Multi-Nation Arrests: Corrupt Officials Stopped in Their Tracks Tags: China Corruption Liberia Venezuela

Multi-Nation Arrests: Corrupt Officials Stopped in Their Tracks


sage:  There seems to be some serious activity all over the world with governments everywhere digging out the hot beds of corruption.  Story 1 comes from South America, Story 2 from Africa and Story 3, Asia, where the culprit owned 374 houses. Add these to the European Sarkozy/Vatican bank tales and the various exposures that have come out of North America and we have all the continents covered.  Global restructuring has begun in earnest and the truth will out.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro

Story 1 – Venezuela Charges Five Officials With Embezzling China Funds

By Brian Ellsworth, Reuters – July 8, 2013

(Reuters) – Venezuela has arrested five officials and charged them with embezzling $84 million from a China-financed development fund administered by state-run development bank Bandes, President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday.

Maduro did not say whether the case was linked to charges by U.S. authorities earlier this year that employees of a New York broker-dealer had created an elaborate kickback scheme to ensure it won Bandes’ bond-trading business.

“We have captured five people in raids that we carried out in Caracas linked to the embezzlement of $84 million from the Chinese Fund and Bandes,” Maduro said in a televised broadcast.

“I ask that our people give us full support for our battle against corruption.”

He did not offer additional details. A Bandes official did not respond to a call requesting comment.

Venezuela has received at least $36 billion in loans from China that have helped finance two economic development funds focused largely on infrastructure projects. Maduro did not specify which of the funds was involved.

As of last month, U.S. attorneys had filed criminal charges against four people including a senior Bandes official and employees of broker-dealer Direct Access Partners over the alleged kickback scheme.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission brought a separate civil complaint four people, two of whom were also named in the criminal case.

Maduro has vowed a concerted effort to stamp out corruption in the South American OPEC nation, pointing to recent arrests of senior officials from state companies and government ministries.

None have been heavyweight leaders of the leftist “Chavismo” movement forged by the late President Hugo Chavez, his mentor. Opposition leaders have said he is avoiding going after influential ruling party leaders.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Story 2 – Liberia’s Johnson-Sirleaf Sacks Auditor-General For Graft

Reuters  – July 8, 2013

(Reuters) – President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf dismissed Liberia’s auditor-general and the head of the public procurement agency (GSA) on Monday in a crackdown on public sector corruption.

Johnson-Sirleaf, a Nobel peace laureate, has pledged to fight graft as the West African country strives to recover from a sporadic 14-year civil conflict that ended in 2003 and left its once-prosperous economy in tatters.

A presidency statement said Auditor-General Robert Kilby, who took office last year, was being dismissed for a clear conflict of interest due to his private business dealings.

Pearine Davis-Parkinson, director-general of the General Services Agency (GSA), was dismissed for approving contracts involving Kilby in violation of Liberian law.

Davis-Parkinson told a parliamentary committee last week the GSA had employed an accounting firm owned by Kilby to set up an asset tracking system for the government.

“Join me in our continued fight against corruption,” Johnson-Sirleaf said in a statement announcing the dismissals.

Johnson-Sirleaf, who took office as Africa’s first elected female head of state in 2006, has come under pressure for failing to root out corruption.

A recent audit of resource contracts by the accounting firm Moore Stephens showed that almost all the $8 billion worth of resource contracts signed since 2009 violated Liberia’s laws and showed irregularities.

Johnson-Sirleaf told Reuters that the audit had been designed to highlight problems so that they could be addressed, and her government was taking action to do so.

She has forecast that economic growth, which has averaged 6.5 percent over the past four years, will hit double digits within two years as foreign investment starts to have an impact.

China’s ex-railway minister Liu Zhijan

Story 3 – China Ex-Railway Minister Convicted for Graft

Stephen: The Communist Party chief famed for building China’s high-speed rail network has been given a suspended death sentence after he was revealed to have siphoned off hundreds of millions of dollars to fund a luxury life with 374 houses, 16 cars and a harem of mistresses.

Al Jazeera – July 8, 2013

Liu Zhijun given suspended death sentence for taking bribes and giving lucrative projects to associates

China’s former railways minister Liu Zhijun has given a suspended death sentence for his role in a huge corruption scandal, state media reports.

Liu was accused of using his position of influence to help about 11 business associates win promotions and project contracts and accepted 64.6 million Chinese yuan ($10.5 million) in unspecified bribes between 1986 and 2011.

Under Chinese law the death penalty can be imposed for taking bribes exceeding 100,000 yuan ($ 16.000). The official Xinhua News Agency on Monday said the sentence was with a two-year reprieve by a court in Beijing. After two years, such sentences typically are commuted to life in prison if the inmate shows good behaviour.

The court also ordered all of Liu’s personal property to be confiscated and issued a separate sentence of 10 years in prison for abuse of power.

Liu’s lawyer Qian Lieyang said his client would likely not appeal the sentence.

Once hailed as the “father” of China’s flagship high-speed rail network, Liu was sacked as railways minister in 2011 after eight years in the post,

The country boasts the world’s longest high-speed network, but a high-speed crash killing some 40 people in 2011, sparked public criticism that authorities compromised safety in their rush to expand the network.

The railways ministry was disbanded with its administrative functions handed to the transport ministry.

Irish people issue warning to banks by shutting down repossession auction Tags: Irish auction banks by down issue people repossession shutting to warning

Published on Jul 6, 2013

by RealityIreland
Allsop Space is an English Company who had no involvement with Ireland until after the Banking Crisis and resulting attack on struggling homeowners and small business people. They are here for one purpose and one purpose only, to cash in on the misery and misfortune of Irish people who have been let down by Banks and betrayed by politicians.


Allsop Auction…what a day!..what a victory….

July 4, 2013 · by austbe



Well, what can I say? was one of the good days, as everyone will know by now, the scheduled Allsop Space Auction of distressed, repossessed property at the Shelbourne Hotel was cancelled due to the protest organised by Friends of Banking Ireland, FBI, (not friends of Bankers!),

A massive victory for not only FBI but for all the groups who came along and all the individual Irish people who are not aligned to any group who came and supported the common goal.

Allsop Space is an English Company who had no involvement with Ireland until after the Banking Crisis and resulting attack on struggling homeowners and small business people, they are here for one purpose and one purpose only, to cash in on the misery and misfortune of Irish people who have been let down by Banks and betrayed by politicians, I have no axe to grind with any of the Allsop employee’s personally but in their alleged “professional” capacity they are not welcome in Ireland, we have a deep-rooted history of dealing with english oppressors and our track record speaks for itself, we will not tolerate their presence now or ever, today is a perfect example of our resolve, a resolve which will only grow as the financial crisis grows!

The Shelbourne Hotel would be well advised to revisit their policy with regard to allowing such events to take place, I was more than sickened to stand in the very room where our constitution was drafted (regardless of which constitution one agree’s with) and see the bones of victimised Irish property owners picked over by these foreign vultures. We will not forget!

If I have one small wish that emanates from today, it is that all the groups engaged with fighting the corrupt, insolvent bankers would come together for  a real show of strength, to this end I am extending an open invitation to representatives of all groups regardless of who you are to come and attend a meeting which is held by Friends of Banking Ireland at Foleys Pub in Merrion Row Dublin each and every Saturday at 3pm, please nominate one or two representatives from each groups only as the venue is not very big, the focus of this meeting on saturday next is to concentrate the efforts of all groups in relation a common goal of meeting the banks and their agents (receivers & auctioneer’s) head on, building on the momentum generated by the Anglo Tapes and today’s victory at the Shelbourne Hotel against Allsops.

We must continue to step up the pressure on all levels and from all angles against the banks and their agents because they will not back off, they will keep coming and coming until they have everything!

Now some photo’s from today’s protest:





Shale gas: 'Fracking' debate arrives in Romania Tags: Romania Fracking

Published on 9 Jul 2013 by FRANCE 24 English

The process of extracting shale gas known as "fracking" is a divisive subject in Romania. An enormous reserve of the gas is trapped beneath the countryside. The government in Bucharest wants to extract it, and the US company Chevron is now prospecting in Moldavia, a region in the east of the country. But the local population has risen up against the project, which they see as dangerous. At the forefront of the opposition is the Orthodox Archpriest of Barlad, a small town in deepest Romania.
By Julia SIEGER / Mirel BRAN
An exclusive in-depth report from a FRANCE24 correspondent, followed by comment and analysis with the author and the anchor in the newsroom in Paris.

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