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by Zen Gardner
More GMO madness in the news. Apparently the “all clear” signal Washington has given the industry via the Monsanto Protection Act and other long term sanctions has the big dollar genetic engineering industry in a frenzy.
One of the first things a naturopath told us many years ago was “If it doesn’t rot or spoil, don’t eat it.” In other words, eat real food – not processed crap that’s full of toxic additives and non-food ingredients. What’s natural will naturally degrade as it passes its edible stage – unless you’re going for a fermented food. Foods without moisture of course will last a long time like legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, but I’m talking here about food that’s pretending to be fresh or have fresh, natural ingredients. It’s supposed to spoil.
That’s the way nature works.
It’s a good guideline. GMOs were just beginning to come heavily online at the time we heard this advice so this new perversion of nature wasn’t as much in the mix. The weird thing with frankenfoods, they’re not that easy to spot. They’ll rot to some degree, but they’re not the same and as we know, given a choice even animals avoid them.
The fruits and veggies inn the stores are extremely uniform now–because they’re engineered. Yes, they sort out different sizes and discolored or damaged ones, but it’s gotten past that. Even some organic food outlets, especially so-called organic sections in the big stores, are looking more and more uniform, not like the natural selection we should see with organic foods with flaws and natural variety.
And the latest perversion of nature? Apples that don’t brown when exposed to air. Oh, really. Now that’s got to be good for us…

Next Up in the GMO Line: Apples and Dicamba-Drenched Crops

Emboldened by the U.S. government’s repeated willingness to unleash genetically modified food on its citizens, biotech companies have big plans for our future.

A Canadian biotech company called Okanagan Specialty Fruits developed a GM apple currently under review by the FDA. This would be one of the first genetically modified fruits on store shelves in the U.S. The “Arctic Apple” would not turn brown after being sliced or bitten into.

It seems almost funny, considering that people have never seemed to have a problem with this bit of browning during the apple’s thousands of years in cultivated existence.

Of course, the company touts all sorts of benefits the FrankenApple would provide. It would allow sliced apples to be sold in bags for convenient school lunches (it’s for the kids!), and restaurants could abandon the need to use preservatives to keep their fruit salads fresh (what about all the other fruits in there?).


It’s Ain’t Just Twinkies that Never Rot

You’ve no doubt read about the McDonald’s hamburgers and fries that seem to never deteriorate, sometimes over many years. While fast food apologists say it’s the lack or moisture and air that causes it, food analysts agree that for starters, fast foods are generally fatty, extremely salty (a “natural” preservative) and bereft of nutrients.

Not a very compelling argument for anything.

They go on to justify McDonald’s saying it’s true in all processed foods, as if that’s a defense. They also go to the Orwellian argument that if the levels of these added ingredients were over FDA limits surely they would be found out and stopped. Talk about the ultimate false choice while giving your authority away to social manipulators and corporate interests.


Having trust in a parasitic government and its corporate manipulators is full on institutionalized Stockholm Syndrome.

Pretty much the state of the unawake.

Don’t be one, whatever it takes.

And don’t drink their water or eat their food – get the real thing in your life. What we consume has to pass at least two criteria – is it real, and is tainted?

Default to “no” and work backwards is my advice.

Good health to you.

Love, Zen

Big Pharma invents yet another disease to sell deadly drugs: 'Shift Work Disorder' now used to push medication that may kill you Tags: Shift Work Disorder Nuvigil phototherapy

Big Pharma invents yet another disease to sell deadly drugs: 'Shift Work Disorder' now used to push medication that may kill you

Sunday, August 25, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of (See all articles...)


(NaturalNews) Ever heard of "shift work disorder?" It's a new disease being played up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs so dangerous that even the home page of the drug website admits the drug may kill you.

One such drug is called "Nuvigil," sold by Cephalon, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. The warning text on the Nuvigil website says:

NUVIGIL (armodafinil) Tablets [C-IV] may cause serious side effects including a serious rash or a serious allergic reaction that may affect parts of your body such as your liver or blood cells, and may result in hospitalization and be life-threatening. If you develop a skin rash, hives, sores in your mouth, blisters, swelling, peeling, or yellowing of the skin or eyes, trouble swallowing or breathing, dark urine, or fever, stop taking NUVIGIL and call your doctor right away or get emergency help.

Wow, mouth sores? Yellowing eyes? Trouble breathing? Dark urine? Hospitalization? Where do I sign up!

According to the Nuvigil website, the drug is, "a prescription medicine used to improve wakefulness in adults who experience excessive sleepiness due... shift work disorder (SWD)"


Yet another fictitious disease

SWD, of course, is a made-up "disease" now being propagandized for the sole purpose of selling drugs like Nuvigil. The pushing of fictitious disorders is generally known as "disease mongering" across the industry. The premise of so-called Shift Work Disorder is that the tiredness you feel when you stay up all night working a night shift is actually some sort of disease requiring chemical intervention.

You're not simply tired because you're out of sync with the sun, the fictional narrative says: you're tired because you have a disorder! And unless you pop these pills -- which might kill you -- you'll never be normal again!

This is the incessant lie of all drug advertisements: these pills will make you normal and healthy, they claim. Yet people who take their pills aren't normal and healthy; they're chronically diseased and suffering kidney failure, liver failure, skin disorders, sleep disorders and often dying from FDA-approved medications.

An incredible 783,000 Americans die each year from conventional medicine. Roughly 100,000 of those are killed by FDA-approved prescription medications. Yet the industry's answer is to keep inventing more and more medications to add to the toxic burden patients are already experiencing from the half-dozen meds they're already popping on a daily basis.

That's the business model of Big Pharma, of course: invent a fake disease, promote the disease to push a new pill, then get as many people to take those pills as possible while government Medicaid and Medicare programs write the checks.

The patient, in essence, is just a proxy for profit. The patient's body is essentially a chemical dumping ground so that drug companies can collect profits while claiming to have offered some sort of "treatment" that never actually treats anything other than symptoms.

"NUVIGIL may help the sleepiness caused by these conditions, but it may not stop all of your sleepiness and does not take the place of sleep," says the Nuvigil website. In other words, you'd probably have similar results by slamming a couple of Monster energy drinks (not that I'm recommending energy drinks, of course).

Highly addictive controlled substance

But wait, there's more: "NUVIGIL is a federally controlled substance (C-IV), so use NUVIGIL only as directed and keep in a safe place to prevent misuse and abuse. It is against the law to sell or give NUVIGIL to another person."

Ah, and now we get to the real heart of the matter. Nuvigil is a highly addictive controlled substance.

"NUVIGIL is a federally controlled substance [C-IV] because it has the potential to be abused or lead to dependence," says the Nuvigil website. "Selling or giving away NUVIGIL may harm others and is against the law."

What they mean, of course, is that you selling Nuvigil to someone else is against the law, but it's not against the law for the drug industry to conspire with your doctor to sell you the drug. Keep this in mind when you hear about front groups like the Partnership For A Drug-Free America. Nearly all these front groups are funded by Big Pharma, and their goal is to get drugs off the streets so that people have to buy those very same drugs via prescription. It's a turf war, and Big Pharma wants to be your dealer.

By the way, the company that makes Nuvigil is running clinical trials now in an effort to get the pill approved for treating depression and "bi-polar disorder," yet another fictitious disease invented by the psychiatric industry to sell more high-profit pharmaceuticals that harm people. If they get their way, you'll soon be able to buy highly addictive, class IV controlled substances to treat your "bi-polarness."

One of the most common side effects of Nuvigil is insomnia

"In placebo-controlled studies, the most commonly observed side effects were headache, nausea, dizziness, and insomnia," says Wikipedia, a website I don't always trust but nevertheless tends to have useful information about drug side effects.

So wait, let me get this straight: The pill people are supposed to take when they feel too sleepy and can't stay awake somehow causes insomnia? Say it isn't so...

Taking the pill, then, can cause you to be unable to attain normal, healthy sleep. This causes your next night shift to be worse than the previous one, making you feel so tired you start popping extra Nuvigil. Then the hallucinations from sleep deprivation start to kick in, probably, and you find yourself playing out the opening sequence of "Fight Club" starring Ed Norton.

Keep in mind that the people who are likely to be targeted for this drug are paramedics, EMTs, doctors, nurses and other night-shift workers who need to have their heads on straight. If I'm in a late-night car accident and end up in the emergency room, I don't want some pill-popping medical addict trying to patch me up.

A safer alternative: phototherapy

So what can late-night workers do to stay alert on their night shifts? The answer is found in nature: phototherapy (light therapy).

Your endocrine system has its own light sensors that control the levels of hormones like melatonin. When your body senses light, it tells you to wake up and be alert. When it senses an absence of light, it tells your body to produce hormones that wind you down and help you go to sleep.

The simple solution for late-night work shifts is therefore twofold:

1) Avoid all light sources when sleeping (wear a blindfold or have window shades that can block out nearly 100% of outside light).

2) Supplement your light before or during night shifts. This may mean purchasing and using a high-intensity phototherapy device. Sunlight is quite intense, after all. Search for "light therapy device" or "Seasonal Affective Disorder" lamp to locate such products.

In addition, having a healthy endocrine system will further support your ability to work late-night shifts without compromising your overall health. This means avoiding all hormone mimickers such as BPA and drastically reducing your exposure to heavy metals.

In the end, however, there is no replacement for natural sunlight. Your body is engineered to work in harmony with Mother Nature, and that means waking and sleeping in rhythm with the orbit and rotation of planet Earth. Working late-night shifts will inevitably accelerate your aging, suppress your immune system, worsen your moods and disrupt your hormones. No drug will reverse this. Ultimately, the best solution is to work night shifts only temporarily and return to normal waking schedules as quickly as you can.

Nanotech Food Test May Help Expose Chemtrail Poisoning Tags: Activism Big Brother Big Chem Geoengineering Health

Rady Ananda
Activist Post

Last week, the University of Missouri announced a new method to detect silver nanoparticles in fresh produce and other food products.

Though not mentioned by researchers, it’s conceivable that the protocol could be modified to test for chemtrail dispersants, as well.

Over 200 agricultural pesticides contain nanosilver, which studies have shown to be toxic to humans and the environment. Over 1,600 consumer products are known to contain nanoparticles, ranging from clothes to cleaning agents, to food, cosmetics, and drugs; but with no regulatory requirement to disclose, the real number is likely far higher by orders of magnitude.

“Our goal is to detect, identify and quantify these nanoparticles in food and food products and study their toxicity as soon as possible,” said Mengshi Lin, associate professor of food science in the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and lead author of the study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Lin’s team immersed pears in a silver nanoparticle solution similar to a pesticide application. They washed and rinsed the pears repeatedly over four days and found silver nanoparticles still attached to the skin, and some that had even penetrated the pulp.

“The penetration of silver nanoparticles is dangerous to consumers because they have the ability to relocate in the human body after digestion,” Lin said.

Several years of toxicity studies on nanoparticles reveal a host of health issues associated with their ingestion, including DNA, brain and respiratory damage.

Food research scientist Ellin Doyle noted that, “Nanoparticles are readily taken up by many types of cells in vitro and are expected to cross the blood-brain barrier that [normally] excludes many substances that might harm the brain.”

Back in 2005 Dr Mae-Wan Ho reported that, “Quantum dots consisting of a core of fluorescent cadmium selenide, touted as a non-invasive way to image internal body tissues, break down in the body, releasing cadmium, a toxic heavy metal.”

Later, Ho reported that a 2012 study shows nanoparticles bioaccumulate in soybeans, the nation’s second largest crop.

Several lawsuits against the Food & Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency seek regulatory oversight, to no avail.

In 2010, the FDA absurdly denied any foods contained nanoparticles, this despite its own scientists admitting it. In 2012, when the FDA was finally forced to admit nanoparticles exist in our food and cosmetics, it refused to regulate them.

Nanoparticles are ubiquitous in the drug industry as well. Not only can skin be fabricated on a nanoplatform, but a new development promises their nano product can encapsulate and destroy viruses in situ.

What happens to those nanocells after the virus is destroyed? Where do they go? We do know that nanoparticles can reach every part of the body and accumulate and damage an organ’s function, because of their ultra high reactivity due to their tiny size.

Size Matters

As with quantum physics, particles in the nano-size range behave differently than at the macro level.

Farmers and gardeners understand this instinctively when working with clay versus sandy soils. Clay particles are so tiny (2,000 nm) compared to sand (50,000 nm) that clay’s electrons can exert more attractive force, binding the tiny particles together. Too much clay in a soil’s texture, and water will be trapped, unable to seep further into the soil, drowning a plant’s roots.

By way of comparison, a red blood cell is 7,000 nm, while the DNA molecule is only 2.5 nm wide.

“Nanotechnology is a powerful new set of technologies for observing, taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level,” wrote the International Center for Technology Assessment in response to the FDA’s refusal to regulate it.

Beyond its small size, ICTA added:

[Nanotech] is best understood to mean materials that have the capacity to be fundamentally different, with new chemical, physical, and biological properties that cannot be predicted from the properties of their larger material counterparts.

Yet the same new properties that so excite industry—tiny size, vastly increased surface area to volume ratio, high reactivity—can result in new risks to human health and the environment. These risks essentially take two forms: increased potential toxicity and unprecedented mobility for a manufactured material. (emphasis added)

Chemtrail Impacts

It’s apparently hard to test for nanoparticles. At a United Nations Nano-Agri conference in 2010, reports the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy:

[A] Dutch government participant said that testing for the presence of ENMs [engineered nanomaterials] in food would be difficult, to judge by the experience of a Dutch testing lab. Lab technicians had mixed ENMs in a food substance and were surprised that they could not find the just-incorporated ENMs using the electronic tunneling microscope commonly used to visualize ENMs.

So the University of Missouri team has made an important breakthrough. It’s possible that a protocol similar to the nanosilver test could also be developed to detect other types of nanoparticles, including barium, strontium, aluminum and fluoride, elements found in higher-than-normal quantities after an aerial spray.

In an interview with George Noory, activist and filmmaker Dane Wiggington reports that the aluminum sprayed in chemtrails is only 10 nm in size. That small of a size can go anywhere it wants inside the human body.

As these metallic nanoparticles accumulate in our bodies, we are becoming “more conductive” and thus more receptive to radio frequencies. This is just one more reason why smart meters are so dangerous.


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