3/20/2012 -- IMPORTANT ! Mexico earthquake PRE-PLANNED! VERIFIED! Tags: Dutchsinse

3/20/2012 -- ALERT! VERIFIED TRUE ! Mexico 7.9M Earthquake PRE-PLANNED = MAN MADE !!

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 20 Mar 2012

This is profound and disturbing. There was a verified "drill" planned for March 20, 2012 in Mexico for a 7.9M earthquake "simulation".... also on a separate note.. Barack Obama's daughter was at the epicenter on spring break: WTH is going on?!

We need answers.. and I don't think (at this point) any of us are going to settle for "coincidence". Who has the weapon, and why are they using it.. that is the question at this point.

link to the documents in question, and links to the stories relating:

3/21/2012 -- Unfortunate development -- Google+ suspends access to my account

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 21 Mar 2012

I cannot share or upload any new files , comments, posts, or add/remove any friends/circles on my google plus account.

It has been "suspended" until they can verify that I am "dutchsinse".. lol @ verification that you are A SCREENAME !!!

This is no laughing matter though.. I have several people who are google friends who now are not getting updates after yesterday. The notice says it may take quote " a few days to review my dispute".. if my dispute is denied.. Im disputing that THEY are disputing that I am dutchsinse from youtube.

Nevermind that my youtube account is directly linked to my google+ account or that my email goes to both !! this is a suspension without real good cause (IMO).

Lets hope it gets restored soon... im dutchsinse on all media...

and finally, dutchsinse on google plus:


3/20/2012 -- 7.9M and 7.6M (back to back) earthquakes in Mexico Tags: Dutchsinse

Uploaded by dutchsinse on 20 Mar 2012

A very large series of earthquakes have occurred in South Mexico. More updates soon to come.. So far .. reports of a single 8.3 to 8.4M... or two 7.9 and a 7.6M ...... also a 4.2 in San Diego CA at the same time as the mexico quake... and a 6.2M in Indonesia shortly after this mexico movement.

full post here with the stats and screenshots:

also links included to monitor earthquakes globally.

be safe during this current global earthquake swarm -- have your plans ready and be prepared JUST IN CASE this seismic activity spills over to adjacent prone areas.

Large EarthQuake New Britain PNG 6.4 mag 15th March 2012 AEST Tags: WEATHERORNUT

Uploaded by WEATHERORNUT on 14 Mar 2012

Large EarthQuake New Britain PNG 6.4 mag 15th March 2012 AEST.....No reports of loss or damage but it was land based so there may be quite a bit if it was in a populated region. Our thoughts and prayer go to ALL who experience these events..NAMASTE.the list of links are below and i am grateful for their service.


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