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The Difference between the Flights MH17 and AH5017
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The following article is intended to show the difference in how the Main-Shit-media report on the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 and Air Algérie AH5017.

(No, I refrain to write the headline as in the MSM to flight MH17 like

'Obama's Missile'


'Hollande's Missile'.

So I would devaluate myself to the same level as the media whores)


On Thursday July 14, a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso traveling to Algiers crashed in Mali for unexplained reasons.

It should have been killed 110 passengers and 6 crew members.

The crash site was now discovered with the help of French reconnaissance drones.

France has troops stationed in Mali, which fight 'rebels' there.

Parsifal, July 25, 2014

Algerian McDonnell Douglas MD-83

Besides the fact it is in both cases about civil aircrafts, which were traveling at about 10.000 meters and suddenly fell from the sky, there is a striking commonality.

Both were flying over a known war zone where battles take place.


As for the crash of AH5017 is reported in the media, they do not know anything about the cause and everything is open.

It is not even made a fuss because of this machine, it is all about blaming the Russian Federation and in particular President Putin with new lies over the crash of MH17.

There is general agreement among commentators and experts that have appeared in the TV, we have to wait until the black boxes have been evaluated.


It is speculated, it can ...

- have been the weather

- Or a mechanical failure on this old machine

- Or a pilot error because poorly trained

- Or a bomb exploded on board (terrorist attack)

and finally ...

- The rebels in Mali have shot the machine down with a missile


The latter cause is but immediately brushed aside, as is claimed that the rebels in Mali have no air defense system that can shoot up to a height of 10 kilometers.


In the case of MH17 immediately the cause of the crash was announced by the media and even the culprit identified the same.

It was from the rebels controlled area shot a BuK surface to air missile.

Since there are so-called 'Russian separatists' and the air defense system BuK was made in Russia, Russia and so Putin are responsible for the deaths of 298 people.


Another cause of the crash as with AH5017 has been not mentioned, not a bomb, not a pilot error, not a technical fault and not the weather.

Why is this immediate determination of the cause and prejudice who has been the culprit in this case and a complete leaving open the cause and blame in the other ?


Also the statement of the representative of the people's militia in eastern Ukraine, they had no air defense system that to 10.000 meters a plane can shoot, but only small shoulder-mounted rockets for low height, is completely ignored.


If both machines fly over a rebel controlled war zone and crash why can not be crashed both in the same way ?

Why this utter distinction is made by the media ?

Regarding the flight of Air Algérie one is neutral, open, has patience and wants wait for the results of the investigation and analysis of the flight data recorder.


For Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 this does not apply.

The media immediately judged and convicted.

It is not neutral, not open to one of many causes and the outcome of the investigation is irrelevant.

They already know how and who it was, the Russians and their protégés.

Therefore with a roar, now runs the attack on Russia and Putin.


Is it only me, is this different treatment of the crashes occurred in quick succession a sign of one-sided reporting ?

Is it obviously is a smear campaign ?

A deliberately planned and an enemy stereotype is built, a hatred and incitement against everything Russian ?


The Western media are so hasty in their condemnation; they do not wait on the publication of the recordings of conversations between air traffic controller and the crew of MH17.

This raises the question of why the regime in Kiev has not yet published the radio traffic after a week ?

What do they have to hide ?

Why the media does not criticize this cover-up ?


After the disappearance of the MH370 dialogue between the pilot and air traffic control was already after three days on the net.

Why not MH17 and why not criticize the media this ?

Why is that ?

Because they have a preconceived opinion and an order to report nothing which casts doubt on the cause of the crash.


At Air Algérie AH5017 is what spoke the pilots have made known even faster.

According to a source from the Algerian air monitoring 'the aircraft was not far from the Algerian border when the crew requested a diversion because of poor visibility and to avoid a collision with another machine on the Algiers-Bamako route'.

The Algerian Ministry of Defense has not excluded the possibility there was a shot-down by terrorists.

The Western media but would not mention this radio message because one could get silly ideas.


It may but be, just as one assumes the rebels in eastern Ukraine have shot down the Boeing, even the rebels in Mali could be capable bringing down commercial aircrafts.

If one refuses the possibility of a shoot-down by rebels in the case of AH5017 at the outset, why not do it also with flight MH17 ?

If there is waiting for the investigation, why not here ?


I know why.

Because the rebels, the radical Islamic terrorists that rage in Mali, got their weapons from the Americans, or rather it was allowed them to plunder the holdings of the Libyan army in the fight against Col. Ghaddafi in order to topple him.

Uh-huh, that's the difference.


If one is following the argument in the case of MH17, the Russians have given the BuK missiles the rebels anti fascists and therefore Moscow is to blame, then Washington is logically to blame for the possible shooting-down of AH5017.

This suspicion was never been allowed to raise, so the completely different treatment of the two crashes.


Some rebels belong to Russia and the other to us.

'Our good fighters' would never shoot down any aircraft that have done the evil Russians.

The concept of who is the bogeyman and who is good and who is evil must remain consistent.

That is the job of the media to perform the brainwashing and manipulation of opinion.

The audience is told what to think.


You can see that with other downing’s in the past.

As the Iran Air Airbus in 1988 was shot down by an American warship with a missile, then that was just a 'mistake'.

But the 'good' Americans would never murder with intent 240 passengers, out of revenge for the occupation of the embassy in Tehran and the miserably failed rescue attempt of the hostages.

But that was such a big embarrassment for the U.S. regime and U.S. military, President Carter was not re-elected and was the turn for the gun-happy film cowboy Ronald Reagan.


There were no doubts expressed by the media, how incompetent the staff of the U.S. Navy must be, if they could not distinguish between a large Airbus and a small F-14 despite the latest electronics and reconnaissance ?

Thereby the ship's crew has claimed as a reason that they were offended and that is why they shot down the Iranian passenger plane.

Was there a shitstorm against America, or sanctions or threats of war like now against Russia ?



What we learn from this ?

It always comes down to the war zone over which you fly which side supports the rebels, where the weapons are coming from and who fired.

Therefore, before you book the next flight, you should look at the flight route.

If the machine flies over 'our' many war zones, then you can buy the ticket.

Oh crap, both flyers are indeed crashed.

Well, then all that remains is not to fly, because the U.S. and NATO make war in many countries.

The new MH17 flight route goes well south past the Ukraine, but over two other war zones, namely Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for God's Sake, over the 'evil Iran' also:

Flight MH17 Updates July 22, 2014
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About media-lies, more lies, a web of false flags and deception. And about annulling the narration of Russia's responsibility for the alleged crash of Flight MH17 - one step at a time - (will be updated as necessary) - Parsifal

The video with the Missile-Transporter is a fake

Parsifal, July 20, 2014

One of the 'evidence' that are passed around in the Western media, is a video which allegedly shows a BuK missile unit that is 'smuggled' back to Russia.

With this is said, flight MH17 to have been shot down and the separatists wanted so destroy evidence.

This claims Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, and he said that the video was made by agents of the Ukrainian secret service in the early morning of Friday.

'On the firing unit to two missiles are missing


'it's not hard to guess why',


Gerashenko said.


'There were exactly those missiles which brought the 300 innocent passengers to death',


he added.


After careful analysis of the recording but it turns out the video was not referring to an area controlled by the so called pro - Russian rebels, but in an area where the Ukrainian army is in control.

The proof is therefore a fake.

image top: The poster is in Krasnoarmiysk and not in Krasnodon


Residents of the concerning area who saw the video have come forward and said that the advertising poster for a car brand that can be seen on the video, is not located in the area controlled by the rebels, in Krasnodon near the Russian border, it is somewhere else.

Namely, in the city Krasnoarmiysk and it is an advertisement of the car dealer at the Dnepropetrovsk road number 34 since May 11th and today control the military forces of the regime in Kiev this city.

Therefore, the recording comes from Gorkij Street in Krasnoarmiysk there and is shown a BuK missile transporter of the Ukrainian army.

So, the place which is since May (!) this year is under the control of the Junta Army !

The British Telegraph pushed the fake video and says it shows a 'missile transporter' of the separatists which was 'smuggled' in Krasnodon across the border:


Instead the so-called 'reputable' media check the allegations of the fascist regime in Kiev twice and three times, they take the lies and propaganda unchecked and spread as truth.

It's now so: We always have to doubt everything the media has to tell.


I would like to recall on Friday, the Ukrainian Attorney General Vitaliy Yarema confirmed, the separatists had hijacked or in their possession ZERO BuK or S-300 surface-to-air missiles in order to bring down flight MH17.


According to the Kiev Post:


'Ukrainian attorney general says militants have conquers no Ukrainian air defense units'.

Yarema confirmed that, according to military sources:

'After the crash of the passenger plane, the military has reported the President that terrorists have no BuK or S-300 air defense system'.


We need to understand there is an information war taking place since years against Russia, and in particular for months.

The Ukrainian regime and its sponsors in the West badly want to blame this crash to the separatists, Russia and President Putin.

With such videos it is tried to tamper the opinion of the western public against Russia.

Random but one can see a poster in the 'footage' and attentive eyes see, it is standing in a city where the Ukrainian army is stationed.

So it is a fake and a false accusation.


To verify the video evidence, presented by the media is a lie, the following, a German Journalist revealed to me, which I would like to share:


By the engagement of industrious helpers here, I am able to present now satellite images which are provided with explanations.

They prove the video was recorded in Krasnoarmiysk.

It is the place described where the recording was made.

click each to enlarge


Accordingly, Anton Gerashchenko from the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior who published this video is also a liar and the Ukrainian intelligence anyway.

But the whole 'serious' media as the German 'Focus' and many others show but the video as evidence for the involvement of Russia in the crash of MH17.

If someone wanted to 'smuggle away' such a rocket launcher but then the best at night and with a tarp over it ... not to grasp what's going on here !


Like in all wars, the truth dies actually first and the lie then manipulated the people.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The known tabloid press have teamed up with the so-called quality media to exert lynching of President Putin.

They would prefer to hang him to the nearest tree.

The British 'Daily Mail' published the following front page of their Saturday edition:

'Putin has killed my son'

- in which it cited the alleged statement of one of the surviving dependent of a British passenger.

(Sorry, I had to laugh so hard that I almost choked on a pretzel. I'm considering to sue the 'Daily Mail' for bodily harm).


Not enough with the above, the 'Daily Express' shouts out loud:

'Putin has blown up the plane'

and the 'Sun' reached deep into the loo with

'Putin looters rob British victims'.

The German, Austrian and Swiss shitpapers are not better in their campaign against Putin.

Even with slightly better music, these blow the same horn and call Putin a perpetrator.


As if it is to an epidemic everywhere rampant, make ALL media Putin responsible for the crash.

Appears to be a contagious disease, a pandemic of the Russian flu.

The media prostitutes, scoundrels and freaks should be tested for their mental state, for their hysterical cry is a sign of (sound) pathological paranoia.


Work for Truth = Work for Peace

Work for Lie = Work for War


related MUST READ:

It was Putin's missile!

By Pepe Escobar July 18, 2014

And here's the spin war verdict: the current Malaysia Airlines tragedy - the second in four months - is "terrorism" perpetrated by "pro-Russian separatists", armed by Russia, and Vladimir Putin is the main culprit. End of story. Anyone who believes otherwise, shut up.

Why? Because the CIA said so. Because Hillary "We came, we saw, he died" Clinton said so. Because batshit crazy Samantha "R2P" Power said so - thundering at the UN, everything duly printed by the neo-con infested Washington Post. [1]

Because Anglo-American corporate media - from CNN to Fox (who tried to buy Time Warner, which owns CNN) - said so. Because the President of the United States (POTUS) said so. And mostly because Kiev had vociferously said so in the first place.

Right off the bat they were all lined up - the invariably hysterical reams of "experts" of the "US intelligence community" literally foaming at their palatial mouths at "evil" Russia and "evil" Putin; intel "experts" who could not identify a convoy of gleaming white Toyotas crossing the Iraqi desert to take Mosul. And yet they have already sentenced they don't need to look any further, instantly solving the MH17 riddle.

It doesn't matter that President Putin has stressed the MH17 tragedy must be investigated objectively. And "objectively" certainly does not mean that fictional "international community" notion construed by Washington - the usual congregation of pliable vassals/patsies.

read more

(Born in 1954, Pepe Escobar from Sao Paulo, Brazil is one of the most prominent journalists of our time. Escobar, who is called simply 'the best' by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern works for Asia Times Online).





TV reporter searched the passengers' luggage

Parsifal, July 21, 2014

The Western media say: 'The pro-Russian separatists after the crash of Malaysia Airlines aircraft on Thursday have searched the luggage of the dead'.

This reported the biggest Swiss-lies journal in an article on Saturday titled

'Rebels looting luggage of the victims'.

But the aim was to find out the identity of the passengers, in which the passports were collected.

But now a reporter from Sky News was caught as he has done exactly what the media scoundrels accuse the security forces at the crash site.

During a live broadcast Colin Brazier has rummaged through the trunk of a victim and said, 'We should not do that anyway'

After a shitstorm from the social media and also from colleagues who beat down on him, he has apologized for this act.


Radio host Shelagh Fogarty BBC commented on the fact with the words:

'Sky!!! Ensures that your reporter STOPS rummage in things at the MH17crash site.

These items are now sacred things for the relatives. Only hair-raising..'


The British media professor Joe Watson called it 'a terrible moment for journalism'.


Another commentator added: 'Colin Brazier has intervened in a crime scene on the most tasteless kind. This must be investigated thoroughly..'


Yes, the media and their reporters blame the work of security forces at the crash site to the worst; they would act unprofessional, while they behave themselves out of sheer curiosity and sensationalism as vultures or ghouls.


A spokesman for Sky News said:

'Today, while moderated at the MH17 crash site, Colin Brazier, while wanted to represent the human tragedy has shown to viewers the contents of a bag of one of the victims'.


Colin immediately realized this was inappropriate and said that in the camera.


'Both Colin and Sky News apologize to the highest level for any offense that was caused'.


The Sky Reporter has in-camera also admitted he went over the whole crash site, and has seen corpses and body parts.

So he tramples with other colleagues around in the debris field.

As a journalist, he has done exactly what the Western media constantly accuse the security forces, they would 'destroy evidence' or 'plunder the bodies'.

What an infamous lie !



What is clearly demonstrated by this report for me as a media lie, why can the whole western reporters and photographers unhindered access the crash site, but the media reports with big headlines, the experts in accident investigation are not there.

Obviously someone wants that no proper investigation is taking place, but use the event in the worst way only for propaganda purposes against Russia.


I mean, the Western reporters mob was after a few hours at the crash site, even can bring all their technical equipment for a live broadcast, but from the Western experts is nothing to see. Representatives of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have arrived in Kiev until Sunday.


Instead of to immediately begin the investigation, the delegation of ICAO since Sunday evening makes consultations on their further use.

The delegation members include representatives of the U.S. and UK.

That means for me, it will be coordinated with the regime in Kiev first what result is to turn out in the investigation.

So, each of these 'independent investigators' should be observed by another, more independent investigator to film every single move seamlessly.





What a crummy, filthy, dingy and unworthy tabloid journalism

Parsifal, July 21, 2014

On one thing we can all agree after four days monitoring the media coverage about the crash of MH17.

It is the most one-sided, non-professional and shabbiest journalism one can imagine.

We are so much accustomed to tendentious work in recent years by the Main-Shit-Media, but what they present with MH17, is the ultimate intolerable of manipulation of opinion and propaganda.

There is not a single credible evidence which is presented, the so-called separatists or even Russia would have something to do with the shot-down of the Boeing 777.

Yes, there is not even a proof that the machine was ever shot down.

But what is told us from the very first minute, accusations, insinuations and speculation so far fetched as can be.

It is, in effect, tantamount, the monster Putin has killed 295 people in person.


There are many examples of how hateful and lurid media formulate their headlines and what slanderous words they use in their articles.

I want to pick out one, that of the British Daily Mail of yesterday Monday (image top)


'A chilling echo of Nazi death trains as MH17 victims begin the grimmest journey'


This British toilet paper goes forth and connects the railway transport which hundreds of thousands of prisoners brought to the concentration camps of the Nazis with the refrigerator wagon in which the bodies of the MH17 victims are stored.

This is a necessary measure, because you can not leave the bodies for days to rot on the open field at the crash site at about 30 degree heat.


To this end, writes the Daily Mail the text:


'The stench of death is thick in the air while onlookers stare into the boxcars, which contain the bodies of 200 victims of the MH17 massacre'.


The members of the delegation to the OSCE photograph the body bags in the cars and the storage of corpses took place under their supervision:

'The scene, a grim echo of the mechanized slaughter of millions during World War II, was created by the Russian separatists, who have collected a pile of dead bodies from the plane crash and have them placed in the refrigerated railroad cars'.


Once again an incredible comparison to the Holocaust.

For this purpose, now it's 'Russian separatists'.

These but are Ukrainians who do not agree with the Nazi regime in Kiev.

'There was an international outcry about the undignified scene last night - with swarms of flies buzzing around the train - although rebellious militiamen insisted they do what they can for the dead'.


Internationally ?

Or an outcry by the media's world of make-believe ?

The only thing shocking here is the wrong and polemical description of the scene.

Because four days after the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777 experts from Netherland have arrived on Monday in the eastern Ukrainian Tores and have inspected the recovered bodies.


The bodies are stored properly according to the Dutch experts.

'We have the bodies inspected', said the head of the expert team, Peter Van Vilet to journalists.

'Their condition and the storage conditions are good'.

Peter Van Vilet at the inspection of the bodies speaks to reporters


I will not further express my displeasure with this so-called journalism which can only be compared with that of the Jew baiter Julius Streicher and his hateful, rabble-rousing weekly newspaper, 'Der Stürmer' though the III. Reich has been brought into play.

Because the comments that HAVE appeared under the article of the Daily Mail said it all.


'What a ridiculous headline, stop the brainwashing with the train, we are not stupid you know!'


'What a completely stupid headline.

Why the Daily Mail always reduces everything to the Second World War and the Nazis?

Except that it is a train, where is the comparison?

It's pretty condescending to compare the terrified Jews who were transported to the Nazi concentration camps, where they met with horror and death, with a special train which brings back the collected bodies to their beloved.

Are you totally crazy?'


'Nazi death trains!

So please Daily Mail, this statement makes the topic a sensation.

Unpleasant as it may be for our Western eyes, also there is probably no institution in the UK can cope with 300 corpses at once ...

I remember the Falklands War, where the dead were repatriated in shipping containers.

What does that say about us?'


'Are you crazy?'


'Nazi death trains ... utter garbage journalism and disrespectful to the families of the victims!

Without knowing what happened, you are telling the sleep sheep what to think.

These bodies have to be somewhere to stored … for cooling ... seems to be the appropriate response in this burdensome heat'.


'Utter rubbish! Please puff but not stories with such a blatant propaganda'.


'A truly idiotic and callous headline.

Daily Mail tries its stupid best to hop and make the situation worse'.


'If the language ''An eerie echo of the Nazi death trains'' was chosen to trigger a new world war? ...

To compare the collection of dead bodies in order to prevent their decay, with the transportation of Jews by the Nazis for execution, is absolutely outrageous and completely irresponsible'.


There were also commentators who found the article good.

(There are always morons who follow the mainstream. Or homemade trolls.)


This form of journalism that is not inferior in the smallest way to the propaganda and incitement as Goebbels has operated, you can see in all western countries and media.

It smells of a concerted action and arranged smear campaign against Russia and especially against President Putin.

Otherwise I can not explain this incitement and hatred.

There are already been more often airliners shot down, but such a one-sided demonization it has never happened before.

Is it because Putin came back from the meeting of the BRICS group from South America, where the five member countries have agreed to establish a new financial institution, their own monetary fund ?

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will in future play a greater role in the world economy and on the international political stage.

In the eyes of the global elite, this will not be tolerated and they must not compete with their financial monopoly.




MH17 - First Aerial view of crash site

Parsifal, July 21, 2014

The first aerial photographs of the crash site shows how close the crash of the Boeing 777 took place near the village Rossipne, about 55- 60 kilometers from the Russian border.

The force of the explosion scattered metal parts, luggage and corpses landed on the fields, gardens and houses.


Other News:

- The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman has again been caught lying. He said on Sunday, the black boxes of the crashed Malaysian airliner are in the hands of the rebels and have been manipulated by them.



The contents of the black boxes can not be manipulates.

First, they are built so rugged from titanium to survive to 3400 G and temperatures of over 1.000 °C, second only experts who are conferred the right to may open and read out the data.

For this task, special devices are needed plus computers and software that process the data.

The lay, can not change the data anyway.


I remember when the group 'Pilots for 9/11 Truth' received the data from the black box of Flight 77 (Pentagon) after a FIA request, it was impossible to analyze the data because it was unreadable.

Only through the help of an expert from the aviation industry (manufacturing), the data were made readable.


- Russia has supplied the people's militia 'neither BuK missile systems, other types of weapons or military equipment', says a senior official of the Russian Defense Ministry.


- The Russian Lieutenant General Andrei Kartopolow said in Moscow, according to records of the Russian air traffic control, a Ukrainian fighter jet has approached flight MH17 immediately before the crash.

The interceptor type Sukhoi-25 was flown to within three miles approach of the Boeing 777.

Kartopolow to condense as a fighter is armed with air-to-air missiles which could destroy a target one hundred percent at this distance.

Ukraine should provide information about the suspicious approach, he says.


- Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia has said his government has taken with the local militia an agreement; the black boxes are handed over to representatives of the Malaysian government in Donetsk.



A good move by the 'separatists', because Malaysia is indeed most interested to learn the truth.

Thus, the flight data does not fall into the hands of the Americans and the Kiev junta.

The expected charge of the West to Russia also applies then not, they would anyway falsify everything.


Briefing of the Russian military about the crash of MH17:




Is it a coincidence that at the time of the downing of a 10-day maneuver of NATO under the name 'Breeze 2014' with modern-art intelligence and surveillance (AWACS and Aegis) took place, where U.S.. Army also oversaw the commercial air traffic ?

found out (Voice of America)

and different, from an independent source


Finally, a quote from the penultimate edition from 'Office of Naval Research':

'The future is here',

said Peter A. Morrision, program officer for ONR's Solid-State Laser Technology Maturation Program.

'The solid-state laser is a big step forward to revolutionizing modern warfare with directed energy, just as gunpowder did in the era of knives and swords'.

Gold in small units, also one gram at time

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The propaganda against Russia is gigantic

MH17 is propagandistically exploited by Kiev

6 Reasons To Question the Official Story of the Malaysian Flight Over Ukraine


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Kiev Attacks Donetsk, Headquarters for MH17 Response

MH17 Show and Tell: It's the West's Turn

The propaganda against Russia is gigantic
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Although not a single sound evidence against the so-called pro-Russian rebels and also against Russia have been presented, the charges against both have reached a hysteria that is not to beat.

The Western media and politicians put on only the irrational logic, Russians built the rocket that hit the jet.

Russians supplied the missile.

The shot-down the aircraft was in an area of ​​eastern Ukraine, which control pro-Russian rebels.

This argument is sufficient to shift the blame for the crash of MH17 to the Russians.

If one assumes this to the war on Gaza, then the United States are to blame for the hundreds dead and thousands injured Palestinians, because the U.S. has supplied Israel warplanes, rockets and bombs.

The weapons that have killed in Gaza so far 350 people are 'Made in USA'.

Parsifal, July 20, 2014


The biggest collaboration of presstitutes in Suisse brings today Sunday, the headline, 'No one stops Tsar Putin'.

To the teeth armed separatists were there, 'thanks to the help of Russia'.

The responsibility lies with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

'Ultimately, he has control over the whole situation,' says Obama.


Just so I could reverse this absurd headline and say, 'No one stops the warmonger and mass murderer, dictator and terrorist leader Obama'.

Who makes anywhere in the world one war after another ?

Only the United States.

Then, Israel was armed to the teeth by the U.S. and Obama ultimately has control over war against Gaza, which is run with American weapons.


The same applies to Syria and Iraq.

Washington armed the radical Islamic terrorists from the ISIS, there are U.S. weapons to kill the Syrian and Iraqi civilians and training provided by the CIA.

Where is the outcry from the media about this attributable to the end of Washington mass killing ?

Then there is the air-war with the killer drones, Obama has to answer and more than one thousand people lost their lives so far.


I repeat the question, where is the evidence demonstrating the Boeing 777 was shot down by the Malaysian Airlines by separatists ?

There are three days passed, and nothing is presented.

Is only utilized this tragic event to push forward the Putin-bashing with full throttle and to justify enhanced penalties.

It is almost assumed the Russian president had personally pressed the button to start the rocket.


There are eyewitnesses who report the airliner was grounded by a fighter jet with missiles.

'A few minutes before the crash of the Boeing a fighter jet was spotted in the sky', said a resident of the settlement at Grabowo Schachtjorsk.

'The fighter jet fired a few rockets that exploded somewhere in the sky.

Then fell debris down on us', the resident said.


This may be possible, but it is not even proven whether any missile was the cause of the crash.

It can be the cause just a technical malfunction, pilot error, or a bomb exploded on board.

What happens here is again a remote diagnosis without to know the facts in situ of what is really the cause of the crash.

How utterly dubious and implausible is that ?


It is claimed by the Ukrainian 'head of government' Arseny Yatsenyuk, the people's militia would prevent experts for accident investigation to get to the crash site.

This is also fully a lie and the opposite is the case.

Ukrainian criminal experts have already started their work at the crash site of the Malaysian passenger jets.

Currently, the site is investigated and made an inventory of the objects found.


The Donetsk Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Purgin has even expressly invited representatives of the aviation authorities of Malaysia, the Netherlands and the EU Commission and Boeing, ICAO, Euro Control and NTSB to investigate.

He says they were glad when the experts come at last, as the crash site would be difficult to maintain in pristine condition.


The crash site of the Boeing was sealed off by the armed forces of the People's Republic of Donetsk and is heavily guarded, as the press office of the Donetsk government announced.

'The entire site has been taken under protection from our people's militia people in the first few hours after the tragedy, to ensure the integrity of the crash site and in future also the safety of the experts who are working there,' says Purgin.


The assertion of the Western media, the militia had the bodies taken away too early or taken their property is a lie.

'Why do we need these?

Quite the contrary.

We want competent experts come and recover the bodies', said a representative of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Donetsk, who commands the people's militia at the crash site.


The property of the passengers is intact and is located at the crash site.

This was announced by Michael Bociurkiw, representatives of Ukraine Special Mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), on Saturday.

It was simply tried to determine the identity of the victims, in which we have collected the passports.

The bodies are recovered carefully


Meanwhile, all the bodies have been transported to nearby mortuaries because at the crash-site are temperatures of 30 degrees and one can not postpone this any longer.

There each locality was accurately marked, photographed the bodies of experts, noted their condition and then placed the bodies in body bags.

Now the debris to be investigated.

Experts examine the wreckage


Although work is done as good as possible under the very difficult circumstances, are constantly invented by the Western media scare stories and widespread, only have one objective, to propagandize the crash against the rebels, and especially against Russia, against Putin.

The smear campaign against Russia is gigantic.


As flight MH370 disappeared from the scene, immediately have either the passengers or pilots been suspected that they were to blame.

There was talk of a kidnapping with terrorist background, or the suicide of the pilot and other speculations.

What flight MH17 concerns heard no word on a possible motive on the part of the passengers and crew, although it is the same machine and the same airline.

Both events just a coincidence ?

What false claims and outright exaggeration bring the media constantly be seen in the message, 100 AIDS experts are among the victims of the crash of MH17.

In fact, there are only six.

The President of the International AIDS Society, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, has called the number of experts who died in the fall of the Malaysian Boeing:

On board were the six experts on the go and about to attend a conference in Australia.


As long as the data from the black boxes is not analyzed and the wreckage examined, one knows nothing about the cause of the crash.

Therefore hasty allegations are completely out of place and consist only of false accusations.

It's obvious the regime in Kiev and the western governments and the media is not interested in objective information, but to maximum only Russia and Putin-bashing.

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