn expressed doubt that the two countries would be able to expand cooperation if Kiev’s association agreement with the European Union comes into force. Moscow will be forced to implement countermeasures if this happens, the Russian president said.

“We do not want to discriminate against anybody,” he said. “We are simply going to implement a standard trade regime regarding Ukraine – the same that is used in relations between Russia and the EU.”

In regards of the crisis in Ukraine's east, Putin said he’s absolutely confident that the Ukrainian crisis “can’t be resolved by further escalation of the military scenario, without considering the best interests of the southeastern regions of the country, without a peace dialogue with their representatives.”

For his part, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev urged the Customs Union to provide joint humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

"A break for a truce is essential," Nazarbayev said, adding that a ceasefire should be announced in Ukraine in order “for the children and women affected by the conflict to get help.”

Ukraine has been engulfed in a state of civil war since April, when Kiev’s military began its crackdown on the southeast of the country.

The people in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions refused to recognize the new coup-imposed authorities and demanded federalization of the country.

According to the United Nations’ estimates released Tuesday, over 2,249 people have so far been killed and over 6,033 wounded in the fighting in eastern Ukraine.

The number of internally displaced Ukrainians has reached 190,000, with another 207,000 finding refuge in Russia, the UN said.


Europe dies with America or it lives with Russia
Category: Beyond Illusion
Tags: Europe Dies America Lives Russia War EU US MH17 Ukraine Sanctions Parsifal

As if there were not already enough provocations against Russia, discussed the NATO, the American so called missile defense system against Russia to be put into position.
This but knows everyone informed, it is already in operation, because only those who believes in fairy tales, the shield would be to fend off rockets from the 'evil' Iran or North Korea.
Really a joke, and President Putin laughed too, so full of lies is this excuse.


Yes, The Iran and North Korea are an immense danger for Europe.

Moscow knows, it's about the ability to run a nuclear first strike and nothing else.
Now this wants the geniuses in Brussels but, so to speak, make it official, because it is claimed to be Europe, and in particular the Baltic countries and Poland who feel from the Russian intervention in the Ukraine threatened.
Again a lie, because of which intervention is talked about ?
The only ones who since already 20 years in Ukraine intervene are the USA, the EU and NATO, which led the coup in Kiev.

Parsifal, August 24, 2014

Therein, the West is world champion: To lie shamelessly and with newspeak turn around the meaning of the words.
The lie is the truth, war is peace, a bomb-war is a humanitarian mission, a violent coup is a democratic change and offensive missiles are a defense shield.

For years, the Russians were insured the so called missile defense shield was not directed against them.

Now the truth is out and is finally admitted, it is the contrary.
It just was needed to find the right reasons.
Germany is, as always at the forefront as a good lap dog of Washington.
This has warranted The Merkel during her recent visit to Latvia, namely to provide support to the NATO Alliance in case of a possible threat by Russia.
How many countries does Berlin guarantee their security and make so the German raison d'état ?
This can result in a chain reaction and so start wars, as the history of the I. World War shows.
As neither Washington nor Kiev to present a single proof for their claim flight MH17 was shot-down by the so-called separatists, the data from the black boxes and the radio communication between air traffic controllers and the pilots are still not been published, we need to come to the conclusion that it is hidden something, yes, they have done it themselves.

Yes, they have 298 passengers killed as a False Flag, a new 9/11 to blame the Russians as a reason for war.
As with 9/11, immediately kicked in the propaganda machine and the culprit was immediately identified and determined.

We have reason to assume, since the Western media - as if on command, since the end of July 2014 lost its interest in the investigation of this crash and request no evidence for the accusations, they are again only the court-reporters of the offender, as with 9/11.
It is nothing to be doubted or questioned, and the actual task as the fourth power for the punishment of abuse of office is unperceived.
This is why the term 'presstitutes' for the western media is accurate.

This means that Washington, with its Western puppet regime and its media hookers have spread the lie worldwide, Russia, for the downing of flight MH17 would be responsible, as a basis for criminal sanctions against Moscow.
Who then still needs evidence ?
When Obama says that Russia is to blame for the crisis in the Ukraine, then so be it, just like Bush said Osama Bin Laden would be the great mastermind behind 9/11 and would have attacked America.
Also have never been substantiated evidence.

We simply need to understand the facts and the truth about an event play no role at all in the world today.
At least not here for us.
Important is not how the world is in fact, what is real or what really happened, but what we should believe what is happening.
It is an information war waged mainly against us.

They want to continuously put anything over on us, fool us, permanently deceive us, cheat us and lie to us.
Reality is suitably wangled.


As Bush said that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction, then the US regime, at least PRESENTED completely fabricated evidence and Collin Powell released a great show in front of the UN to justify for a war of aggression against Iraq.
This effort today is not done anymore.
Why ?
The Western audience believes anyway, every lie which is told.
Has anyone kicked against, as Bush then after the occupation of Iraq even admitted that, yes, it was a lie, because Washington knew (from the beginning) that Saddam posed no threat ?

There is a worldwide protest movement against the lies about 9/11 ?
There were two wars justified with 9/11 and imposed the total surveillance state, we have freedoms delivered, all because of 9/11 and the war against terror.

Why ?

Because it was told, 19 amateurs have hijacked four planes, tricked the best air defense in the world for hours and are freely with absolute precision crashed in the twin towers and the Pentagon.
These guys were so good they even have brought three skyscrapers with two planes to collapse, and even completely pulverized in the true sense of the meaning turned into dust.
On Ground Zero was immediately found a passport so, within short, the world learned who the culprit was and was prefaced in all facets Islamophobia.

Or the Pentagon where the box-cutter-ninjas even managed to bring a 13-metre-high airliner in exhilarating speed from a dizzying height after a plunge-spiral on exactly the dado of a 23-meter-high building without grazing the ground.
But not only that !
The aircraft managed by the impact to dissolve in dust and dissipate through the broken windows of the building into the building, afore minutes later, the facade collapsed, so that no dead bodies, luggage, seats, engines in front of the Pentagon were to be found, but only two pieces of metal sheet.
Here, not even an undamaged passport in the rubble pointed the way to Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is told us, America, which spends more money for the defense than almost all other countries together, has the biggest, best and most advanced army in the world, has 16 intelligence agencies, with tens of thousands of agents and unlimited funding, a NSA listening to everything and everyone and analyzing, and had no idea about this terror-act, was totally defenseless and a poor victim of suicide-terrorist attacks by Arabs who were not even capable to fly a small plane.
Only with box cutters armed, they have defeated the U.S. defense apparatus.
Who believes the official narration, for which I have really cheap land with sea view on the moon to sell.

This absurd tale to tell the media and it is believed, therefore have realized the elites, for such mentally and physically disabled brainwashed zombies they but need not present evidence for a war.
They were just saying the Russians have shot-down MH17 and Putin has personally hit the start button for the missile.
They swallow everything, anyway.
Only so I can explain the apathy and passivity of the masses.
If was not believed this lie, then where is the resistance against the sanctions and threats against Russia ?
That surprises me, because this boycott is a good example of self-flagellation and punished yes, are the Europeans and especially Germany the most.
The exports collapse, one may lose his job, millions may even go to war, it's all because of a lie.
How can someone take this pi** ?

Also the Russians appear to me somehow very naive.
Russians have actually believed that the USA would stand to bilateral arrangements and they could trust America.
Putin was always babbling about 'Our American Friends' or 'Our US Partners'...
Thus, Washington has neither an interest in the observance of international law, nor to the understanding and the countries are considered equal, and certainly not Russia.

This entity, which means it would be something special, knows only war, deviousness, extortion and threats.
Anyone who thinks he will be able to negotiate with Washington and the negotiated contracts are adhered to, is mistaken.
This did the native Americans, the Indians, need to learn.
Not a single contract between the U.S. government and the Indian Nations was met, not a single one.
The Indians were just killed, humiliated, robbed of their culture and locked up in nature reserves.
Today, they are the smallest of all the minorities in the US.

The US government understands only one language, 'fuck off', 'no way' and one in the puss.

Nevertheless, attempts by the Russian government dealing with facts and diplomacy, to solve the situation in Ukraine.
This peaceful tactics, however, means that people of Donbas are killed every day by the Nazi minions.
The civilian population there by the Western-backed criminals is attacked out of the air with bombs and on the ground by artillery, even internationally outlawed weapons against the inhabitants of the South-East of Ukraine are used.

There are destroyed their homes and the infrastructure.
730.000 people have lost their home and fled to Russia.
The Western media reports nothing about it, except that everything would be Russia's fault.

In my opinion, the State Duma (Russian Assembly) has made a mistake.
They would have - just as with Crimea also recognize the Declaration Of Independence of the Eastern Ukraine - and accept the reunification with Russia.

Then would the people have been spared of the suffering and the dying.
Putin still means, if Moscow does not interfere, then Washington would acknowledge positively.
But, just like Saddam Hussein undressed naked, was even prepared to leave the country to prevent the attack by the United States, Russia can do whatever it wants, it helps the cause nothing.
Because it is not a question of whether the Iraq at that time would have proved that it has no weapons of mass destruction, or Russia, makes clear, it does not want to invade the Ukraine.
Hi, that's quite immaterial (at all).

Washington wants only one thing, to use the Ukraine as an excuse to proceed against Russia, exactly how 9/11 was used to attack Afghanistan.
It only wants to stir up conflicts, but certainly not a solution.
I admire Putin as he even extremely detains, as he indeed want not to give reason to stand as an aggressor.
At his point I would already have struck and gave a significant lesson the fascist regime in Kiev and also the whole of the western villains.
As I said above, smash one in the face, this would understand these thugs, only then will they have respect and say, now we have to watch out and be careful.
Everything else is interpreted as a weakness.

The behavior of the EU countries is really bad, and again is Germany at the forefront.

They witness without to say a peep, as in the eastern Ukraine, the people are massacred.
No wonder the Europeans not only have for 13 years watched as Washington led a war of aggression against Afghanistan, or 11 years against Iraq, against Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, and against Syria by radical Islamic terrorists, but they have participated active militarily.
Europe will also continue to look on how the Zionist Regime massacres the Palestinians in Gaza.

Neither the US regime, nor the EU states have any morals or a spark of human decency.
If WE operate mass murder, it is okay.

Moscow sends a relief convoy for the beleaguered population in Eastern Ukraine, but what makes Kiev and the EU from this ?
They claim it would be a provocation, a hidden invasion and other absurd insinuations.
It is possible to recognize who really wants to help people and who want not.
Delivering the suffering civilian population in the war food and medicines is something evil.
But to throw bombs on the heads is something good.
So thinks the West.
But this is nothing new, because the aids for Gaza were treated in the same way.
The attack on the vessel-convoy by Israeli soldiers, the murder of 9 defenseless participants on board and the hijacking of ships, from a Western point of view is only in order.
Is not it really disgusting how everything is twisted !

For me there is only one, Moscow has immediately to inform the fascist Regime in Kiev, but also in Brussels and Washington, with the clear message, if not instantaneous the killing of the people in the East of Ukraine is stopped, then all further attacks are classified as an attack on Russia.
This means that the answer will be a devastating blow.
Russia can without problems the Ukrainian military within 24 hours of completely wipe out.
But not only that, but simply scavenge NATO in Europe.
This NATO is a paper tiger, consists of only hot air and is full of hubris.
On the question to Putin, if it is true, Russia can totally destroy the USA in 30 minutes, he said, 'oh, that's much faster'.
The only language to understand the world criminals is their own destruction.

I have studied the mindset of Americans long enough, since the mid 60's.
Inside, they are poor cowards, who only brag about strenght and have faith in their own Hollywood-propaganda.
Only in their movies they play the superhero and the winner.
Whereas in reality they only chose their victims who are unable to defend themselves.
But even then, they lose.

Since World War II, the US has not won a single war.
America always had to chicken out and scoot.
Even now, in Libya, they have evacuated their embassy premises and that all personnel hand over head.
They wanted the land to 'democratize'.

And leave one country after the other in turmoil, make devasted and failed states.
Now it is the capital city of Tripoli in the hands of radical Islamists.
In Iraq exactly the same.
Must now be the third time a bombing-war carried out because of ISIS.

This ISIS or as it is now called IS, is just as much a child of the CIA, such as Al-Qaeda was.

It is ridiculous to believe that they simply appeared out of nothing, and their weapons have fallen from the sky.
The money comes from Saudi Arabia, the major-financier of the radical Islamic terrorists.
Washington has always nurtured terrorist groups, first to be used as useful idiots, in the case of ISIS against the Syrian government, in order to be later able (or need) to combat.
This is called management of terror.

Illary Clinton has admitted that Osama Bin Laden was the creation of Washington, DC.

In addition to this, the beheading of James Foley would appear rather staged, writes the British Telegraph.

But with all the bootlickers and America defenders, the traitors of their countries in the EU, I would speak in all seriousness.
Those I would say, if you do not liberate yourself from the enslavement by Washington, would not stop to behave as submissively puppets who obey only instructions and continue acceptance to be heteronomous, if you think you can further increase the sanctions against Russia, then we will turn the gas off at the mains.

I would issue an Ultimatum.
Either the war against Donbas will cease immediately, or there will be very painful consequences.
Hey, this is the only language to understand the pinstriper - thugs.
What do you think of how quickly the mass murderers would change their attitude to quite tame !

The European Nations have to realize, not Russia is a threat, but only America.
Washington wants for the third time a war on European soil.
Therefore the shooting-down of MH17 and the whole media chevy against Russia and Putin.
He should tell the Europeans quite clearly, the termination of the demonization of Russia, abandoning of the so-called Transatlantic Alliance, the abandoning of the obedient implementation of Washington's war policy, everything that is against the interests of Europe's, must be ended.
What have they got to lose ?
Nothing, except their chains as slaves.


There is no threat from Russia, if aggressive actions stop.

Moscow has neither an interest in the Ukraine nor Western Europe.
But if it is necessary for the defense of the country is repulsed massively.
The so-called 'Russian threat' is a pure invention, a figment of the diseased minds of warmongers and other extremists and is only propaganda, to create an image of the enemy.

Instead of America, Russia to guarantee Europe's security.
That would be finally the implementation of the geographical conditions.
Russia and Europe are finally neighbors.
It only needs to be removed the poison of 100 years of anti-Russian indoctrination from the brains.

If Europe not to wake up and continue joining the war-mongering against Russia, then all of us can focus on a Great War.
This will not only be against Russia, but also against China and many other not from the West occupied countries.
It is amazing what ticking time bomb the western governments have triggered.

Putin may well be level-headed, passive and peaceful as Gandhi, but at some point, he also fed up of the constant provocations, as now, the orientation of the missile defense against Russia, so America, at the gates of Russia, can make a nuclear first strike.
This threat will Putin never accept.

Europe dies with America or it lives with Russia.


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