Sinkholes open up all over Hawaii, one swallows minivan
Tags: Sinkholes open up all over Hawaii
Sinkholes open up all over Hawaii, one swallows minivan 

Sinkhole swallows Minivan in Maunawili, Hawaii

A white minivan fell into a sinkhole in Windward Oahu on Thursday night, not long after a separate sinkhole was reported on Ala Lilikoi Street in front of Salt Lake Elementary in Honolulu.

Photographs from the scene showed the rear tire of a minivan stuck inside the road on Aloha Oe Place in Maunawili. Hawaii News Now was told that a water main break may have been to blame for the incident.

The van was pulled out of the ground using a tow truck at around 8:45 p.m.

Earlier on Thursday, another sinkhole was reported in the area fronting Salt Lake Elementary, and road repairs may have an impact on traffic in the area as parents seek to drop their children off at school.

Board of Water supply said they had no reports of any outages in the Salt Lake area, and the cause of the sinkhole there remains unknown.

Another sinkhole opened up in Salt Lake, Hawaii

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A call to all Eropeans in the EU
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A call to all Eropeans in the EU

 it is very important to consider your contributions for the benefit of all – in fact The humanaty of Gaia:

Please consider it carefully, go to this link:

For everyone else who red this, if you know some one from the EU- consider telling them about this. There is nothing of this to find in the media only some of the NGOs make a difference - important to call out to as many people as possible. if we are successful with the Swiss, it may set a precedent for the rest of the world.

On behalf of the International Basis Income network:

European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income

Stand up for Basic Income as a Human Right!

On January 14th 2013, the European Commission accepted our European Citizens’ Initiative hence triggering a one-year campaign involving all countries in the European Union.

Before January 14, 2014, we have to reach 500 million citizens within the European Union and collect one million statements of support with minimum numbers reached for at least 7 member states. 20 member states are already participating in this initiative.

If we collect one million statements of support for Basic Income from the 500 million inhabitants of the European Union, the European Commission will have to examine our initiative carefully and arrange for a public hearing in the European Parliament.

This post is also available in: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Luxemburgish, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish


Sweitzerland to vote for an Unconditional Basic Income
Tags: Unconditional# Basic#Income

 BERNE | Fri Oct 4, 2013 10:55am EDT

(Reuters) - Switzerland will hold a vote on whether to introduce a basic income for all adults, in a further sign of growing public activism over pay inequality since the financial crisis.

A grassroots committee is calling for all adults in Switzerland to receive an unconditional income of 2,500 Swiss francs ($2,800) per month from the state, with the aim of providing a financial safety net for the population.

Organizers submitted more than the 100,000 signatures needed to call a referendum on Friday and tipped a truckload of 8 million five-rappen coins outside the parliament building in Berne, one for each person living in Switzerland.

Under Swiss law, citizens can organize popular initiatives that allow the channeling of public anger into direct political action. The country usually holds several referenda a year.

In March, Swiss voters backed some of the world's strictest controls on executive pay, forcing public companies to give shareholders a binding vote on compensation.

A separate proposal to limit monthly executive pay to no more than what the company's lowest-paid staff earn in a year, the so-called 1:12 initiative, faces a popular vote on November 24.

The initiative's organizing committee said the basic income could partly be financed through money from social insurance systems in Switzerland.

The timing of the vote has yet to be announced, pending official guidance from the government.

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