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What if we realize that we have not noticed ?
What if it is time to act and no one knows it ?
What if the euro (dollar) has already failed ?
What if neither saving nor print money are the solution ?
What if the billions that are taken the inhabitants of the country do not land there where we believe ?
What if the euro rescue (debt ceiling) won't help anyone but only hurts ?
What if Europe's (Americas) politicians work against the interests of the people ?
What if we recognize that the crisis can not be unwound but delayed by more and more expropriation ?
What if we recognize that the EU (US) has brought the people of Europe (America) HATE instead of peace ?
What if our information is deliberately concealed or twisted ?
What if there are the laws and institutions that are imposed on us by force, the arbitrariness of some few ?
What if we find out the ever-expanding surveillance is not to protect us but to control ?
What if we recognize that the coercive social system destroyed human kindness and compassion ?
What if the media and the politicians are influenced by the same people ?
What if the drug war does more harm than the drugs themselves ?
What if our state-controlled financial system turns out to be the biggest scam in history of mankind ?
What if taxation is robbery ?
What if we realize that the freedom of each individual is more important than the will of the collective ?
What if we, ourself think again rather than to swallow anything what professional opinion makers serve us ?
What if the government does not solve problems but IS the problem?
What if capitalism has long ceased to exist ?
What if we really can not decide at elections ?
What if the next world war is coming ?
What if we recognize that we live in a lie ?
What if 2012 is really 1933 ?
What if we put away the chains that arrest us ?
What if already for long there are solutions available to many of our problems ?
What if we finally start to ask the right questions ?

What if all these questions are true ?



“Electronic Tattoo” to Track Your Medical Information Tags: HISTORY NEWS SPIRITUALITY WHAT IS ILLUMINATI WORLD TRUTH

“Electronic Tattoo” to Track Your Medical Information; is this a prelude to ‘Mark of the Beast’ ?

It sounds like something out of George Orwell’s book 1984, yet scientists have touted it as a major advancement in the field of medicine. Have you heard of the ‘electronic tattoo’ fully equipped with the ability to track patients’ vital signs and report the findings to researchers? The technology is known as an epidermal electronic system (EES), and was developed by an international team of researchers from the United States, China and Singapore.

When it comes to microchips, implants, or electronic tattoos—it all sounds a little too futuristic, like these “advances” may be paving the way for government tracking of citizens, or worse. But some industries are promoting these high-tech ideas as major advancements in their field. The medical field is just one place these ideas are gaining a foothold.

According to the International Business Times, hospitals and doctors’ offices may one day soon outfit their patients with temporary electronic tattoos. These little skin-patches are said to carry a wealth of information in a tiny space and can reportedly help reduce medical errors while improving care.

“Our goal was to develop an electronic technology that could integrate with the skin in a way that is mechanically and physiologically invisible to the user,” says John Rogers with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. So, invisible electronic tattoos are good?

“It’s a technology that blurs the distinction between electronics and biology,” says Rogers in characterizing the patches that allow researchers to track vital signs and more.

The devices are small and “nearly weightless”. They are thinner than a human hair and attach to the body using water rather than an adhesive. In that regard, they are very much like temporary tattoos. But unlike the bubblegum tattoos, these have electronic components.

Researchers believe they will one day be used in hospitals worldwide. And given the fact that even our animals are implanted with a microchip, the researchers may be right. It isn’t as difficult it seems to convince the people what’s ‘right’ for them.

Rather than hooking someone up to a wide range of wires and adhesives, the small patches will give medical professionals all of the vital information they need. In addition, the researchers are working on variations that are voice activated, allowing wearers to operate a voice-activated video game with more than 90-percent accuracy.

This aspect could lead you to wonder, if they are able to be voice operated by the wearer, couldn’t they be voice-operated by another controller?

“This type of device might provide utility for those who suffer from certain diseases of the larynx. It could also form the basis of a sub-vocal communication capability, suitable for covert or other uses,” said Rogers.

The scientists are now working on a better adhesive, without sacrificing the ease of the water application. Their concern is that skin regenerates itself, and a new tattoo would need to be reapplied so as not to lose the old one with soughed away dead skin cells.

It seems that this ‘advancement’ has just brought us closer to merging man with machine. Soon, some of us may even be grasping immortality.

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What is a Warrior?


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