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Zionist Terrorism in Gaza - Max Igan - Red Ice Radio - July 30, 2014
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Ebola Treatments And The Cure Of Irresponsibility
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Here is the link that proves the human testing was done Prior to the first case to show up in February. http://biotechnologyfocus.ca/tekmira-doses-first-subject-in-human-clinical-trial-of-tkm-ebola/
For those of you who thinks a cashless society is impossible, look ahead. It makes one think of Imposed RFID


18 + The Israeli Bombing Orgy
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Jürgen Todenhöfer has said in German TV Discussion 'Anne Will' on Wednesday night in no uncertain terms what he thought of the war against the population in Gaza.

'Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas rockets.

Israel has no right to defend itself in a bombing spree.

And what I saw was a bombing spree.

It was so disproportionate, that I say:

It was a war crime'.


'There is a self-defense right of the Palestinians against the constant land theft.

And in Gaza, the people have a right to defend themselves against the fact that they live like in a ghetto.

They must not fight back by cheap rockets which hit the civilians.

I have a dream:

That 1.8 million people in a peaceful demonstration march to Erez, without weapons, only with banners, and that they have only one call:



so Todenhöfer.

Parsifal, July 31, 2014

image top: Palestinian in a refugee camp has to identify the corpse of a related child

Meanwhile, the number of dead has risen to 1.400 in Gaza and more than 7.600 people are injured.

Israeli bombs and shells hit a busy market on Wednesday, just hours after the grenades hit a UN school which was full of refugees.

In this case, 17 people were killed and 90 injured.

The UN says there are over 220.000 refugees who had to flee from the so-called buffer zone from residential areas that have been completely destroyed by Israeli attacks.


Netanyahu has announced on Thursday that the war against Gaza is to run to the end, whatever that means.

Sure more destruction, bloodshed and deaths.

The Israeli army has conscript new 16.000 reservists, in addition to the 86.000 soldiers who make already for three weeks against the people of Gaza a criminal war.

What cowardly pigs are those, as THIRD LARGEST army in the world to shoot at unarmed civilians !

What most Westerners do not understand the Zionist regime wants to make the livelihood of the people of Gaza so unbearable, bring so much destruction, death and suffering so that Palestinians finally VANISH and go into exile somewhere.

It is the second Nakba be triggered, so they scoot completely.

The first in 1946 was the beginning of the disaster; the Zionist immigrant from abroad expelled the Palestinians in the millions from their ancestral homeland with terror and massacre.

The creation of Israel only for Jews is based on a crime and great injustice, on the expulsion of the Palestinians with ethnic cleansing, to make room for Jewish immigrants.

The Palestinians, the land was stolen, taken away from them their home and they were locked up in a small ghetto where they with ZERO rights languish for 70 years.

They will experience the same fate as the North American Indians, which has been stolen also the whole country and pent-them-up in Native American reserves.


At that time the white settlers have actually said 'The only good Indian is a dead Indian'.

Now say the Jewish settlers 'just another dead Palestinian is a good Palestinian'.

In both cases, this is pure hate and genocide !


The following pictures show what is happening in Gaza:

Who supplies weapons to Israel is complicit

Thank you Obama for the grenades 'Made in USA'

shot from 'safe' distance

The explosions are enormous among the civilian population

So schools are hit ...

Mosques destroyed ... ...

And hospitals ...

The pain that parents experience ...

... can not be put into words

since there are the children's bodies.

The list of children murdered

Israeli gawkers gazing as the genocide in Gaza unfold.

They have couches and camping chairs set up in order to better delight in the spectacle


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


In the following video you can see how ambulances arrive at a place where an attack has occurred, to recover the dead and wounded.

Reporters also get there.

Then explode grenades and there are more victims among the helpers and the press people:



There are sharp sanctions against Russia imposed for the crash of MH17, there is but STILL no one single piece of evidence, Moscow has something to do with the death of 298 passengers.

On the contrary, everything suggests it was the Nazi regime in Kiev itself.

Against the genocide of the Palestinians nothing is done, even though all evidence is at hand, are not imposed sanctions or boycotts.

The criminal Israeli action is defended, whitewashed and designated as legitimate.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The representative of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), Christopher Gunness, reported to Al Jazeera about the massacre of the children by the Israeli attacks on schools in Gaza.


'The rights of the Palestinians, even their children, are completely denied, and it is horrific',


Gunness said and then began to cry and desperate sobbing.

The interview then had to be canceled:

After attack on UN school in Gaza UNRWA Christopher Gunness breaks down in tears on live TV


It would not need more as to show this video the Israel-defenders so they finally stop denying and know the truth !

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