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Washington Wants Nuclear War With Russia
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What most people neither in the United States nor in Europe comprehend is the fact the most criminal regime in Washington wants necessarily a war with Russia and says to be able to win it with a nuclear first strike.

Forget Obama, who is completely under the control of Wall Street, the military-industrial complex and the Neocons.

They have the real power and Obama is a puppet who may perform the role of a President in the puppet theater play named White House.

Parsifal, July 27, 2014

Attention: Political incorrect language !

Image top: Scene from the movie by Stanley Kubrick

'Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ...'

1964 showed the genius with this masterpiece, as the warmongers in Washington think and want to destroy Russia with nuclear bombs.

The reason why Obama was SELECTED by the World-Arrogance a president is because he is susceptible to blackmail like no other candidate was because:

Obama, a narcissist and psychopath who, according to friends, in his youth was sometimes smoking crack, suffering from a Messiah complex, has a homo sexual history (and considers himself infallible, who claims to be 'pretty good at killing') in the first place and so has become the long-term represent of the interests of the New World Order.


These puppet masters behind the scenes, but mean seriously, a nuclear war with Russia can be won.

This desire to Russia, and then Soviet Union, to use nuclear weapons is not new and dates back to the 50 and 60-years.

At the time, Kennedy prevented a nuclear war.

We know what happened to him.


Compare with 'Operation Northwoods'.

1963 wanted the warmongers in Washington an American airliner packed with civilians over Cuba shoot down and then blame the Cubans.

The global outrage they wanted to apply to justify an invasion against Cuba what would have automatically pulled the Soviet Union in a war.


Does this scenario sound familiar to you ?

This is exactly what is happening now in Ukraine.

Boeing shot down and immediately Russia is held responsible.

The whole world is shocked and demands revenge.


Kennedy rejected the plan of the Pentagon generals.

If in 1963 the U.S. military was ruthless enough to perform a false flag operation with an aircraft and to sacrifice many own citizens, why not today ?

The question must ask anyone:

Who has benefited from the crash of Flight MH17 ?

The Russians or the Americans ?

The answer shows, who is behind it.


Is there evidence Russia is responsible for the deaths of 298 passengers ?

No, but that does not matter, because the media have now determined the culprit and the masses hammered with big headlines the horror story.

This is called 'prerogative of interpretation'.

You know, whoever writes the history first has won the war.

This story stuck in the minds, no matter which doubts arise later.

This is how the opinion is shaped.


There are people who still believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11 and posed a threat to the world.

This impression they can not get out of their heads, it would turn their outlook topsy-turvy.


Such a hateful and hysterical sentiment towards Russia and the President of the country, it was not … in a long time.

As if by command, all Western media, politicians and other loudmouths slam Moscow like crazy.

Do you think this is just coincidence ?

No, it's part of the plan to establish an attack.

There must be created a bogeyman that is large enough and back-up accordingly the war sentiment and fueled.

Headlines such as 'Putin has killed my children' belong to these preparations for war, and imprint.


Putin is a monster, a child murderer, so he has to go, so must be a war.

But you need not believe my assessment of the situation.

Here I present to you now the facts that prove it boils down to a war.


I do not mean the running for 24 years encirclement of Russia, incorporation of the former Eastern Bloc countries in the NATO war community and bringing forward of military forces to the Russian border.


Neither the establishment of the so-called missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

This is known.

I mean the new law which is pending and shortly before the vote of the House and Senate. 'Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014 - s.2277' or 'Law on prevention of the Russian aggression in 2014'.

Russian Aggression Prevention Act 2014 - s.2277


Ha ha, this is an old trick.

If you want to attack, assume your opponent was the aggressor, he would have shot first, you would only defend yourself and would have to prepare for it.


Let's look what is currently going on in the Middle East, as Israel uses the same tactics, because of


'Israel has the right to defend itself',


in which, by its gigantic military machine totally wipe out this 'dwarf' Gaza.

Is like when a mosquito bites an elephant and then says the pachyderm:

'Help, I'm so small and defenseless, a mosquito attacked me'.


What's bad, most people fall for these facts-twist and lie and truly believe Israel is the poor victim and not the perpetrator.

One has to do handstands and looking with a magnifying glass to blame Hamas, they are guilty.

So it is also with regard to Russia.

A totally unfounded accusation, Russia would be the aggressor and responsible for the crisis in Ukraine.

A good explanation of what the above new law means, I saw formulated just by students.

Gee how well the young people understand the situation.

Here is the text easy to understand for young people of them wrote - but in German, so I carefully translated this little lecture:


Have you ever heard of the 'Russian aggression prevention Act'?

Probably not.

So, this is a proposal for a new American law.

It means as much as:

'Law for the Prevention of Russian aggression'.



So aggression connotes to annoy others, infuriate, threaten or use on any type of violence.

Russia is in the media already shown as a bad guy, right?

But we look at this law a little more closely.

How will the U.S. government tackle Russia's alleged aggression?


1 through upgrade.

Imagine you stand in front of a group of young people around you, which threaten you with sticks, knives and stones - how would you react?

So it does America:

Now arm the neighboring countries of Russia with troops, tanks and weapons.


2 by means of sanctions.

Sanctions are something similar to when your teacher sends you out the door because you have disturbed the class.

Russia but who is sent by the front door is no longer allowed to trade with foreign companies - so can not sell anything abroad.

As it were sealed off from the rest of the world because it has disturbed the American government.

Look also the video 'ex NATO officer defends Putin' on May 19. (German Language and basically posted in BOLE here, introduction at the end of the article *)) http://lovingenergies.spruz.com/pt/The-Reason-for-Western-Hatred-Against-Russia/blog.htm



3 by infiltration.

So infiltrations are when someone interferes secretly in your stuff.

In practice it looks like this:

America wants to spend 10 million dollars for it now that people sneak into Russia to democratize Russia.

What democratize means we can easily see the current Ukraine-Example:

There are violent people brought into the country and paid for, that they start a small war in the country and then topple the government the United States dislikes.


In school, we call it bullying.

A big, strong boy summons his buddies so as to intimidate another boy and annoy.

Or the great, strong throws his classmates just before the door, and forbids him to talk with his comrades - by the way, America is not the teacher in the classroom!


Well, now answer the question yourself:

Who's really the evil one?

The boy who was kicked out of the class, or the one who kicked him out?

To bust all the malices, it takes all of us, so tell your friends but also of what's going on in the school playgrounds in the world like this, and stay tuned for youth TV!



What is missing in the declaration, with this law, the Ukraine is to become an ally of the United States.

This goes into force also with the assistance obligation of NATO countries, although Ukraine is not a member of NATO and, according to statutes can not be, because NATO may not affiliate any new members who are involved in a territorial conflict.

The same applies to the way to Georgia.

Except the two countries to give up their so-called 'breakaway provinces'.


Should this bill be accepted, then it puts the United States at the beginning of a very hot new cold war which actually and very likely would lead to a real shooting war with Russia.

In comparison, the support-obligations of the European states which triggered the First and Second World War are harmless.

The law aims even directly on a war and provides the military confrontation with Russia a top priority of American foreign policy.


The problem is the victim of American aggression can still behave as passive as it wants, by all means not want war, when Washington wants war, then they'll get it.


One has to provoke only so long until 'it pops'.


Is like having a pet completely pushed into the corner (cornered), from certain proximity it starts to bar the teeth and if you come even closer, it bites too.


'Is not this animal aggressive !' it is said then, because it has bitten.

Who is really to blame, the animal or the man ?


Of course, the man is the evil aggressor and the animal followed his instincts for self-protection.


The West, led by the United States will continue slander Russia so long, provoke, sanction, restrict, punish, infiltrate and shoot even at the border (happened already), until Moscow can do no other than to respond.


Immediately the Empire of Arrogance will then tell the whole world, look at us who is the aggressor and a nuclear first strike is 'only for defense'.


U.S. Gen. Dempsey Compares Putin to Stalin and Ukraine to the 1939 Invasion of Poland



Why with nuclear weapons ?

Because the U.S. and NATO on conventional area have no chance.

NATO ground forces can not even defeat the Taliban after 12 years of war, despite all the high-tech weapons … and what they want then against the Russian army achieve ?

This is so vastly superior in all areas - and motivated.


You can see that on the crash in Ukraine.

Something this alleged shooting proved and those which defacto occurred, Brussels and the Pentagon must shit bricks, how fucking good is the anti-aircraft produced in Russia.

They bring down everything from the sky.

But without air superiority, NATO can not do nothing on the ground.


For a long time I say that Moscow should long ago have react and create fully-border facts as to the Crimea, and must integrate the eastern Ukraine.

It was mistakes to let infiltrate Georgia and Ukraine in the last 24 years by the West and take no action against the regime changes.

Great Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is of the same opinion, and he writes in his latest article titled 'Does Russia (and humanity) have a future?' what he proposes:


'If the Russian government hopes to avoid a war with Washington, which is likely to be the last war in this world, the Russian government must act immediately to stop the problem in Ukraine, where it can accept the request of the separatist provinces, to with Russia to reunite If the 'Prevention Law of the Russian aggression in 2014 - s.2277'. adopted, Russia can no longer save the situation, without a military confrontation with the U.S., because then Ukraine is declared to be an ally of America'.


What Robert at the beginning of the article even says:


'Europe is complicit in its own demise'.


I say this for a long time with the slogan: 'The EU is the abbreviation for Europe's downfall'. (Europas Untergang, EU)

What but is really bad, with the utter bondage, submission and unconditional support of Washington, Europeans dig their own grave.


Europeans have made a rod for their own back.

Why ?

Because they have done nothing but America has carried out one war of aggression after the other.

Europeans have not said NO, but either watched or even participated.

This Washington has viewed as a green light and a free ticket for a global war.

With the American military machine is a monster grown that must be constantly fed.


The fatal is, we have a pre-war period which is very similar to exactly 100 years ago.

Just as then, there is a horde of warmongers in politics and in the media that ardently desire a war with Russia and can hardly wait for a military confrontation.

This mob really slaver from the mouth of sheer hatred of Russia.

The German Spiegel, British 'Sun' American WaPo - to name a very few have degenerated to hate sheets and bumf. (And people pay to get lied)


Brussels is also totally war-horny.

Just watch how many maneuvers, NATO has held in Ukraine this year and will still hold.

There are eight, almost a threefold increase over the previous year.

The culmination of all of the maneuvers is in the months of September and October, then they intersect all the time.

Large amounts of soldiers and military equipment of NATO are located in Ukraine.

So who is really the aggressor ?


What can you do about it, so it does not come to a nuclear war and the completely destruction of the war-theater Europe ?

We all need to be like a voice against war and for peace.

We must take to the streets en masse and show presence, make clear to politicians and media, what a danger coming at us and we do not want war.

We must indeed fight warmongering against Russia and show who really is the evil here and in all areas.


Then we have to ensure understanding.

That's why I support the action several months ago and announced: 'Peoples of Russia, I love each of you'.


This is no joke, the situation is more than very seriously.

There is no dilatoriness and no more hesitation and no excuses.

The psychopathic fascists in power want the 'total war' which Hitler could not fulfill.

They mean to escape from all the problems they, themselves created.

The U.S. economy, the financial system and the dollar, are buggered enough reason to make the final blow.


In 2007 I wrote:

'We could have a really big war again if the U.S. goes crazy, grappling like a drowning man and decide once and for all, you all can kiss my ass and The Iran, China, Russia or whoever smack in the puss all of us.

”If they do not want our dollars and promissory notes, how about some atomic bombs ?”'


Dr. Strangelove (1964) - War Room Scene



The truth is:

- Russia has not invested many billions in the destabilization of Ukraine.

It was the United States.


- Russia has not infiltrated with his secret service under the cloak of Think Tanks and NGOs Ukraine.

It was the United States.


- Russia has not staged the violent overthrow of a democratically elected president.

It was the United States.


- Russia has not selected a group of new cabinet members for a puppet regime.

It was the United States.


- Russia is not at war against its own people in Ukraine.

It is the Kiev junta under the spell of the U.S..


- Russia to mount no 'False Flag Operations' to trigger a world war.

The U.S. is doing it.


Let us therefore focus on further provocations on the part of the fascist junta and the CIA headquarters in Kiev (occupies a whole storey in the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior), which will be blamed to the People's Militia and so the Russians.

What could it be ?

A terrorist attack, for example, a bomb that blows in the subway of Kiev, and kills numerous people and a Russian passport of the 'assassin' which is then found to fit the scene.


'The same potatoes, the same capitalists.

But other skirts.

This is war.


Every war is a defeat.

Because war destroyed life.


But if we do not want anymore:

then there is no more war!

- Kurt Tucholsky (1890 - 1935)

(poem been forbidden during WWII in Germany)




By the way, China is not sleeping because the high number of Chinese military exercises this time is not normal… and has never been so high.

Many large airports are involved with 10 or more hours of delay.

So, Beijing is preparing for something.




Excerpt from an interview in the 'Los Angeles Times' from 01/24/1980
Scheer: Are we not achieving with these strategic-weapons a point where we can wipe each other out several times, and no one wishes to use or willing is to use it so that it actually does not matter whether we have 10 or 2 percent more or less?

Bush: Yes, if one assumes that there is no such thing as a winner in a nuclear war, the argument makes little sense. I do not think so.

Scheer: How to win a nuclear war?

Bush: We must secure the means of survival of the High Commands, the survival possibility of an industrial potential, one must ensure the protection of a certain percentage of citizens and have a capacity of weapons that inflict the opposite side more harm than one can inflict on ourself, which is exactly the way in which you have a winner in a nuclear war ..

George Bush in an interview 'Los Angeles Times' v. 24.01.1980 (excerpt)
source (translated)




Unsurvivable is a dark, gruesome, but wholly true depiction of the threat of thermonuclear war, the consequences, and Obama's deployment of a major portion of the U.S. thermonuclear capabilities in multiple theaters threatening both Russia and China.





Why I still even bother to write something ?

Do I believe, this all will achieve anything or is it a simple matter of self-protection to me, so to vent my own powerlessness ?


No, beloved siblings, I believe in God and the goodness of man.

I believe in free will, love, truth and freedom.

Also in the Free Choice of our possibilities.

Similarly, I believe that we-the-people have the potential to bring forth the good and avert evil, if we only proceed DETERMINED AND CREATIVE and soon enough in this direction.

If you continuously think of the lame awakening process we would need to come forth and the poor struggle of peace activists to prevent such worst-case scenarios here’s a proposal:



Since you read this, for you there is no more excuse you would not be aware of that, or if you say:

'One can do nothing'


'The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'

- Edmund Burke




There is increasing evidence that the suspected downing of the MH17 neither took place by the side of the Ukrainian anti-fascist freedom fighters, nor on the part of the Ukrainian military, but by a third party:

The militia of Igor Kolomoisky, second richest oligarch Ukraine and suspected Mastermind behind the Massacre of Odessa.


Kolomoisky since March is governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, directly east of Donetsk, where the alleged shooting took place.

He is responsible for air traffic control of Dnipropetrovsk and has a comparatively strong militia consisting in particular of Nationalists.

It is thought possible that they even could have surface to air missiles.

Kolomoisky is also the principal owner of Burisma holding company, Gas company which owns the gas reserves in eastern Ukraine, and in whose board Hunter Biden, son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, took a seat in May...

Kolomoisky is Ukrainian-Israeli dual citizen and belongs to same camp as Poroshenko and Yatzeniuk, both also with Jewish roots.

Given the Malay sentences against Bush and Blair (2011 for war crimes) and Israel (2013 for War crimes and genocide), it would be possible that with Kolomoisky the downing of the MH17 killed three birds with a stone:

Take revenge on Malaysia, increase pressure on Russia and the rebels, and offer distraction for Israel that almost simultaneously began with its Ground offensive in Gaza.

This hypothesis could also explain why the U.S. puts no facts on the table (Satellite images, etc.):

For the U.S., it is much more useful to accuse the rebels and thus Russia (instead Kolomoisky, who is an ally of Poroshenko).

Russia, in turn, had already sentenced Kolomoisky on July 2 because of several offenses and alert for arrest.

It is possible that behind-the-scenes negotiations and now blackmails between Moscow, Kiev, and Washington run to gain the maximum of this incident, while the publicity with a small Propaganda show is entertained.

You have to remember that Putin blew Jewish oligarchs like, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky to name a few, and has even thoroughly messed up their businesses.

This was one of the reasons, Russia strongly recovered economical past the president ships of Yeltsin and Gorbachev.

They could not capture all the natural resources of Russia and medial enslave the people.

That rankles to this day and that is why Putin is considered both in Russia and in the Ukraine as their arch enemy No. 1, they want out of the way.

With the help of their Mafia friends in the U.S., they are now trying hard with various attacks in Ukraine to pull Russia it into a war.

(People like Kolomoisky, Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk, but also Netanyahu, Lieberman and Kissinger would have to be delivered in haste for crimes against humanity in The Hague).


P. S. Quite interesting as Zionists and Nazis can perfectly work together if they want to get rid of a common enemy.

Was this constellation as the 2nd World War broke out not very similar ?

Goal was also to finish Russia off.


related in BOLE

The European Union, The IV. Reich

The Reason for Western Hatred Against Russia

Peoples of Russia, I love each of you


*) In an open letter to the Russian President Putin, the former lieutenant colonel in the NATO Air Force, Jochen Scholz, has shown full understanding of the Russian position in the Ukraine question.

The letter was co-signed by many German intellectuals and warns that NATO's missile defense shield in Eastern Europe should allow a nuclear first strike against Russia.

Scholz calls in his open letter, the driving motives of Western powers in the confrontation with Russia:

The political and economic recovery of Russia under Putin is a thorn in the eye of the West, he explained analogously.

The state and economic strengthening of his country since he (Putin) took office in 2000 was the real reason for the Western aggression against him, he told the Russian President and wishes him on behalf of the co-signers stability and wisdom.

'Trust us: We are the US-Regime'
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PUTIN is Imperator Palpatine...

MH17/Ukraine: Washington's accusations against Russia are based on lies

It is now more than a week since the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 over Ukraine.

What we have experienced in this time is a gigantic storm of  accusations against the eastern Ukrainian People's Militia, against Russia and especially against President Putin.

These accusations, 'THEY HAVE DONE IT', but were underpinned with not a single real proof.

Strictly speaking, for the statement from the West base only on information from the social media.

To cite YouTube videos and Twitter messages as evidence is completely untrustworthy and unreliable.

Therefore, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the U.S. administration relies in their allegations to uncovered lies.

Parsifal, July 26, 2014

Image top: Both names start with 'P', this has to be sufficient proof


'Judging by the unrelenting campaign of defamation against Russia organized by the American administration, blatant lies are increasingly being relied upon there to conduct foreign policy.

Take for one the new statements by the U.S. President's press secretary, Josh Earnest, who directly accuses our country of destroying the Malaysian Airlines airliner over Ukraine.

As is now Washington’s wont, in corroboration never mind evidence, not even simple references to facts are adduced, which one could consider and comment on.

Everything in Washington is limited to mentioning certain "intelligence data" that cannot in any way be presented, and what is completely absurd, "information in social media".

Nevertheless, a number of questions arise for the American side, which is increasingly isolating itself from the possibility of adequately understanding anything apart from its own schemes and conclusions.

Before appointing '"guilty ones", the USA should answer the ten questions from the Russian Defense Ministry and the twenty-two questions posed through the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency.

Why does Washington then remain silent?

Apparently because Washington has nothing to reply.

Or because the response boils down to one word: "sanctions".

We will get through this, but it is deplorable that at the same time the USA is continuing to push Kyiv towards crushing the dissatisfaction of the Russian-speaking population by force.

There is only one conclusion: the administration of B. Obama bears its share of responsibility for the internal conflict in Ukraine and its grave consequences'.

is emphasized in the statement released on Saturday:

'In other words, the Washington regime in their constructs bases itself on anti-Russian conjectures gathered on the Internet that do not correspond to reality.

Who is littering the Web with such rubbish is clear: the same Washington, and probably also Kyiv'.


This clear statement is completely justified, because WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ?

The Western countries always claim they would be constitutional states and constantly emphasize their 'Western Values'.

In a constitutional state but one is only guilty of a crime, when clear evidence was presented and a court has given judgment.

It is the presumption of innocence.

All these principles are but trampled on and committed a lynching against Russia.


The U.S. regime to mount every day new allegations that Russia would be responsible for the shooting down of MH17, Russia would supply weapons to the people's militia, Russia bombards the territory of Ukraine and much more.


As journalists asked the press spokeswoman for the White House what evidence they can submit for these accusations, she said, the world needs to trust the information provided by the U.S..


U.S. Refuses to PROVIDE FACTS but accuses Russia of Firing Rockets into Ukraine


WH transcript here


IF Washington has evidence why these are not published ?

I know why, because such does not exist.

And if so, then it is the same false evidence submitted to justify the war of aggression against Iraq.

We shall have confidence because the U.S. regime has never lied.

Here, almost everything what ooze out of the White House is a pack of lies.


- What said President Nixon ?

'I am not a criminal and had nothing to do with the break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate complex'.


This statement turned out on the basis of tape recordings as a lie, it ran impeachment proceedings against him, which he preempted only by resigning before.


- What said President Clinton ?

'I have not had any sexual relations with that woman'.


With these words he has fully lied, because it turned out he had with the White House trainee Monica Lewinsky a sex affair and enjoyed in the Oral Office (a) blowjob(s) and has put his cigar not only in the mouth.


- What did President Bush say ?

'We have no doubt that Iraq has continued to possess and hidden deadly weapons.

It is therefore necessary to remove Saddam Hussein in order to eliminate the danger emanating from the weapons of mass destruction'.


A lie, because after executed the aggressive war and Iraq was occupied, the U.S. soldiers found no trace of these weapons but 1,4mio Iraqis died by either sanctions or influence of war.


- What said President Obama ?

'If the U.S. troops are not pulling out of Afghanistan until I become President, then I'll finish the war as first official act.

Bite me !

You can take it to the bank..’


That was in 2007 at a campaign event.

But what he really did ?

He sent 30.000 more troops to Afghanistan and the war rages practically today, despite the alleged deduction.


These are just a few examples of lies that have come out from the mouth of U.S. Presidents.

Therefore, why should we believe what Obama and his spokesmen say ?

Especially if they do not provide evidence for their accusations against Russia and just say:


'Trust us'.


How goes the old folk wisdom ?

'A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth'


It would appear as if the American machinery of disinformation posts their lies with videos, photos and tweets of who the culprit was in the social media, and then to avail the same as proof and invoke.

Because real evidence that would stand up to scrutiny in court, does not yet exist.

There once was a president who told the truth.

For example, John F. Kennedy presented satellite photos which showed there were Soviet nuclear missiles stationed in Cuba.

But we know that was just responding of the former USSR to the stationing of U.S. nuclear missiles in Turkey.


Kennedy has told a plenty of other truths about America, which returned to haunt him.

'The Dark Side of the Force' has then killed him in broad daylight.

Since then sit only mass murderer and liars in the White House.

Psst !!! Here we have the ultimate proof 'it was the Russians':


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Saturday, the oh so evil, oh, so marauding and oh, so disrespectful members of the people's militia have passed on to representatives of the Netherlands a railroad car with personal items and luggage from victims of the Boeing crash in eastern Ukraine.

This was announced by Sergei Kavtaradze, member of the Security Council of the People's Republic of Donetsk.

On Saturday evening a second group of Dutch representatives should have arrived, with which the wagon should have been sent.

This reports RIANovosti.

The Difference between the Flights MH17 and AH5017
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The following article is intended to show the difference in how the Main-Shit-media report on the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 and Air Algérie AH5017.

(No, I refrain to write the headline as in the MSM to flight MH17 like

'Obama's Missile'


'Hollande's Missile'.

So I would devaluate myself to the same level as the media whores)


On Thursday July 14, a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso traveling to Algiers crashed in Mali for unexplained reasons.

It should have been killed 110 passengers and 6 crew members.

The crash site was now discovered with the help of French reconnaissance drones.

France has troops stationed in Mali, which fight 'rebels' there.

Parsifal, July 25, 2014

Algerian McDonnell Douglas MD-83

Besides the fact it is in both cases about civil aircrafts, which were traveling at about 10.000 meters and suddenly fell from the sky, there is a striking commonality.

Both were flying over a known war zone where battles take place.


As for the crash of AH5017 is reported in the media, they do not know anything about the cause and everything is open.

It is not even made a fuss because of this machine, it is all about blaming the Russian Federation and in particular President Putin with new lies over the crash of MH17.

There is general agreement among commentators and experts that have appeared in the TV, we have to wait until the black boxes have been evaluated.


It is speculated, it can ...

- have been the weather

- Or a mechanical failure on this old machine

- Or a pilot error because poorly trained

- Or a bomb exploded on board (terrorist attack)

and finally ...

- The rebels in Mali have shot the machine down with a missile


The latter cause is but immediately brushed aside, as is claimed that the rebels in Mali have no air defense system that can shoot up to a height of 10 kilometers.


In the case of MH17 immediately the cause of the crash was announced by the media and even the culprit identified the same.

It was from the rebels controlled area shot a BuK surface to air missile.

Since there are so-called 'Russian separatists' and the air defense system BuK was made in Russia, Russia and so Putin are responsible for the deaths of 298 people.


Another cause of the crash as with AH5017 has been not mentioned, not a bomb, not a pilot error, not a technical fault and not the weather.

Why is this immediate determination of the cause and prejudice who has been the culprit in this case and a complete leaving open the cause and blame in the other ?


Also the statement of the representative of the people's militia in eastern Ukraine, they had no air defense system that to 10.000 meters a plane can shoot, but only small shoulder-mounted rockets for low height, is completely ignored.


If both machines fly over a rebel controlled war zone and crash why can not be crashed both in the same way ?

Why this utter distinction is made by the media ?

Regarding the flight of Air Algérie one is neutral, open, has patience and wants wait for the results of the investigation and analysis of the flight data recorder.


For Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 this does not apply.

The media immediately judged and convicted.

It is not neutral, not open to one of many causes and the outcome of the investigation is irrelevant.

They already know how and who it was, the Russians and their protégés.

Therefore with a roar, now runs the attack on Russia and Putin.


Is it only me, is this different treatment of the crashes occurred in quick succession a sign of one-sided reporting ?

Is it obviously is a smear campaign ?

A deliberately planned and an enemy stereotype is built, a hatred and incitement against everything Russian ?


The Western media are so hasty in their condemnation; they do not wait on the publication of the recordings of conversations between air traffic controller and the crew of MH17.

This raises the question of why the regime in Kiev has not yet published the radio traffic after a week ?

What do they have to hide ?

Why the media does not criticize this cover-up ?


After the disappearance of the MH370 dialogue between the pilot and air traffic control was already after three days on the net.

Why not MH17 and why not criticize the media this ?

Why is that ?

Because they have a preconceived opinion and an order to report nothing which casts doubt on the cause of the crash.


At Air Algérie AH5017 is what spoke the pilots have made known even faster.

According to a source from the Algerian air monitoring 'the aircraft was not far from the Algerian border when the crew requested a diversion because of poor visibility and to avoid a collision with another machine on the Algiers-Bamako route'.

The Algerian Ministry of Defense has not excluded the possibility there was a shot-down by terrorists.

The Western media but would not mention this radio message because one could get silly ideas.


It may but be, just as one assumes the rebels in eastern Ukraine have shot down the Boeing, even the rebels in Mali could be capable bringing down commercial aircrafts.

If one refuses the possibility of a shoot-down by rebels in the case of AH5017 at the outset, why not do it also with flight MH17 ?

If there is waiting for the investigation, why not here ?


I know why.

Because the rebels, the radical Islamic terrorists that rage in Mali, got their weapons from the Americans, or rather it was allowed them to plunder the holdings of the Libyan army in the fight against Col. Ghaddafi in order to topple him.

Uh-huh, that's the difference.


If one is following the argument in the case of MH17, the Russians have given the BuK missiles the rebels anti fascists and therefore Moscow is to blame, then Washington is logically to blame for the possible shooting-down of AH5017.

This suspicion was never been allowed to raise, so the completely different treatment of the two crashes.


Some rebels belong to Russia and the other to us.

'Our good fighters' would never shoot down any aircraft that have done the evil Russians.

The concept of who is the bogeyman and who is good and who is evil must remain consistent.

That is the job of the media to perform the brainwashing and manipulation of opinion.

The audience is told what to think.


You can see that with other downing’s in the past.

As the Iran Air Airbus in 1988 was shot down by an American warship with a missile, then that was just a 'mistake'.

But the 'good' Americans would never murder with intent 240 passengers, out of revenge for the occupation of the embassy in Tehran and the miserably failed rescue attempt of the hostages.

But that was such a big embarrassment for the U.S. regime and U.S. military, President Carter was not re-elected and was the turn for the gun-happy film cowboy Ronald Reagan.


There were no doubts expressed by the media, how incompetent the staff of the U.S. Navy must be, if they could not distinguish between a large Airbus and a small F-14 despite the latest electronics and reconnaissance ?

Thereby the ship's crew has claimed as a reason that they were offended and that is why they shot down the Iranian passenger plane.

Was there a shitstorm against America, or sanctions or threats of war like now against Russia ?



What we learn from this ?

It always comes down to the war zone over which you fly which side supports the rebels, where the weapons are coming from and who fired.

Therefore, before you book the next flight, you should look at the flight route.

If the machine flies over 'our' many war zones, then you can buy the ticket.

Oh crap, both flyers are indeed crashed.

Well, then all that remains is not to fly, because the U.S. and NATO make war in many countries.

The new MH17 flight route goes well south past the Ukraine, but over two other war zones, namely Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for God's Sake, over the 'evil Iran' also:

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