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‘Letter to Jews’, which Kerry cited, appears to be fake​

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (Reuters/Jim Bourg)

A letter urging the Jews of Donetsk to get registered, which the US Secretary of State cited in Geneva, is a fake says a man whose signature appears on the communication.

Following the four-side meeting on the Ukrainian crisis in Geneva on Wednesday, John Kerry lashed out at a letter that was allegedly sent to Jewish citizens in Ukraine’s eastern town of Donetsk, asking them to register and report all their property, or be stripped of citizenship and face expulsion.

In year 2014, after all of the miles traveled in all the journey of history, this is not just intolerable, it's grotesque… beyond unacceptable," he stated.

Images of the letter have been circulating online.Embedded image permalink

This is the document that John Kerry has just referred to - calling on Jews in Donetsk to register.

The letter was stamped and signed by Denis Pushilin, who was identified on it as the “People’s Governor.”

However, Pushilin denied he had anything to do with the letter, claiming it was a fake.

There are similar letters not only addressed to Jews, but also to businessmen, foreign students, people of certain other occupations,” he told RT. “This is actually a fake, and not a good one. There’s a sign “People’s Governor”. First of all, no one calls me by that title, no one elected me. Secondly, the stamp is the former mayor’s. Everything’s photoshopped.”

Pushilin added that sensible people can only take what the authors of this “letter” were trying to say with humor. The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic “is multinational,” he said. “We get along perfectly well here with everyone. And there aren’t any conflicts on national grounds, that’s for sure.

Although the letter’s authenticity is questionable, the fact that it was mentioned by a top US official has quickly sent the “Letter to Jews” story viral. It struck a very sensitive chord with audiences worldwide and cast a grave shadow over anti-government protesters in Donetsk.

The “letter” story also went ballistic on Reddit. However, its authenticity was seriously questioned and the social network community concluded the document is "almost certainly fake."

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian MP who has visited the turbulent region, Boris Kolesnikov of the Party of Regions, has urged that information coming from Ukraine should be double-checked.

He believes that Ukrainian law enforcement agencies aren’t being totally honest when they describe the people participating in the protests and claim there are Russian servicemen among them.

Kolesnikov specifically referred to a video which earlier appeared online. In it a man in a military uniform told police officers, who switched sides in the city of Gorlovka and joined protesters, that he was Russian lieutenant-colonel from Simpheropol, Crimea. The man was later identified by Gorlovka residents as the former director of a local cemetery.

Officially, I’ve only seen one Russian serviceman,” Kolesnikov said. “The next day he appeared to be the ex-director of the Gorlovka cemetery, fired 2 years ago for selling 38 fences, stealing a monument and extorting money from old women for new graves. There are Interior Ministry and intelligence services in the country, which should give us truthful information.”

He added it was quite obvious that the protesters in Donetsk did not represent any danger to civilians and called for negotiations with the activists. These talks would explain Kiev’s position and that the government is ready to make amendments to the constitution.

The US appears to be relying on information from Kiev, while ignoring alternative points of view. And so it seems that a top US official picked up and railed about a letter of questionable authenticity.

Earlier in April, spokesperson for the US Department of State, Jen Psaki, said that protest events in eastern Ukraine “appeared to be a carefully orchestrated campaign with Russian support.

She was then asked if the department was only relying on Kiev in its assessment of the situation, or was using some independent sources.

Well, of course we remain very closely in touch with the Ukrainian Government, and that’s who we work closely with, and of course, they are on the ground, so their information is often very relevant and current,” was the reply.

The Ukrainian Army is in Disarray
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As history shows, when soldiers get no food and no pay, then they will not fight.

If the thing for which they are to sacrifice their lives is wrong, applies the same.

That was for thousands of years and is happening now in Ukraine.

It started in the Crimea after the fascist coup of 21 February in Kiev, as all ship-crews changed the flag, just as barracks later.

The Ukrainian flag was replaced by the Russian.

Now the crews of six tanks which have been assigned for the so-called anti-terrorism operation in the eastern Ukraine changed sides.

Instead of the Ukrainian flag they are waving the Russian and of the Donetsk region.

The soldiers told the people they met with, the new Ukrainian coup regime would not take care of them, why are they supposed to follow their orders ?

Parsifal, April 17, 2014

Image top: The population of Slaviansk welcomed the defectors with flowers

Sometime they'll give a war and nobody will come !

'For weeks we have not got to eat anything reasonable, Kiev has forgotten us.

Enough already! '

one of the soldiers informed the crowd that gathered around the tank.

'We are the people',

cried another.

In order to express their disagreement with the regime in Kiev some wore the orange-black bow on their uniform, the St. George's ribbon.

But they are not the only ones who change the side.

From many parts of the Ukraine is reported, whole brigades defect to the pro-Russian forces.

Also in Kramatorsk and Slavjansk have switched armored vehicles to the Ukrainian activists.

The Bild newspaper is lying ! (top: Ukrainian Soldiers with tanks change sides - the German made by CIA NATO glorification newspaper 'Bild' made of this report from Ukraine (below): (Ukrainian) 'Rebels capture Ukrainian Tanks'

Another humiliation for the regime took place in Kiev on Wednesday.

A military operation against pro-Russian forces in the East fell apart, as a whole contingent consisting of 21 armored vehicles divided in two columns.

The one surrendered and the other withdrew.

In another case, an armored column was stopped by angry people on the street.

After some negotiation, the commander handed over the entire armament the separatists which he was supposed to fight.


The Ukrainian army is in disarray.

What is this new 'government' in Kiev, massively supported and defended by the West whose military ignores their orders, absconds and runs to the opposite side ?

If a large part of the army followed no more commands and runs away, the Nazi regime is powerless.

Are therefore private mercenaries of Blackwater applied to combat the separatists because the regime does not own soldiers any longer ?

For what call the pro-Russian activists ?

They want to organize a referendum on the creation of a federalist Ukraine.

In the opinion of the Nazi regime, this idea must be fought with tanks and the West agrees.


Of course, the blame for the protesting is pushed to Moscow and not because the population of the eastern Ukraine does not want an illegal regime as a government.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Yaz the Raz) accusing Russia of the 'exporting of terrorism in the Ukraine'.

It is said, the Russian government is using covert forces to organize armed separatists who attacked the Ukrainian soldiers and occupied administrative buildings.

Again, there are good and bad building-occupants.

In February, in Kiev there were 'peaceful protesters' and in the Eastern Ukraine there are terrorists.


The situation in eastern Ukraine runs so massively against Kiev, President Yanukovych has decided over the coming weekend to go over the border from his exile in Russia and visit the East.

This is reported by diplomatic sources in Moscow.

The coup regime has completely lost control and can not prevail.

How could the Nazi government, if neither military or police obey ?


There is another message about 'mutiny' as far as my previous article about the crew of the USS Donald Cook.

The Romanian President Traian Basescu said in Constanta on Tuesday, the American warship would leave the Black Sea and replaced by another.

Why this early termination of the mission ?

The Cook should remain until April 24.

So my report is confirmed, the team was completely demoralized by the feint attack of two Russian Su-24 and 27 sailors disembarked.

Therefore, the replacement with a new U.S. warship.

The fear was written in the faces of the U.S. sailors, because the Russian fighter-bombers were equipped with the latest technology for electronic warfare.

Not only the early detection system of the USS Donald Cook did not work and the team was desperate.

The Russian machines could fly 90 minutes around them like a swarm of wasps.


The NATO soldiers also need to consider whether they should continue to obey criminal orders from above and sacrifice their lives for the financial elite.

These are behind the whole warmongering because all wars are not only based on deception but exclusively wars for the Banxters.

The presstitutes and politicians are their puppets.

The people in Europe and in Russia do not want war.

War only want the war mongers, most the banxters, for war is the best business.


Would you mind if I tell you why the US, EU and NATO are so upset about the accession of the Crimea to Russia ?

Why this insistent demonization of Russia takes place because of the Ukraine?

Because Russia is not under the slavery of Western central banks.

It does not matter which flag flies over the heads of the population, the main thing, the global financial elite is in control of the money and they are not in Russia’s case.


We are familiar with the famous quote by Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

'Give me control of a nation's money and I do not care who makes its laws'




War is the greatest of all sins, for it includes all other sins.




The 'Spiegel', the weekly voice of the empire of arrogance in Germany is putting people who are against war and for dialogue in the right corner and consider as conspiracy nuts.

How ingenious is this ?

Therefore one must be paid professional defamer.

If no arguments help, then the anti-Semitism lobe is brought out as usual.

'Russia-friends from the right corner'.

No, there is no corner where the fascists can put us.

But Beyond Illusion, the infinite space where peacemongers dwell.

Bing translated Spiegel article


related in BOLE

After feint attack U.S. Navy completely demoralized

After feint attack U.S. Navy completely demoralized
Category: Beyond Illusion
Tags: Sukhoi Su-24 USS Cook Warship Destroyer AirDefense BlackSea Bosporus Turkey Montreux Parsifal Russia America

The headline should in fact read:

U.S. warship approaches Russian fighter jets in the Black Sea.


Some Western media have reported on the incident on April 12 in the Black Sea.

A Russian fighter jet has repeatedly carried out mock attacks on a U.S. war/spy ship.

Early evening Saturday, twelve times the aircraft of the type Su-24 was flown at low altitude on the destroyer USS Donald Cook.

The jet had approached the ship to within 900 meters and was at an altitude of 150 meters above the sea on the fly.

The incident had protracted about 90 minutes.


What the media did not report is what happened after that.

Parsifal, April 15, 2014


The USS Donald Cook had to immediately put into a Romanian port, as the crew was quite frayed-out by fear.

27 sailors of the U.S. Navy immediately submitted their resignations and disembarked.

The Pentagon acknowledged the feint attacks of the Su-24 on the U.S. destroyer have created a demoralizing effect on the sailors.


As part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Cook fired on March 19, 2003 from the Red Sea the first cruise missiles at targets in Iraq


On Monday, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed the above event and called the aerial manoeuvres frightening and unacceptable, as it would have completely demoralized the crew of the warship and produced a negative impact on the general psychological climate.

There were even involved two Su-24.

27 crew members of the destroyer should have submitted their resignations and commented on their actions by saying they have no intention to put their lives in danger.


The spokesman Steven Warren said that the destroyer would patrol the waters of the Black Sea in the west, when the incident occurred.

Thereafter the ship had safely entered in the Romanian port of Constanta on Monday.

Members of the crew had to be psychologically cared for and recover from the stress suffered.


The USS Donald Cook is the third U.S. warship that came lately to the Black Sea.

Previously, the United States already had the missile frigate USS Taylor and the command ship for Amphibious Warfare, the USS Mount Whitney sent to protect the U.S. athletes during the Olympic Games in Sochi far from the Russian coast, before terrorists as Washington described the task...


Then happened a Malheur.

The USS Taylor ran on February 12 aground and no longer was able to fulfil its mission in the situation.

As the warship Samsun wanted to start bunkering fuel, damage on the propeller blades arose.

The guided missile frigate thereafter remained lying flat at the wharf of the Turkish harbour.

Captain Dennis Volpe was relieved of command and stepped back.


Since the beginning of February 2014, the new home port of the USS Donald Cook is Rota in Spain, together with three other destroyers coming later as so-called forward stationing.

U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said:

'A permanent stationing of four ships forward in Rota will lead us in the right place, not only in time but for all time'.

Rota has been around for 60 years an American naval base in Spain.


On April 8, the USS Donald Cook arrived into the Black Sea to demonstrate support, as part of the American effort to support Eastern European allies, because of the alleged Russian military build-up on the border with Ukraine.

Upon arrival, the aforementioned incident with two Russian Su-24 happened.

As a result of the token raid a 'lack of staff' was created, and the vessel had to quit his mission.


Oh how embarrassing.

That's what happens when you sail around in foreign waters where you have no business at all !


(Looks like if the U.S. Navy is not used to being attacked by 'enemy' fighter aircraft, even if only a mock.

Perhaps the sailors have realized their service is not a paddleboat pleasure trip in Central Park and not only consists of paella and vino tinto when ashore in Spain, but here it is a case of emergency, when 'the evil Russians' not tolerate the penetration of their pond by the U.S. Navy without naming a price.)

Paddleboats at Central Park, NYC


What business has the American Navy in the Black Sea ?

It is the Americans seemingly impossible to stay on their very large and rich continent.


If you look to the military expenditures of both countries investing the U.S. USD 680 billion and Russia USD 80 billion, eight and a half times as much.

Thus, it is clear who’s the war horny maniac here.


I just imagined how the U.S. would react if Russian warships would lie in front of the military ports on the west coast of the U.S…


Convention of Monteux

The Treaty of Montreux (also Straits Agreement) dated 20 July 1936, providing Turkey full sovereignty over the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus.

The treaty is still in force today and regulates the freedom of navigation through these waters.


For warships special rules apply.

In peacetime, the passage of a warship has to be communicated Turkey through diplomatic channels before, usually eight days before.

Non-Black Sea state warships

Warships of states that do not belong to the residents of the Black Sea shall not remain there more than 21 days.

There are also limitations on the tonnage of warships.

Not more than 15.000 tonnes must simultaneously pass through the straits.

Furthermore, generally over-water warships with more than 10.000 tons displacement (USS Donald Cook 8.315 tons) and submarines as well as aircraft carriers from countries that do not belong to the residents of the Black Sea may not pass the strait. (Wikipedia).


The destroyer Truxton, performs along with the navies of Bulgaria and Romania prolonged military exercises in the Black Sea, has exceeded the maximum allowed under the Montreux Convention, 21 days for non-Black Sea littoral ships.

It is said that the Donald Cook will join the Truxton and they will not replace it.

The U.S. will not only continue to violate the Montreux Convention, but also increase their naval presence in the Black Sea in the midst of crisis.


Derek Chollet, Assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense for International Security underlined in a justification 'to the House that the decision of the naval presence in the Black Sea in the midst of the crisis would be in line with the general U.S. policy' and, close cooperation 'with the Ukraine.


After 21 days…

can sink a bordering state any foreign warship without declaration of war, for example, Russia.

The knowledge of this option is naturally known the crew members and commanders of American warships and thus they fear for their lives.




But there is more:

According to a senior U.S. military, the Russian Su-24 was unarmed but equipped with a technology that has ‘turned off’ navigation, radar and weapons systems, namely all the electronics of the ship.

Thus, the complex weapon systems of the destroyer/spy vessel were completely useless and the sailors helpless.


And this is not even the latest Sukhoi machine.

These machines have been put into service in 1974.

How many diapers would have needed the soldiers, if one or two SU-35 flew feints ?



Oh, me stupid:

American fighter jets are all good and Russians jets are pure evil.

Just like everything that America and its allies do is always right and good and everything Russia does fundamentally evil and wrong.


Additionally, we should accustom ourselves that according the understanding of the U.S. government and thus automatically to the notion of Mrs. Merkel, that each country if it is ever allowed to maintain its own troops, must keep these in an area, authorized by the U.S. government, within the boundaries of its borders.

Any relocation of troops outside this area require the approval of the President of the United States of America, otherwise it is a serious violation of international law and the UN Charter.




Who becomes a U.S. Soldier ?

Many Desperate, Disillusioned, Students (to finance their studies) and many Hispanics, Blacks, and of course - Rednecks, hobby-Nazis and the criminally mentally Handicapped join the U.S. Army - after all, there's a whopping USD 39.000/Year !

Better than wipe the floor at McDonalds for minimum-wage.

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