Japan EQ Update/New Solar Flare Tags: MrCometwatch

Uploaded by MrCometwatch on 14 Mar 2012

Strange Solar Readings


3/14/2012 -- THREE LARGE Japan EQ's = TWO 6.8M earthquakes and ONE 6.2 magnitude Tags: Dutchsinse

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 14 Mar 2012

UPDATE .. 610am CST 3/14/2012 -- As I upload this to youtube.. ANOTHER 6.2M has just struck south of the area by a few dozen miles --- this makes TWO 6.8M and ONE 6.2M .. this is per the USGS ---- these numbers for sure will change (up or down) depending on final calculations and measurements. But for sure its large movement occurring.

Website post with screenshot and links :

they removed one of the 6.8's...just upgraded EQ1 to be a 6.9.. downgraded the 6.2 to a 6.1 and downgraded the OTHER 6.1 to a 5.7.... these numbers are going to bounce around for a while.. regardless of the final numbers.. its noticeable movement to see occurr all at once like this.. lets hope it quiets down..


Intellicast is showing, 6.8, 6.9, 6.8, 6.1, 5.7


3/14/2012 -- Midwest Volcanic Plumes -- story making the rounds = next Mega-quake coming?! Tags: Dutchsinse

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 14 Mar 2012

Here is the title of the article.... "Frightening Volcanic Venting Signals Coming Midwest Megaquake"

Here are links to my past posts on this recent midwest plume eruption event:

dormant volcanoes being fracked causing plumes to appear in Arkansas:

entire south and midwest plume up at the same time:

Always have your plans ready and be prepared.. here is the link to radiation monitoring stations I show in the video

USA radiation monitoring links:

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