Eric Holder Takes $77 Million Job With JPMorgan Chase Tags: Banksters Eric Holder

Eric Holder Takes $77 Million Job With JPMorgan Chase

Just after announcing his resignation as U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder has accepted a top job with Wall Street finance giant JPMorgan Chase.

Starting in early November, Holder will serve as JPMorgan Chase’s chief compliance officer, where his responsibilities will include lobbying Congress on the company’s behalf and ensuring it “gets the best deal possible” from any new proposed financial regulations. Holder will also fetch morning coffee and breakfast orders for CEO Jamie Dimon and board members.

For his efforts, Holder will earn an annual salary of $77 million plus bonuses for a job well done.

In a statement, Holder said taking a job at JPMorgan Chase was the logical next step in his career, given the revolving door between financial companies and the government officials who are supposed to regulate these companies.

“By joining JPMorgan Chase, I’m simply cutting out the middleman -- the U.S. Justice Department -- and going to work directly for the great Jamie Dimon,” he said. “Plus, when Jamie Dimon calls you, or one of his many secretaries calls you, you pick up the phone immediately. Seriously, that’s what we do here in Washington.”

“We are extremely pleased to have Eric Holder, a dear friend and and tireless advocate for the interests of Wall Street, join our prestigious financial services firm where he belongs,” Dimon said in a press release. “Considering the awful s**t we did -- and boy did we do a lot of sleazy, ugly, ethically insidious s**t -- Mr. Holder always stood in our corner and defended us no matter what. Hell, I even got a 74 percent raise out of it!

“We know any of our fellow financial firms would have been happy to have Mr. Holder on staff, yet he chose us. We are sure he will fit right in with our company culture.”

Cowardly Lion of Wall Street

Before President Obama appointed him as attorney general, Holder was a corporate attorney at law firm Covington & Burling, which represented too-big-too-fail banks.

Despite serving as the United States’ top law enforcement official for for six years following the 2007-08 financial crisis and having the budget, Holder failed to hold anyone accountable and declined to prosecute banking executives who played a role in the meltdown. Instead the banks, including JPMorgan Chase, were bailed out and received miniscule fines that often weren’t collected, while the Justice Department went after the mortgage borrowers.

The news that Holder was resigning as attorney general was met with mixed responses from the public.

Reginald Cousins, a construction worker in Baltimore who lost his job and home after the housing bubble burst through fraudulent lending practices, said he was sorry to see Holder go.

“Eric Holder did what he had to do in order to save this country’s economy,” he said as he rummaged through some trash cans for scrap metal and food.

Johnny Weeks, who lost his house shortly after DOJ agents raised his marijuana dispensary, said Holder was a self-serving hypocrite.

“Oh well. At least he was cool with gay marriage.”



Plasma Penetrates, Comet Approaches Mars | S0 News October 2, 2014 Tags: S0 News

Published on 2 Oct 2014

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Russian Central Bank rejects capital controls as ruble hits lowest level since 1998

Russian Central Bank rejects capital controls as ruble hits lowest level since 1998

The Central Bank of Russia on Neglinnaya Street in Moscow. (RIA Novosti/Vitaliy Belousov)

​The ruble slid to a new record low of 39.71 against the dollar Tuesday. The Russian Central Bank has been quick to quash fears it would re-introduce capital controls to limit the amount of foreign currency purchases, or even moved outside the country.

“Bank of Russia is not considering the introduction of any restrictions on cross-border capital flows as it was reported in some publications in the mass-media,” the bank said in a statement on Tuesday evening.

The bank’s statement followed a report by Bloomberg News citing anonymous officials that the bank is considering imposing capital controls, as the ruble hit new historic lows.

The Central Bank said it would intervene once the euro-dollar currency basket against the ruble reached a level of 44.4, which it reached on Tuesday before quickly retreating.

Capital controls are a monetary tool by Russia’s key lender to restrict money flowing overseas, which in Russia is projected to reach $100 billion in 2014, nearly on par with the $120 billion that fled in 2008 when the financial crisis hit. In 2007 Russia had a positive net capital inflow.

Andrey Kostin, Chairman and CEO of VTB, doesn’t believe that Russia will impose capital controls just yet, talking to CNBC at VTB’s annual investment forum ‘Russia Calling!’.

“The basic issue now is whether the Russian leadership, under the circumstances, will switch to the model of a mobilization economy, and introduce the old mechanism of currency control, or they will stay on the principle of their open market economy. I think that is the big question that will be asked tomorrow,” Kostin said.

Russia repealed capital controls in 2006, however last week Central Bank Chairwoman Elvira Nabiullina said that Moscow would consider “non-standard” mechanisms to ensure economic stability.

Capital controls aren’t the only monetary tool the Central Bank could consider. If the ruble continues to weaken, it may decide to re-start currency interventions, pumping in billions of dollars to artificially prop up the currency. This would be a policy reversal for the bank, which has recently loosened its monetary controls in order to make the overvalued ruble free floating by 2015.

“Never say never, but not at this stage, definitely,” the VTB CEO said when asked if capital controls are on the horizon.


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