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From Assimilation to Transformation…In a Single Breath
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by Iam Saums Contributor ZenGardner.com

A Prison Without Walls:

I am a slave.  You are a slave.  We are all of us slaves.  We have no idea the extent of our bondage.  When we are born, we are born into a life of servitude.  As we grow and mature into adults we are conditioned to become servants in a societal system that benefits the few at the cost of the many.  It could be said that most of humanity died as slaves without ever knowing they were.

We do not possess the time, patience, energy, interest, will power or dedication to transform this engineered society in which we exist, let alone simply identify it.  We are tethered to its intricate design.  It is a lifestyle of lunacy we are force-fed relentlessly until we accept it as “reality.”  When we do, our slavery is complete.

It is not solely an incarceration imposed by a covetous, authoritarian society.  It is an environ”mental” hypnosis that lulls us into a self-imposed separation and disassociation with not just others and ourselves, yet also with reality and life itself.  Our confinement exists only in the neural pathways of our mind.  In spirit, we are all free.  We are energetic beings that are connected to everything and everyone all the time.  Yet in reality, we are sentenced to a prison we have accepted as everyday human life.


As children, we are continually bombarded by sensory stimulation.  It is violence in all forms of media that desensitizes us to its impacts on others and ourselves.  It is advertisements (“hypnotize-ments”) promoting GMO-laden, high-sugar, chemical-filled foods, sodas and sweets that eventually lead to the conditions of our demise.  It is the chemical-manufactured, electromagnetic-emitting plastic devices we all possess which inevitably possess us through our infatuation with and dependence upon them.

When we become adults we are processed through the meat-market of social programming with dogmatic religion, left-brained dominant education, candy-coated, sex-infused entertainment, dualistic politics and manufactured news broadcasts that relentlessly attack our senses with perpetual fear.  Yet, we are conditioned most through peer pressure by the opinions and expectations of our friends and relatives.   In the vain of keeping up appearances we repress and imprison our vulnerabilities, the beautiful qualities we exhibit as human beings.  We sacrifice the best of ourselves in the pursuit of our social survival and acceptance.  Our assimilation is complete.

Breaking the Spell:

Everyday we are shackled to an artificial lifestyle that diverts our visions, passions, dreams and personal power away from us, far more often than we can possibly imagine.  We are not educated, mentored or empowered to establish and maintain our personal truth, energy, consciousness, power, health and relatedness with others.  Without exercising these basic fundamentals of conscious living, we wallow in the simulated sea we perceive as “reality.”  In essence, we exist within the paradigm of an elaborate and fantastic dream.  It is a dream from which most of us never awaken.  The cost of “living the dream” is never living the life we were destined to live.

Our freedom is choice in a world of indecision.  Do we decide to exist as a “human doing,” playing out a role that was imposed upon us to echo?  Or do we choose to live an extraordinary life of love, fulfillment, health, awareness and creative expression?  It is easy for us not to choose when we aren’t even aware that we have one, or that it matters.  It may seem even easier for us to surrender our choice due to the responsibility it may entail and the outcome with which we will have to live.  It is the easiest to choose “not” to choose when we witness the dire consequences of the choices others make.  When we do not make choices in our lives, we are choosing not to live.

Transformation…in a single breath:

Most people may believe that transformation is an excruciating process.  That it requires us to drag ourselves through the muck of our undesirable behaviors and qualities in the pursuit of releasing what it is that no longer benefits our lives.  This is true.  However, transformation is the most magnificent experience we may have.  It is a gateway that reunites us with our possibility.  It draws us out of our mind and body and connects us with our heart and soul.  Transformation reminds us who we truly are.

The beginning of transformation is breathing.  When we were born, our initial expression of life is taking our first breath.  When we die, our last expression of life is our final breath.  As we live, we overlook the blessing and disconnect from the life force that breathing provides.  We breathe only as much as we need for our survival.  It is interesting how we breathe with more depth and awareness when we are sleeping than when we are awake.  We seldom fully express this most vital element of our existence.

Conscious Breath:          

When we are confronted daily with drama, injustice and exposure to violence, we have a choice.  We can react with the energy of upset, anger, disappointment and judgment.  Or we can do what we need to do to live, breathe.  When we choose to breathe, we disengage from the chaos.   Our fear that provokes our reaction disappears in the expression of our conscious breath.  This may seem like a very elementary and radical strategy for living, yet it is as essential as the quality of the breath we take.  The quality of our breath is the measure of the quality of our life.  The more consciously we breathe our breath, the more consciously we live our life.

Our conscious breath is created in its awareness and expression.  Maintaining this quality of breath may seem unattainable.  It is not.  It only appears impossible because we have not fully established and developed our conscious breath.  All it requires of us is to dedicate a few moments of our time to breathe.  When we commit to conscious breathing, something extraordinary happens.  A shift occurs within us and our experience of life transforms right before our eyes.  When we express our conscious breath, it is not our environment that transforms, it is us.

Everything in our life is born from our breath.  Only with our conscious breath will we restore our senses, balance, truth and love.  Only with our conscious breath will we realize our purpose and manifest our destiny.  Only with our conscious breath will we create a pathway to our transformation.  The possibility of transformation inspires us to breathe our breath as though it is our first, or our last.  Only with our conscious breath are we truly alive.




Education for Planetary Survival and Awakening
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10 ways to take back our children from the mind-programming agenda of state controlled education and nurture the seeds of Awakened, Empathetic Humanity (Neo-humanism)

by Leslie Whiting


Some thoughts for Awakened Educators

We know that those who seek to enslave humanity, have exerted a tight control over the educational system.

 We know that the same system does NOT want, fully awakened, creative, intuitive, free thinking, truth-seeking, unstoppable, enthusiastic, loving, empathetic humans! So, let’s flood the world with them!

We know that our adversaries are experts in social engineering, mind-programming and planning a future of virtual servitude for us and future generations. 

We know that “they” do not think like us. The relentless pursuit of profit, and the equally relentless wars, whether chemical, electronic, mind-control,  satanic entertainment/media or military wars, waged upon our minds, bodies and environment; the  unleashing of genocides and brutality (in the name of “democracy”)  against innocent people in other countries who have committed no crimes except to exist and attempt to raise a family, the heartbreaking destruction of the natural environment are all “in your face” examples of behaviour that cause most decent people to recoil in horror. 

We know that they have our children in their crosshairs. They desperately seek to control the next generation to satisfy their lust for profit, control and to fight their wars. 

We, the parents and educators of the next generation, are on the front line of the battle for the minds of the next generation of human beings. We know that a generation of awakened minds will be the wave that spells the end for the control matrix. 

Whether you choose to home-school your child or be part of an evolving network of people co-creating an education system for the planetary survival and awakening, I hope some of the following 10 suggestions will add to the body of emerging ideas, and that some of them will resonate with you:

1. Nurture within the child the conviction of the inherent divinity within humans. We need to directly address the mental programming of children through TV, computer games and the entertainment industry which bombards them with messages of , brutality, militarisation and unnecessarily sexualized advertising and general banality. Normalising violence and brutality is their fear/control agenda, it is intended to render us helpless, it is not our story ! Turn off the TV!!  We can expose children to books/storytelling /adventure films/videos (internet)  (if you cant find them create them!) of genuine heroism, rescue, acts of kindness to humans and animals, tales of sacrifice, wisdom, compassion, where universal human values are in evidence and the highest in human nature is in evidence.  “People can be Awesome!” Let them know it!

2Empathy The “newly” awakened human is also a compassionate  human. A term “Neo-Humanism” describes this newly awakened or empathetic human being. Let’s steer them clear of the next generation trans-humanist experiment merging man and machine, bringing forth a “super-race” of micro-chipped worker drones and super-soldiers endowed with extraordinary skills, subservient to “the control matrix”,  but totally devoid of the capacity for compassion or conscience. It’s NOT cool to wear a RFID watch/bracelet and be under surveillance 24/7. It’s not cool to be dumbed down and enslaved!

In opposition to their agenda we can nourish the innate seeds of empathy of the truly human child by engendering awareness of the needs, yearnings, strivings and birthright of all beings (plant, animal, human), for an environment and sustenance that enables healthy growth, development, co-existence and evolution to realize their full potential. We can encourage the awareness of the interconnectedness of all life-forms by stories, videos, activities, research and tasks (selfless service) that allow them to experience and practice empathy.

3. Transcendence. Cultivating the awareness of the need for times of quiet, reflection, meditation, listening, communion with nature, as ways of  reducing stress, gaining insight and perspective, attuning to the higher mind and making contact with the inner world of the soul, balancing the left and right brain, intellect and intuition, logic and creative insight. From this contact with the higher mind, the dormant 99% of our potential….the DNA which is our birthright can be activated from childhood. Moreover, a powerful mind, a refined and focussed intellect in contact with the higher Self, is not likely to fall victim to any kind of mind manipulation.

4. Dialogue: an ideal educator is engaged in a constant dialogue with each child as an individual, in a bond of mutual love, trust and respect, as a co-student of life. A true spiritual master does not feed information to the student but engages him or her in a path of dialogue, enquiry, challenge. Likewise, a true educator engages in an ongoing dialogue and exchange, listening , responding and challenging (as opposed to “teaching”) and thus ignites in him/her an a contagious enthusiasm for knowledge, and the self-empowerment that comes with figuring something out for oneself.

5. Discovery and encouragement of the child’s innate passions and interests. This requires a trust in the child’s innate drive, capacity and intuitive sense of what he/she needs to learn at that moment, when not interfered with by adults deciding what the child “should” be learning.

Each child is a soul that enters this world bearing its own gifts, talents and passions with which (unless distorted or prevented from doing so) it will enrich human civilization. Their own innate curiosity will drive them to seek the skills and information to develop those talents unless they are “killed off” by well intentioned but ignorant parenting or schooling.

This process will be greatly aided by a rich environment where the child is exposed to a wide variety of resources and activities to spark interest and ignite their enthusiasm and allow them maximum choices.

6. Exposure to beauty in all its forms, natural and human-made through exposure to the arts, nature, great music, architecture etc. This can offer the possibility to refine and sensitizes the child’s aesthetic sense and inner needs for harmony, balance and grace, developing subtle senses and balancing the hemispheres of the brain.

7. Self knowledge and self mastery, self confidence, self esteem. Beyond the acquisition of academic skills, the childs seeks life-skills, the the ability to reflect upon actions and their consequences, the ability  to make (genuine) choices and decisions and responsibility for ones actions. The child needs to be empowered to exercise a methodical thought process that involves discernment and discrimination. These skills enable a child to self-regulate their own behaviour.  The child (as well as the educator) is first and foremost  a student of Life and seeks the tools to know and develop him or herself towards Self-Realisation.

8. The ModelThe Awakened Educator. An educator of a future awakened generation must be an awakened adult, a lover of Life, totally committed to their own spiritual practice and evolution, striving to walk their talk and model it in every action. The awakened educator is both a mature responsible adult, and also, at heart, a child – as much enchanted by life as they are! A child will learn more from what you are than from anything you ever say. You can’t fake it!

9. Enthusiasm for life. Perhaps the greatest “gift” or ability that an educator can nurture in the child is the “thirst for knowledge” itself –   a divine enthusiasm, which will be the driving force to allow the child to be a life-long learner,  always engaged, always absorbed and always learning, under any circumstances and at any age.

10. Interconnectedness – The early identification and positive role and security of a loving family unit, it will enable the child to have the confidence to expand into the wider world with strength, responsibility, empathy and genuine love. In accordance with the elite control agenda, the broken family, the promotion of gay marriage, the rootless refugee fleeing from war zones or the young child who spends long hours in daycare or that is virtually “owned” by the state, creates (by design) an environment where the child is deprived of  the positive healthy basis for this natural progression, and can be far more easily manipulated.

In opposition to the elite agenda of the disintegration of the family, learning is ideally a community based effort in which children can value, learn from and respect the roles and involvement of family members, of the wider circle of family, neighbors, friends, and the stable community in which they grow up…..a social environment which is becoming increasingly rare in the West.

At the same time the lessons of independence and “initiation” into full adulthood are as essential (but not contradictory to) the acknowledgement of our interdependence and our connectedness.  In ever widening circles, their sense of connectedness expands to encircle all humans, the environment and its creatures, the planet and the universe as their home and Cosmic family.


Our Power
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