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Those who don’t lay arms, will be destroyed - Ukrainian military op commander
Posted by Tatiana

Those who don’t lay arms, will be destroyed - Ukrainian military op commander

Ukrainian soldiers are seen near a MI-8 military helicopter and armored personnel carrier at a checkpoint near the town of Izium in Eastern Ukraine, April 15, 2014. (Reuters / Dmitry Madorsky)

Ukrainian soldiers are seen near a MI-8 military helicopter and armored personnel carrier at a checkpoint near the town of Izium in Eastern Ukraine, April 15, 2014. (Reuters / Dmitry Madorsky)

A Ukrainian general leading the operation against protesters in the east of the country has warned that activists who refuse to lay down their arms will be “destroyed.”

Follow LIVE updates as military operation unfolding in eastern Ukraine

“They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms,...Read More

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IT'S NOT WHAT I EXPECTED! Tags: Living as a Master


Living as a Master is so different from anything I ever expected. I’ve imagined enlightenment in many different ways and almost all of them had one thing in common: that at long last I would gain ultimate power over my own life.

To manifest money out of thin air. To have people flocking to hear what I have to say. To instantly heal myself and others. To drive as fast as I want and never get a speeding ticket. To teleport my body to anywhere I want to be without need of airplane or automobile. To manifest the perfect lover or the perfect dream home at will. To make the war-mongers and stupid people see the folly of their ways and make peace on Earth. And on and on. Who among you hasn’t imagined that being an enlightened master would include at least some of those expressions of power?

Living as a Master is so different than anything I ever imagined. The more I realize my enlightenment the more I discover that real mastery is not about gaining power or control over anything, including myself, and it’s not about healing or fixing my own or the world’s problems or even creating the life of my dreams. Rather, being a master is about ultimate allowing. It is about living my life with no power at all and allowing everything.

Living as a Master is so very ordinary. I go through life a lot like everybody else, with all the same needs and concerns and pains and joys. I eat and sleep and get tired and sore just like everybody else, and for now I still have to take medicine to keep my blood sugar in check.

I have debts and need a constant stream of money to pay the bills, to buy fuel and repairs for my camper-van home, and to pay for places to park when I get tired of the parking lots. My mind still freaks out sometimes too, like it did the other day when for the first time on this particular adventure I didn’t know where to go next.

Since I left what used to be my home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last December, I always knew what my next destination was: Santa Fe to take care of some clients. Eugene, Oregon to deliver my beloved cat, Toby, to my former partner, because he hates travelling and he needs a home that doesn’t move.

The Oregon coast for a little ocean energy. Ashland, to visit my niece and nephew. Yreka, California, to have lunch with an old friend and fellow master. And then Redding, and suddenly I have no more plan. I don’t know anyone here and the city is not friendly to parking-lot surfers, and I don’t have a feeling for which direction to go from here. And to make matters worse, in the Shoud just before I got here Adamus yelled at people who live in their cars. Now what?

But even my mind is starting to get on board with my enlightenment, so the freak-out was very mild compared to times past. The fact is that I have a very nice home that serves this point in my life extremely well, even if it is on wheels, and it has the advantage of being able to park in many beautiful places. But where now?


The forecast was calling for rain throughout California and I had no one left on my list of people to visit in this part of the country, and I had a backlog of work to catch up on. Something inside said, Just stay here for a while.


Okay, but where? They don’t like people spending nights in parking lots here.


There’s a beautiful RV park down on the river.


Yes, but RV parks cost money!


So?    This week you need a home.


So I went to the RV park and rented a space for a week, and the past several days of pouring rain have been a wonderful inner nurturing time with myself. In a couple days when my week is up I’ll either know where I’m going or I’ll pay for more time, but it doesn’t matter, for this is a beautiful place and above all else this journey is about spending time with me.

Living as a Master is the most extraordinary thing I have ever experienced. As I write this I see that living without power is also living without worry, for what’s the point of worrying when, by your own choice, you have no power and can’t do anything about it anyway?

When I make the conscious choice to truly allow I find that the worry fades away into a simple and trusting surrender, and then Grace comes and EVERYTHING works out. Everything I need is just there when I need it, and so much of what I want, too.

Life is becoming truly magical in such an ordinary way, and more and more of those miracles that I used to crave the power to perform just happen. Not on demand, but exactly when they are needed and in the most surprisingly ordinary of ways.

Living as a Master is not at all what I expected, but it sure is grand! There are getting to be quite a few people who know exactly what I mean and who will tell you all the same things in their own way, and if you want to hear more then you’ll want to check out Living Masters, our newest Awakening Zone show.

Every fourth Thursday host Mary Beth Shewan talks with real people, real Shaumbra, who are already living their enlightenment. Their stories are fascinating, poignant, often humorous, and so inspiring to anyone who is beginning to experience their own mastery, so don’t miss it!





FROM THE ZONE By John McCurdy – Awakening Zone Coordinator

Creating with Light
Tags: Orin & Daben Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

~ Creating With Light ~

Light is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. You might think of light as a living presence that can be anywhere or everywhere at once. It responds to your thoughts of it. Light is present in all known universes, although not in exactly the same form as in yours.

Light is a potent force of transformation; that is why the new wave of light that is moving through your universe is creating so many changes. You can use light to strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and soul. You can call upon it to transmute energy and to empower and heal yourself and your loved ones. Light can increase your vibration, amplify the strength of your positive thoughts, and open your heart. You can link with it, harness its power, and create good all around you.

The amount of l light on your planet is reaching critical mass; the forces of light are growing stronger every day. That means everything you do that is positive and loving is more influential than anything you do that is not. It was not always this way. In the distant past, the power of light on your planet wasn't as great. It took a great deal of intent and focus to create something good. It took a lot of work to shift energy to a higher order. As the forces of light continue to grow stronger, even a small step toward your higher good and spiritual growth will take you further faster than at any time in the past.

Your intuitive understanding of what light is and how to connect with it is more important than any definitions I could give you. If I were to say to you, "Connect with light," you would instinctively know how to do that, for your Higher Self and soul are always connected with light. As you think of light you begin to vibrate w ith your Higher Self and soul.

Call light to yourself and fill yourself with light.

You can bring more light into your life by thinking of it. Light responds to your thought of it; as you think of it, it is immediately drawn to you. At first it is easier to draw light to you than it is to radiate light. As you think of light more often, you will become charged with light, building a radiant body of light all around you. The more light your body can hold, the higher your vibration and the greater your ability to transform the energy around you into a higher order.

Imagine you are standing under a waterfall of sparkling light, and that your body and aura are becoming more and more radiant. Feel light flowing through your body. Just thinking of light will rejuvenate your body at a cellular level and increase your available energy. Light can lift yo u to your next level of growth and dramatically change what you experience.

Connect with light for a few moments during the day–at work, in your car, at home, or in a store. Every time you connect with light you are building a bridge between yourself and the higher realms. As you build this bridge of light you will become more radiant and effective on the earth plane in whatever you are doing.

A very powerful use of light is to imagine that you are putting up a sphere or cocoon of light around you, which extends above your head and below your feet. Do not think of light as protection, but as an energy that is so strong it raises the vibration of everything around you. Use this image to create within you a feeling of strength, harmony, and love. When you surround yourself with light you do not have to build a wall around you to keep things out; your light will transform every thing a round you into a higher vibration.

~ Orin & Daben, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer

Benjamin Fulford 4-14-14: ‘Surrender or die,’ that is the choice the US cabal government now faces Tags: Benjamin Fulford


“Surrender or die,” that is the choice the US cabal government now faces

The criminal cabal that hijacked the Republic of the United States of America and turned it into a global pariah have been cornered to a point where they must either surrender or die. This is becoming obvious on many levels. For example, last week even the member nations of the globalist International Monetary Fund lined up 187 to 1 against the United States in an effort to get them to relinquish their veto control of that institution.

Even more troubling for the families that control the Federal Reserve Board has been the massive ongoing attack on their petrodollar. In particular, the situation in the Ukraine is turning into a historical cabal defeat.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has begun insisting that Europe and the Ukraine pay for their supplies of Russian gas with something other than US dollars. The Europeans have little choice but to agree to this, thus sealing the fate of the petrodollar.

US Corporate Government President Barack Obama, working under orders from puppet masters like George Soros, tried convincing the Middle Eastern oil producing countries to drive down the price of oil and bankrupt Russia but was rebuffed.

Obama then turned around and went to the Chinese where, according to Chinese government sources, he offered to hand over to China control over all of South East Asia and Japan if China agreed to use the People’s Liberation Army to put pressure on Russia. The Chinese, however, are fully aware that Obama represents the same regime that tried to kill most of China’s population with ethnically targeted bio-weapons a few years ago and thus will not make a deal with them against Russia.

The Chinese however, are insisting that the United Nations move its headquarters to Asia and reform its security council so that it more accurately represents the population of the planet earth. They are also coming to the conclusion that the cabal has no intention of handing over control of the World Bank or the IMF so they are preparing to set up a new institution that will have far more funds available to it than both the World Bank and the IMF combined.

The Europeans, for their part, have begun supplying Tesla free energy technology to countries that do not have their own oil and gas resources, like India and Japan, as part of their move against the petrodollar. They want to make sure that there is an option other than a China/Russia or China/US petrocurrency for these countries.

It is in this context that Obama is coming to Japan later this month where no doubt he will ask the Abe slave government to help it attack China and Russia, something that will not happen because neither the Japanese military nor the Pentagon forces in Asia are about to go along with such a plan.

Few can forget the fact that Obama represents a widely hated pariah regime. Let us review exactly what sort of regime Obama represents by looking at its activities over the recent past. First of all, this regime remotely hijacked Malaysian airlines flight 370 and flew it, via Diego Garcia Island and Israel to Florida, where it was loaded with a nuclear weapon. This plane was then flown towards Holland where it was used as a threat against world leaders gathered there for a “nuclear terror summit.” The plane was stopped by the Dutch air-force and, the only thing this stunt accomplished, was further alienate the Europeans from the US corporate government.

After his threats failed, Obama asked both Iran and Saudi Arabia (as mentioned above) to help drive the price of oil down and bankrupt Russia. The Saudis, who would face revolution overnight if they ran out of money to bribe their population, are not in a position to drive the price of oil down. Furthermore, they feel betrayed by the Obama in places like Syria and have already publicly announced they are no longer a Federal Reserve Board client state.

The Iranians, who know full well the Feds have been trying to nuke them or bankrupt them for years, also refused to play ball.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has also decided to stop supporting the Nazi linked Muslim Brotherhood and is said to regret his past moves to support them in Syria and elsewhere.

It was in this dire context that last week representatives of the Rockefeller and Bush families had negotiations with a representative of the White Dragon Society. The Bush representative, a senior manager of the Carlyle Hedge Fund who personally knows George Bush Sr., tried to convince the WDS that “Bush was really not that smart or powerful.” He also said that the perhaps the ultra-rich should flaunt their wealth less.

The Rockefeller representative cited all the recent progress in computer technology, such as smart-phones with GPS and super-high resolution TV screens as proof the US cabal was doing a good job.

The Rockefeller representative was told that although these were nice things, they were a far cry from the future of inter-planetary travel we had all expected to have been fully underway during the 21st century. In other words, it is clear the planet earth is under quarantine because of the criminal mass murdering cabal that controls the US government.

The Bush representative was shown a hand-written note demanding that corporate media in the US start broad-casting the truth about 911 and 311 before the end of this month and that all funds stolen by the cabalists be returned to their rightful owners.

The rest of the contents of the note are not known but it goes without saying that a lot of powerful people have run out of patience and are demanding an end to Nazi trouble-making around the world.
The WDS is being inundated with demands that these criminals be rounded up and put in prison, if not killed outright, ASAP. They are proven mass murderers and any member of the CIA or Pentagon or other agencies who is in a position to do something about these scum must either act or it is guaranteed they will sooner or later be jailed as accomplices.

These people include George Bush Sr. and Jr. and their immediate family, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Chertoff, Frank Carlucci, James Baker, Michael Hayden, General Richard Myers, Benjamin Netanyahu, etc. The Blood Moon demands either justice or retribution.


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