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Blowing the whistle on CIA involvement in drug dealing - Michael Rupert 'suicided '

9/11 conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist 'commits suicide'

  • The 63-year-old former narcotics investigator with the LAPD, shot himself after a final radio show broadcast, a friend reported
  • Mr Ruppert gained notoriety for theories that the U.S. government and Wall Street were behind 9/11 attacks
  • A friend told MailOnline today: 'He believed what he believed. All of his work was motivated by his love of humanity'

Conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist Michael Ruppert, 63, has reportedly committed suicide

By Louise Boyle


9/11 conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist Michael Ruppert has reportedly committed suicide.

The 63-year-old former narcotics investigator with the LAPD shot himself after his radio show, according to an announcement by author Carolyn Baker who was a guest on his final broadcast on Sunday.

Mr Ruppert was famous for his litany of conspiracy theories which encompassed the CIA to drugs, international politics, the oil industry, Wall Street and 9/11.

On her Facebook page, Ms Baker wrote: 'This was not a ''fake'' suicide. It was very well planned by Mike who gave us few clues but elaborate instructions for how to proceed without him.

'It was my privilege to have known Mike for 14 years, to have worked with him, to have been mentored by him, and to have supported him in some of his darkest hours, including the more recent ones.... Thank you Mike for all of the truth you courageously exposed and for the legacy of truth-telling you left us. Goodbye my friend. Your memory will live in hour hearts forever.'

Mr Ruppert, 63, has recently moved to the Rocky Mountains, a friend said in a Facebook announcement about his death

Dozens of fans left tributes to Mr Ruppert on his Facebook profile page.

Attempts by MailOnline to confirm Mr Ruppert's suicide were unsuccessful.

42 West, the New York publicity department for his 2009 documentary Collapse hung up the phone when contacted while the Milwaukee production office could offer no information.

Attempts to contact author Carolyn Baker were so far unsuccessful.

Phone numbers connected to Mr Ruppert's businesses were disconnected.

Max Mogren, who worked with Mr Ruppert for 15 months between 2011 and 2012, could not confirm his death today but said that a lot of his former colleagues' close friends had posted messages of condolence online.

Mr Mogren told MailOnline today that Mr Ruppert was very passionate and very committed to his work.

Mr Mogren said: 'He believed what he believed. All of his work was motivated by his love of humanity.'

After leaving the LAPD, Mr Ruppert started a  website From The Wilderness which claimed to expose government corruption. It included his claims that he had seen drug-dealing at the CIA.

Mr Ruppert gained notoriety by confronting
then-CIA Director John Deutch during a meeting in 1995 and telling him that he had seen CIA officers involved in drug-dealing.

He later claimed on his website that the CIA and American government was involved in 9/11.

In 2004, he published Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

The book alleged than former VP Dick Cheney had conspired with Wall Street and other government officials over the September 11 World Trade Center attacks.

In 2009, he starred in a documentary called Collapse where he spoke about his theories involving the demise of mankind following the economic and energy crises. 

His work was not without detractors. Many claimed that the investigator only used partial sources to qualify his work. Activist and writer Norman Solomon wrote: 'Some of the problem is in how he characterizes news reports. These citations can be narrowly factual yet presented in a misleading way. Yes, such-and-such newspaper reported that thus-and-so claim was made by so-and-so. The paper reported on the claim, but that doesn't mean the claim is true.'

Mr Ruppert had recently moved to the Rocky Mountains.

He is survived by his partner Jesse Re.

Ode to Harry Reid Tags: Humor/Satire Poetry Prose

By Zen Gardener

Here’s to you, Harry….


Harry Reid, you bastard, yes all are agreed

Your concerns for us all are so bullshit indeed

How such a douchebag can have this control

Reminds me of one thing, a thing called a troll



You’re clearly all in it for personal gain

A financial windfall or power regained

You couldn’t be lower on the evolutionary chain

And yet you keep at it, Harry, again and again


When people like you are emboldened with power

In an effort to make the minds of free men cower

It only strengthens our heartfelt desire

To see your type roasting deep in the fire


You persecute, subjugate, all at a whim

Tragically harming those on a limb

You’re a puppet, a shithead, agent provocateur

This is the reason you’re at the end of your tour


You suck, you bastard, you despicable fool

Posing voice of your masters, just really a tool

You’re a lowlife scum who needs to leave for your call

To the dying infected underfoot of us all.


Posted HERE


VIDEO: That Hillary shoe-throwing thing does look kind of fake, huh? Tags: Hillary Clinton

VIDEO: That Hillary shoe-throwing thing does look kind of fake, huh?


Rush wouldn’t doubt it, and neither would we.

Media Matters for America is hilarious. Its supposed mission is to expose conservatives saying outlandish things. But many of the things they “expose” are not all that outlandish at all, and the fact that MMA thinks they are really just exposes how delusional MMA is about the politicians they admire.

For instance: Is it outlandish to suggest Hillary Clinton would pull a stunt that is totally fake if she thinks it would help her political fortunes? Only a completely naive fool or the most partisan of Democrats would think so. But the fact that Rush Limbaugh merely acknowledged the possibility has gotten him in the crosshairs of Media Matters and, by extension, liberal media outlets like The New Yorker:

Several conservative pundits were branded “shoe truthers” by Talking Points Memo on Monday when they suggested Hillary Clinton might have arranged for a woman to throw a shoe at her last week. Their comments were probably satirical – or at least, we hope Fox News commentator Bernard Goldberg doesn’t actually think that, “Remembering the Bush incident, [Clinton] may have calculated that this would make her seem presidential.” We can’t say the same for Rush Limbaugh. When a caller asked about the incident on his radio show, Limbaugh confessed he hasn’t actually seen the video of Clinton’s footwear dodge, and is thus “ill-equipped to comment.” However, that didn’t prevent him from theorizing on how it all relates to Benghazi.

If you actually listen to Rush’s comments, he’s not really expressing the opinion that it’s fake as he acknowleges he hasn’t seen the video and isn’t all that interested in watching it. He merely suggests it’s never crazy to suspect phoniness and insincerity on the part of the Clintons. Listen for yourself:

As we see down below, the identity of the shoe-thrower is probably the best argument that the incident isn’t fake. She sounds pretty kooky.

But is it plausible to think Hillary and her people could have staged this? You have to start by recognizing that Hillary’s entire persona is fake. The notion that she is credible as a potential president of the United States is fake. The notion that her resume is impressive is fake, because she used her name and her by-associaiton-with-Bill political influence to get impressive-sounding jobs in which she did absolutely nothing. She faced fake gunfire in Bosnia. She made a fortune doing fake cattle futures trading. Her explanation for how she suddenly found those billing records was fake. Her exaggerated facial expressions are fake. Her marriage is fake. She is fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. So why would you consider it outlandish that any given event with which she is associated could be fake?

Let’s take a look at the incident itself:

I notice several things:

  • She doesn’t duck out of the way until the shoe is already passed her.
  • She doesn’t put her hands up to protect herself as you would expect when something is flying at your head. She sort of claps them. Does that look like a natural reflex action of someone who has just realized an object is flying at them?
  • Does the snarky grin on her face (check the screen grab above) look like the expression of someone who feels afraid, startled, alarmed or surprised?
  • At first she asks, “Was that a bat?” Have you ever been in a room where a bat was flying around? Once the bat has fluttered past your ear, do you just calmly say, “Was that a bat?” Or do you try to figure out where it is and how to catch or kill the damn thing?
  • Then: “Was that somebody throwing something at me?” Listen carefully to the inflection. I’m just asking: Did that sound sincere?
  • The Cirque de Soleil comment? Does that sound spontaneous? Or written for her?

Now, if it’s fake, why would she do it? Rush speculates it’s to make her Benghazi critics appear extreme. That way any time someone brings up Benghazi, you can immediately redirect the discussion so it’s not about her lies and incompetence, but about what a victim she is because those horrible people are throwing things at her.

That’s possible, but I’d say in a more basic sense it could be because she just likes to look like some sort of hero/victim who’s out there braving the flying shoes and whatever else those wild-eyed right-wingers are throwing at her.

Now, is there a case to be made that the incident could have been real? Of course. No matter how fake her reaction seems, that doesn’t necessarily prove that it is.

Ultimately the question probably turns on the identity of the shoe-thrower. Her name is Allison Ernst, and she is 36 years old and from Arizona. Supposedly she interrupted a pre-trial hearing for James Holmes and insisted he was innocent. She apparently is also suing Holmes.

She does seem a little unhinged, and that is surely an argument against the idea that she was part of a set-up involving Hillary and her people.

I guess you can decide what your own eyes are telling you. My rule when it comes to Hillary Clinton is: If it happened, it’s fake. You’ll rarely if ever go wrong presuming that.



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